Hebrew 101 log from November 18, 1997

Session Start: Tue Nov 18 23:01:53 1997
*** Now talking in #JewishStudies
Ruth: shalom Alyza
AlyzaCCC: shalom Ruth, hold on, I am looking for my book
AlyzaCCC: I cannot remember where I put it
AlyzaCCC: embarassed look:
Ruth: lol
AlyzaCCC: sorry about that
AlyzaCCC: now I need to start my Hebrew program up, just a moment
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: okay, first word
AlyzaCCC: äðä
AlyzaCCC:  ~.
AlyzaCCC: please pronounce it
AlyzaCCC: BTW, this is vocab part B of lesson 5
*** AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Hebrew 101: lesson 5 part b starts"
Ruth: heeneh
AlyzaCCC: nod, good
AlyzaCCC: Hee-neh (also henai)-Here is, behold
AlyzaCCC: it is used as in "here is the dog"
AlyzaCCC: or "and behold, there was light"
AlyzaCCC: G:
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: áìë
AlyzaCCC:  VV
AlyzaCCC: the first letter has a dagesh
Ruth: kehlehv
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC:    Kelev - dog (m.)
AlyzaCCC: Rover ha-kelev (Rover the dog)
AlyzaCCC: äôé
AlyzaCCC:  VT
AlyzaCCC: no dagesh in the second letter
Ruth: ahyahkah
Ruth: no
Ruth: yahkah
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, what is the second letter?
Ruth: oops
Ruth: fay
AlyzaCCC: right, try reading it again
Ruth: yahfah
Ruth: yahfeh
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC:  Yahfeh (yafeh) - nice, pretty (m.)
AlyzaCCC: (as in yafeh maod, meaning very nice)
AlyzaCCC: a phrase I have used before, but never in Hebrew letters until today
AlyzaCCC: áùié   áùåé
AlyzaCCC: áùié
AlyzaCCC:  ~
Ruth: yohshev
AlyzaCCC: ken, nachon
AlyzaCCC: íéáùié   íéáùåé
AlyzaCCC: íéáùié
AlyzaCCC:   .:
Ruth: yohshveem
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: Yohsh-veem (yoshveem) - sit (  it is a verb
Ruth: ?
AlyzaCCC: just a moment, I need to type the last 2 in
Ruth: Yohshev means what please?
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: yoshev = sit (m. singular)
Ruth: thank you
AlyzaCCC: yoshvim = sit (m. pl)
AlyzaCCC: the eem ending is transliterated im in english
AlyzaCCC: øáãî
AlyzaCCC:  ~_:
AlyzaCCC: there is a dagesh in the second to last letter
Ruth: mahdahbehr
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: Mihdahber (medaber) - speak (m. sing) it is a verb
AlyzaCCC: last word for the day
AlyzaCCC: íéøáãî
AlyzaCCC:   .:_:
AlyzaCCC: again, there is a dagesh in the middle letter (the á)
Ruth: mahdahbreem
AlyzaCCC:  Mihdahbreem  (medabrim) - speak (m. pl) it is a verb
AlyzaCCC: remember the : is more an ih than and ah
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: sometimes it is closer to a short eh, but usually a short ih
AlyzaCCC: ===============
AlyzaCCC: Review
AlyzaCCC: ==============
AlyzaCCC: äôé
AlyzaCCC: name that word and what it means
AlyzaCCC: (you may scroll up if you need to)
Ruth: yahfah
Ruth: yahfeh
Ruth: nice, pretty
Ruth: WB
AlyzaCCC: ken :-)
AlyzaCCC: WB?
Ruth: i dropped the keyboard., sorry
AlyzaCCC: zeh yafeh
AlyzaCCC: oh, lol
AlyzaCCC: äðä
Ruth: heeneh
Ruth: here is?
AlyzaCCC: yes, or behold
AlyzaCCC: øáãî
Ruth: ok
Ruth: mahdahbehr
Ruth: speak
AlyzaCCC: m or f, sing or pl?
AlyzaCCC: and it is mihdahbehr
Ruth: mihdahbehr
AlyzaCCC: nod
Ruth: m, sing
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: áìë
Ruth: kehlev
Ruth: dog
AlyzaCCC: nachon
Ruth: m?
AlyzaCCC: nod :-)
AlyzaCCC: íéáùié   íéáùåé
Ruth: yohshehv
AlyzaCCC: close, look again
AlyzaCCC: pay special attention to the ending
Ruth: yohsheem
AlyzaCCC: one more time, yosh is correct, eem is correct, but one sound is missing
Ruth: yohshveem
AlyzaCCC: ken!
AlyzaCCC: what does it mean?
Ruth: sit plural mas.
Ruth: I was wondering how that would be used?
Ruth: like "You all sit?
AlyzaCCC: or they sit
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: íéøáãî
Ruth: mihdahbreem
AlyzaCCC: ken, Ruth, meaning?
Ruth: speak, plural masc.
AlyzaCCC: last word, Ruth
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: áùié   áùåé
Ruth: yohshev
Ruth: sit masc. singular
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: well done, Ruth
Session Close: Tue Nov 18 23:50:37 1997

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