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AlyzaCCC: The words we studied last class were:
AlyzaCCC: úåçà
AlyzaCCC: ãîåì  or  ãîiì
AlyzaCCC: íéãîåì or   íéãîiì
AlyzaCCC: úéøáò
AlyzaCCC: äèéñøáðåà
AlyzaCCC: oops, I got an extra one in there
AlyzaCCC: achot was from lesson 4
AlyzaCCC: ãîiì
AlyzaCCC: What is that word?
Ruth: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth :-)
Ruth: lohmed
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: anyone know what lohmehd means?
Groovygirl: learn/study
AlyzaCCC: rigth Groovygirl, tov maod
AlyzaCCC: good Ben
KevinO: tov me'od
AlyzaCCC: íéãîiì
Ruth: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
Ruth: lohmdeem
AlyzaCCC: nachon Ruth
AlyzaCCC: what does lohmdeem mean
KevinO: male plural study
Groovygirl: study for many people:
AlyzaCCC: right, what gender?
Groovygirl: male or mixed
AlyzaCCC: right Groovy, tov
AlyzaCCC: úéøáò
AlyzaCCC: what does that say?
Ruth: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
Ruth: eevreet
AlyzaCCC: right, also trasliterated as ivrit
AlyzaCCC: what does it mean?
KevinO: english?
AlyzaCCC: no, but it is a language, kevin
KevinO: sorry
KevinO: aramaic?
AlyzaCCC: no, what are we studying tonight?
KevinO: hebrew?
AlyzaCCC: right, Hebrew
AlyzaCCC: in Hebrew, Hebrew is called ivrit
AlyzaCCC: I am going to put a question on the screen, please be patient, it takes me a while to copy and paste the words
KevinO: wow
AlyzaCCC: ?úéøáò íéãîiì íúà
AlyzaCCC: Please reply in a complete Hebrew sentance
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, could you transliterate/pronounce that for us?
Ruth: ok,
yaaqov: Qein, Lomedhim `Ivrith.
AlyzaCCC: nachon Yaaqov!
Ruth: atehm lohmeed eevreet.
AlyzaCCC: you got the Hebrew web font installed now?
yaaqov: "nachon"?
Ruth: atehm lohmeed eevreet?
AlyzaCCC: right Ruth, what does it mean?
AlyzaCCC: nachon = correct
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: Ruth?
Ruth: Do you (pl.) study (pl) Hebrew?
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, what was Yaaqov's reply?
AlyzaCCC: Qein = ken
AlyzaCCC: Ivrith = Ivrit
Ruth: nachon?
Ruth: oh
AlyzaCCC: nachon = correct
Ruth: yaaqov: Qein, Lomedhim `Ivrith.
mikie: amen
Ruth: Yes, study (pl) Hebrew.
AlyzaCCC: right
mikie: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: now, to have a complete reply, you would want to say "Yes, we study Hebrew"
AlyzaCCC: what is the Hebrew word for we?
Ruth: ahnachnoo
AlyzaCCC: right, can you paste it in Hebrew characters also?
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: while Ruth is looking for anachnoo in Hebrew letters, i will put up another sentance
AlyzaCCC: ? ä`ô úéøáò íéãîiì éî
Ruth: úéøáò  íéãîåì  åðçðà ïë
AlyzaCCC: yafe maod!
AlyzaCCC: ? ä`ô úéøáò íéãîiì éî
AlyzaCCC: what does that say (pronounce/transliterate, then translate)
Ruth: mee lohmdeem eevreet po?
AlyzaCCC: nachon
yaaqov: pei hei = 73?
AlyzaCCC: no, it is the IRC verson of po
AlyzaCCC: what did my question ask?
Ruth: Sorry, I was so slow, all the newsflashes went into my 1/1 and I had trouble finding Kehn.
yaaqov: ah!
Ruth: mee lohmdeem eevreet po?
yaaqov: "Who studies Hebrew here?"
