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Jewish Words of Wisdom: Quotes from 1999

Quotes from the Month of Av 5760/August 2000

"The seisemograph has taught us that a tremor in any part of the world can be felt by a sufficiently sensitive instrument everywhere else in the world. The same is true of a person's deeds. One should not think that his actions do not affect others. Everything one does in some way affects everyone else in the world" (Rabbi Yerucham of Mir as quoted in Smiling Each Day by Rabbi Avraham Twerski), p 27)

"Science defines man as homo sapiens, a hominid with intellect. However, intellect is not the only feature distinguishing man from animal. More crucial is the capacity to apply that intellect to higher purposes than the mundane, such as refining one's character, thinking about ultimate goals in life, and making free-willed moral decisions. Together with intellect, these pursuits define man." (Smiling Each Day by Rabbi Avraham Twerski), p 47)

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