Hebrew 101 log from November 11, 1997

Session Start: Tue Nov 11 23:04:26 1997
*** Now talking in #JewishStudies
AlyzaCCC: Hello Ruth
AlyzaCCC: much quieter in here
Ruth1: I need to adjust my fonts
Ruth1: better
*** AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Tues 11pm EST: Hebrew 101: Lesson 5 continues"
AlyzaCCC: ïçìù
AlyzaCCC: øåôñ
AlyzaCCC: äçôùî
AlyzaCCC: çà
AlyzaCCC: úåçà
AlyzaCCC: ãîåì  or  ãîiì
AlyzaCCC: íéãîåì or   íéãîiì
AlyzaCCC:  úéøáò
AlyzaCCC: äèéñøáðåà
AlyzaCCC: íéìùåøé
AlyzaCCC: íéìùåøéá
AlyzaCCC: áúåë
AlyzaCCC: íéáúåë
AlyzaCCC: ìò
AlyzaCCC: çåì
AlyzaCCC: okay, lets start reviewing the above vocabulary (also pasted in your 1-1)
AlyzaCCC: Which word means brother?
Ruth1:  çà
Ruth1: ach
AlyzaCCC: ken!
AlyzaCCC: which word means on, upon, about?
Ruth1: ìò
Ruth1: ahl
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: which one means to study (m)?
AlyzaCCC: singular
Ruth1: ãîåì  or  ãîiì
Ruth1: lohmehd
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: what does  ïçìù mean?
Ruth1: hmmm
AlyzaCCC: you want vowel marks?
AlyzaCCC: ïçìù
AlyzaCCC:     :\
Ruth1: shoolchahn?
AlyzaCCC: yes, correct
Ruth1: but I don't remember the definition
AlyzaCCC: okay, when there is a holiday, we set the shoolchan
Ruth1: ah table?
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: it is from last chapter
AlyzaCCC: what does íéìùåøéá  mean?
Ruth1: in Jerusalem?
AlyzaCCC: right, how do you say it?
Ruth1: beerooshahlyeem
AlyzaCCC: nachon
AlyzaCCC: what is the word meaning tablet or chalkboard?
Ruth1: çåì
AlyzaCCC: right, pronounced?
Ruth1: looach
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan! (excellent)
AlyzaCCC: what word means family?
Ruth1: äçôùî
Ruth1: meeshpahchah
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: what does  íéáúåë  mean?
Ruth1: write
AlyzaCCC: sing or pl? m or f?
Ruth1: kohtveeym
Ruth1: m
Ruth1: pl
AlyzaCCC: nachon :-)
AlyzaCCC: What does øåôñ  mean?
Ruth1: seepoor?
AlyzaCCC: right
Ruth1: book?
Ruth1: no
Ruth1: story
AlyzaCCC: yes!
AlyzaCCC: very good, tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: what is the word meaning to learn, m, pl?
Ruth1: íéãîåì or   íéãîiì
Ruth1: lohmdeem
AlyzaCCC: nachon
AlyzaCCC: how about the word meanin Hebrew?
Ruth1: úéøáò
Ruth1: eevreet
AlyzaCCC: ken!
AlyzaCCC: what does äèéñøáðåà  mean?
Ruth1: I have no idea!
AlyzaCCC: it is a loan word
Ruth1: ohhh
Ruth1: ok
Ruth1: that is the university
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: the loan words are the hardest, imo
Ruth1: ooneevehrseetah
AlyzaCCC: good, university =  ooneevehrseetah
AlyzaCCC: what does  áúåë  mean?
Ruth1: wrte
Ruth1: write
AlyzaCCC: m or f? sing or pl?
Ruth1: kohtehv
AlyzaCCC: nod
Ruth1: m, sing.
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: what is the Hebrew name of Jerusalem?
Ruth1: íéìùåøé
Ruth1: yehrooshahlyeem
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: what is the word for sister?
Ruth1: úåçà
Ruth1: achoht
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: now we read a bit
AlyzaCCC: ==========
AlyzaCCC: |
AlyzaCCC: à øåôñ
AlyzaCCC: |
AlyzaCCC: what is it that it says in Hebrew?
Ruth1: seepoor
AlyzaCCC: basically, the same as what I had in English, but with the first letter of the Hebrew aleph bet insted of the English alphabet
AlyzaCCC: now for the story
AlyzaCCC: |
AlyzaCCC: .úéøáò íéãîåì íéãéîìúä
Ruth1: The students (m or mixed) study Hebrew
AlyzaCCC: right, notice that the word students and the verb telling what they are doing are both m/pl
AlyzaCCC: it is a grammer rule
Ruth1: Hatahlmahdeem lohmdeem eevreet
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: úéøáò íéãîåì íéãéîìúä
AlyzaCCC: õíéìùåøéá äèéñøáéðåàá
AlyzaCCC: (long sentance)
AlyzaCCC: but let me past it again, there is supposed to be a period, on a õíéìùåøéá äèéñøáéðåàá
AlyzaCCC: úéøáò íéãîåì íéãéîìúä
AlyzaCCC: .íéìùåøéá äèéñøáéðåàá
AlyzaCCC: there
Ruth1: the students study Hebrew in the university in Jerusalem
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!  Well done Ruth
Ruth1: Hatahlmahdeem lohmdeem eevreet bahooneevehrseetah beerooshahlahyeem
AlyzaCCC: nod
AlyzaCCC: .äúëá íéãéîìúä
Ruth1: the students are in the class
AlyzaCCC: tov
Ruth1: hatahlmeedeem bahkeetah
AlyzaCCC: ken
AlyzaCCC: ,çåìä ìò áúåë äøåîä
AlyzaCCC: .úøáçîá íéáúåë íéãéîìúäå
Ruth1: The teacher write(s)? on the chalkboard, and the students write in the nootebook
Ruth1: notebook
AlyzaCCC: yes, and it is appropriate and accurate to say writes
Ruth1: ok
AlyzaCCC: but notebook is plural, notebooks
Ruth1: ok
AlyzaCCC: you did well, Ruth
Ruth1: that was tough
AlyzaCCC: that is the lesson for today, I did not type anything else yet G:
AlyzaCCC: the last sentance or the lesson as a whole?
Ruth1: well, to be honest, I start typing half in English, then half in transliteration, and have to go back!
Ruth1: and correct it!
AlyzaCCC: BG:
AlyzaCCC: bg= big grin
Ruth1: I had typed: Hamorah writes bihchalboard etc...
AlyzaCCC: see you on Sat?
AlyzaCCC: lol
Ruth1: I plan on it!
Ruth1: Thanks so much!
AlyzaCCC: k, we will just chat a bit with the vocab then, okay?
Ruth1: ok
AlyzaCCC: most welcome
Ruth1: :)
AlyzaCCC: new words next Tues...if I finish typing them and putting them on the web
AlyzaCCC: shalom Ruth
Ruth1: Shalom!
Session Close: Tue Nov 11 23:46:23 1997

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