AlyzaCCC: right Yaaqov
AlyzaCCC: and the answer would be rather long, followed by  studies Hebrew here
AlyzaCCC: okay, let me make another sentance to translate
Ruth: ok
lyle: beseder
yaaqov: Yaaqov lomedhim `ivrith po.
Ruth: Yaaqov studies Hebrew here.
yaaqov: :-)
Ruth: hmm or would it be lohmeed?
AlyzaCCC: øôñá úéøáò øåôñ
Ruth: I dunno?
AlyzaCCC: lomehd
AlyzaCCC: since Yaaqov is one person
yaaqov: Yaaqov lomeidh `ivrith po.
mikie: ahnachnu lomdeem poe
AlyzaCCC: ken yaaqov, nachon
AlyzaCCC: right Mikie
Ruth: seepoor eevreet basehfer
AlyzaCCC: øôñá úéøáò øåôñ
AlyzaCCC: right Ruth
AlyzaCCC: what does it mean
AlyzaCCC: ?
mikie: hebrew bird in the book?
HarrietNelson: hebrew story
yaaqov: "count hebrew book"...or "story hebrew book"?
AlyzaCCC: no, it is seepoor, not tzipor
yaaqov: Oh!  A "Hebrew story book"!
AlyzaCCC: seepoor shares the same root as sefer
lyle: tzipor is a bird
AlyzaCCC: right, yaakov, but the bet infront of book means in the book
AlyzaCCC: so, the sentance would be better stated how?
yaaqov: it's a "hebrew story in a book".
AlyzaCCC: right, and you can put an is in there, and implied is, making it "A Hebrew story is in the book" :-)
AlyzaCCC: I am going too put another sentance up
mikie: anachnu  lomdeem evreet poe ba ketah
AlyzaCCC: ken, Mikie, very good
Ruth: We study (pl) Hebrew in the class.
Ruth: We study (pl) Hebrew here in the class.
yaffa: pl ruth?
mikie: nachon ruth
Ruth: plural
yaffa: thanx
AlyzaCCC: ?äúëá  äô  éî
Ruth: mee po bahkeetah?
AlyzaCCC: ken
AlyzaCCC: tagumi et zeh (translate it)
Ruth looks at yaaqov
yaaqov: "Who is here in class?"
AlyzaCCC: yes, who is here in the class
AlyzaCCC: okay, how about a Hebrew sentance using the vocabulary from Ruth
AlyzaCCC: Yaaqov is going to try to read it :-)
yaaqov: Anachnu po bahkeetah!
AlyzaCCC: ken, Yaakov, zeh emet (this is true)
yaffa: and what is ve emet Alyza?
Ruth: what am I supposed to do?
yaffa: is it ve or zeh???
yaaqov: Ruth, you translate it.
AlyzaCCC: zeh
yaffa: thanx
AlyzaCCC: ve emet = and truth
yaffa: got it
AlyzaCCC: Ruth is copying and pasting right now
Ruth: oh I am?
Ruth: ohoh
AlyzaCCC: Yaffa, did you understand what Yaaqov said?
yaffa: lol
AlyzaCCC: you [Ruth] should be :-)
Ruth: Any sentence?
Ruth: lol
AlyzaCCC: any
Ruth was goofing off
Ruth: ok
yaffa: nooooooooo
yaffa: sorry
AlyzaCCC: anyone know what Yaaqov said (besides me and Yaaqov)?
yaffa: tell us
AlyzaCCC: yaaqov: Anachnu po bahkeetah!
AlyzaCCC: what did Yaaqov
AlyzaCCC: what did Yaakov say, I mean
yaffa: hellso teel u s Alyza what yaaqov said}
AlyzaCCC: okay, he said We [are] here in the class!
yaffa: i c
yaffa: keetah is class right Alyza?
Ruth: ?äúë úéøáò éìù äøåîä éî ,íåìù
AlyzaCCC: right Yaffa :-)
yaffa: good
AlyzaCCC: i would add a bet infront of the last word Ruth
AlyzaCCC: could you do so and paste again?
yaffa is proud of herself
yaffa: lol
Ruth: ok
Ruth: ?äúëá úéøáò éìù äøåîä éî ,íåìù
AlyzaCCC: much better
yaffa: ruth I don't understand a thing!!!
