Hebrew 101 log from November 15, 1997

Session Start: Sat Nov 15 22:22:05 1997
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Ruth: Shalom
AlyzaRSF: Shalom Ruth
AlyzaRSF: well, you ready to get started?
Ruth: yes ma'am
AlyzaRSF: Okay, the vocab should be comming to your 1-1, it may take a while
AlyzaRSF: for those at home:
AlyzaRSF: éî
AlyzaRSF: éðà
AlyzaRSF: äúà
AlyzaRSF: úà
AlyzaRSF: àîà
AlyzaRSF: äî
AlyzaRSF: íåìù
AlyzaRSF: ãéîìú
AlyzaRSF: äãéîìú
AlyzaRSF: ùéà
AlyzaRSF: äùà
AlyzaRSF: äøåî
AlyzaRSF: àì
AlyzaRSF: ä
AlyzaRSF: ìù
AlyzaRSF: àéä
AlyzaRSF: éìù
AlyzaRSF: ïë
AlyzaRSF: àåä
AlyzaRSF: åðçðà
AlyzaRSF: íéãéîìú
AlyzaRSF: úåãéîìú
AlyzaRSF: íúà
AlyzaRSF: ïúà
AlyzaRSF: å
AlyzaRSF: íä
AlyzaRSF: ...á
AlyzaRSF: äúë
AlyzaRSF: ïá
AlyzaRSF: úá
AlyzaRSF: àáà
AlyzaRSF: íâ
AlyzaRSF: ä`ô  or  äô
AlyzaRSF: éë
AlyzaRSF: øãç
AlyzaRSF: ïâ
AlyzaRSF: äëñ
AlyzaRSF: äæ
AlyzaRSF: úàæ
AlyzaRSF: øôñ
AlyzaRSF: øéâ
AlyzaRSF: úøáçî
AlyzaRSF: ìåãâ
AlyzaRSF: úìã
AlyzaRSF: ïåìç
AlyzaRSF: àñë
AlyzaRSF: ïçìù
AlyzaRSF: øåôñ
AlyzaRSF: äçôùî
AlyzaRSF: çà
AlyzaRSF: úåçà
AlyzaRSF: ãîåì  or  ãîiì
AlyzaRSF: íéãîåì or   íéãîiì
AlyzaRSF:  úéøáò
AlyzaRSF: äèéñøáðåà
AlyzaRSF: íéìùåøé
AlyzaRSF: íéìùåøéá
AlyzaRSF: áúåë
AlyzaRSF: íéáúåë
AlyzaRSF: ìò
AlyzaRSF: çåì
AlyzaRSF: Ruth, let me know when your 1-1 stops getting the vocab
Ruth: it stopped
AlyzaRSF: okay
AlyzaRSF: please write for me the Hebrew sentance "My sister's notebook is on the table"
Ruth: ok
* AlyzaRSF will wait patiently, as I know it will take a while to copy, paste and etc
Ruth: ïçìùä ìò úøáçî  úåçà ìù
Ruth: Shel achoht machbereht ahl shoolchahn
AlyzaRSF: what you have said is "of sister notebook is on the table"
AlyzaRSF: so the last part is good
Ruth: ohoh I forgot the word for my
AlyzaRSF: but the first part, using a literal English transation, should say "The notebook of the sister of me " is on the table
AlyzaRSF: it is not my, but of me you need to look for, it is one word for of me
AlyzaRSF: try again :-)
Ruth: shehlee?
AlyzaRSF: yes, exactly
Ruth: ïçìùä ìò úøáçî  úåçà éìù
Ruth: My C & P quit working.
Ruth: That's why I'm so slow.
Ruth: I know that's wrong.
AlyzaRSF: let's try again.  Let's break this into parts "The notebook of the sister"
AlyzaRSF: say just that
Ruth:  éìù úåçà
Ruth: oh
Ruth: ok
Ruth: úåçà éìù ïçìùä
AlyzaRSF: close, you have the notebook of me sister
AlyzaRSF: I want "the notebook of the sister"
Ruth: ok
AlyzaRSF: only 2 things, 2 letters, need be changed, one deleted, one added
Ruth: úåçàä ìù ïçìùä
AlyzaRSF: good
AlyzaRSF: that is the first phrase in the sentance
AlyzaRSF: not, the second part (with one addition in the whole later): " on the table"
Ruth: ïçìùä ìò
Ruth: ïçìùä ìò úåçàä ìù ïçìùä
AlyzaRSF: okay, good, now add one small word, to make it not just the sister, but "the sister of me"
Ruth: ïçìùä ìò éìù
Ruth: *AlyzaRSF* ïë  úåçàä ìù ïçìùä
Ruth: nooooo
* AlyzaRSF waits
Ruth: ïçìùä ìò éìù úåçàä ìù ïçìùä
AlyzaRSF: hmmm "The table of the sister of me is on the table"
Ruth: that would be wrong.
Ruth: let me try once more.
* AlyzaRSF did not notice the use of table 2 times before...oops
AlyzaRSF: k
AlyzaRSF: only 1 word is not in need of fixing
Ruth: ïçìùä ìò éìù úåçàä ìù úøáçîä
AlyzaRSF: yes, that's it!
AlyzaRSF: :-)
AlyzaRSF: shall I give you another sentance to puzzle over?
Ruth: yes, and I appreciate your patience!
AlyzaRSF: k :-)
AlyzaRSF: compose for me a sentance that means:
AlyzaRSF: "My father's book is in the Sukkah"
AlyzaRSF: (similar in structure to the last one, but different vocab)
Ruth: So, I would want to say...The book of the father of me is in the Sukkah?
AlyzaRSF: yes, exactly
Ruth:   äëñá éìù  àáàä ìù øôñä
AlyzaRSF: ken, tov maod, Ruth
Session Close: Sat Nov 15 23:15:10 1997

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