AlyzaCCC: Yaaqov, do you know how to pronounce any of those words?
Ruth: lol
yaaqov: "Shalom, Mi Hamoorah Sheli `Ivrith (Be)Keetah."
yaffa: i am really neglected for hebrew
AlyzaCCC: hold on Yaffa, it will be transliterated soon
yaffa: I know that
yaffa: lol
yaaqov: (I'm not sure about "Hamoorah" or "Sheli" though...)
AlyzaCCC: okay, now there is one mroe error in the sentance, it should read
AlyzaCCC: ?äúëá úéøáò ìù äøåîä éî ,íåìù
AlyzaCCC: if I am right about what you intended to ask
AlyzaCCC: what does it say now, Yaaqov?
Ruth: ok
Ruth: I see
yaaqov: "Shalom, Mi Hamoorah Shel `Ivrith Bekeetah."
Ruth: i used shelee and it should have been shel
AlyzaCCC: and that means?
AlyzaCCC: right, Ruth :-)
yaaqov: yaffa, it's just a matter of practice...don't worry.
yaffa: i don't think i will evr learn,:(
yaffa: but thanx
Ruth: yaffa, if a Gentile girl from WEstern Oklahoma can...
AlyzaCCC: Yaffa, it takes time
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: and Ruth has been working on this since June
yaffa: it has nothing to do with it Ruth!
yaffa: can I tell u one thing Alyza?
AlyzaCCC: what, Yaffa?
yaffa: u won't feel offended?
Ruth: yeah it does. The only Hebrew words I knew before starting this class were Rabbi and Shalom
yaffa: I don't like this class ,is so difficult
AlyzaCCC: what does "Shalom, Mi Hamoorah Shel `Ivrit Bekeetah?" mean?
yaffa: :(
AlyzaCCC: Yaffa, this is lesson 5
yaffa: but  I like u and the people here,so
AlyzaCCC: try reading the logs starting with lesson 1 :-)
yaffa: okay,i'll be quiet now
AlyzaCCC: it is hard to jump into a class in the 5th lesson, when each lesson takes many weeks to teach
yaffa: it means hello,my------------- from hebrew class
yaffa: teacher maybe?
AlyzaCCC: yes, teacher
AlyzaCCC: morah is teacher
AlyzaCCC: but mi is not my in Hebrew
yaffa: BOY I'M GOOD!!!
yaaqov: mi = who
Ruth: lol
yaffa: sorry caps Alyza,just to excited
yaffa: :)
AlyzaCCC: so it means, shalom, who is my teacher OF hebrew class
yaaqov: yaffa -- hey!  You know this stuff!
AlyzaCCC: no problemo, yaffa
AlyzaCCC: and the answer would be, my teacher is Alyza
AlyzaCCC: how do you say that in Hebrew?
yaffa: i don't yaaqov,believe me,never took a hebrew class
Zuma: hamorah sheli
yaffa: problema Alyza
AlyzaCCC: my name is spelled äæéìò
yaffa: Hamora sheli=my teacher ?
AlyzaCCC: right Zuma, hamorah sheli
pinky: ken
AlyzaCCC: yes, Yaffa, exactly
yaffa: I think i'm starting to like it!!!
yaffa: lol
Ruth: yea!
AlyzaCCC: well folks, that is all for class today.  We will not meet again until next week Tuesday
Ruth: yaffa is excited now!
yaaqov: When does this class normally meet?
pinky: mitzuyan
Zuma: i'd like to join in - what day/time
yaffa: yes I am Ruth
AlyzaCCC: the schedule is
yaffa: now what i am going to do???
yaffa: :(
AlyzaCCC: Tuesdays at 11 pm EST
Ruth: lol, read the logs!
AlyzaCCC: Saturday at 10:30 pm EST (new day) but not next Saturday
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