Hebrew 101 log from December 2, 1997

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AlyzaCCC: guess what, I am the one who is late G:
Ruth: ooo
Ruth: Shalom Alyza
AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Tues 8pm PT:  Hebrew 101: Lesson 5 continues"
AlyzaCCC sets mode: +l 20
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AlyzaCCC: STORY (note: it is moreh here)
AlyzaCCC: ready, Ruth?
AlyzaCCC: Ruth??
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AlyzaCCC: WB
AlyzaCCC: I was beggining to sweat G:
AlyzaCCC: STORY (note: it is moreh here)
Ruth1: it has been doing that all day to me!
AlyzaCCC: á
AlyzaCCC glues Ruth to her keesay
AlyzaCCC: .äôé  áìë  äðä
AlyzaCCC: translate please
Ruth1: Heeneh kehlehv yahfeh
AlyzaCCC: targumi et zeh (translate this)
Ruth1: Here is pretty dog
Ruth1: Here is a pretty dog
Ruth1: nice dog
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: you got all the  nuances
Ruth1: Here is a nice dog.
Ruth1: lol
AlyzaCCC: .äúëá  áùåé  áìëä
Ruth1: hakehlehv yohshev bahkeetah
Ruth1: The dog sits in the class
AlyzaCCC: nod, he could also dwell there, but the context of class makes that meaning of yoshev unlikely indeed
Ruth1: ok
AlyzaCCC: .íéøáãî  íéãéîìúäå  äøåîä
AlyzaCCC pokes Ruth to see if she is still here
Ruth1: yeah
Ruth1: just slow
AlyzaCCC: no problem, Ijust wondered because you said you were having some problems
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tomster: Hey all
AlyzaCCC: Tom!!!!
tomster: I have a few minutes
AlyzaCCC is happy to see her little brother :-)
Ruth1: hamorah vihbahtahlmeedeem mihdahbreem
tomster: So I interrupted??
Ruth1: little brother?
AlyzaCCC: no, you never interupt, Tom
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC: .íéøáãî  íéãéîìúäå  äøåîä
Ruth1: the teacher and the students speak
AlyzaCCC: good!
AlyzaCCC: ?áìëä  éî  ìù :äøåî
tomster: Just wanted to say hi.
tomster: Gotta run
Ruth1: Morah: Shehl mee hakeetah
AlyzaCCC: shalom Tom
tomster: Don't have my font loaded on the new MIRC
AlyzaCCC: no problem :-)
Ruth1: Teacher: of who is in the class?
Ruth1: nooo
Ruth1: I'll start over
Ruth1: Morah: Shehl mee hakehlehv
Ruth1: Teacher: of who is the dog?
tomster: OH well. must run
tomster: c ya
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AlyzaCCC: yes, good correction Ruth
AlyzaCCC: .éìù  àì  áìëä :(Reenah) äðéø
Ruth1: Reenah: hakehlehv lo shehlee
Ruth1: Reenah: The dog is not of mine.
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: ?áìëä  éî  ìù :äøåî
Ruth1: Morah: shehl mee hakehlehv?
Ruth1: Teacher: of who is the dog?
AlyzaCCC: nod, the morah is repetative
AlyzaCCC: :(Dahneyel = Daniel) ìàéðã
AlyzaCCC: .éìù  áìëä  äæ
Ruth1: Daniel: zeh hakehlehv shehlee
Ruth1: Daniel: this is the dog of mine.
AlyzaCCC: good!
AlyzaCCC: he continues:
AlyzaCCC: éë  äúëá éìù áìëä
AlyzaCCC: .úéøáò  øáãî  àåä
Ruth1: hakehlehv shehlee bahkeetah key hoo mihdahbehr eevreet
Ruth1: the dog of mine is in the class because he speaks Hebrew.
AlyzaCCC: yes!!!
AlyzaCCC: whooo whooo
AlyzaCCC does the dance of joy G:
Ruth1: lol
AlyzaCCC: ?úéøáò  øáãî  àåä :äøåî
AlyzaCCC: what can I say, I am pleased by your progress Ruth
Ruth1: Morah: hoo mihdahbehr eevreet?
Ruth1: Teacher: he speaks Hebrew/
Ruth1: ?
AlyzaCCC: good question, and reasonable
AlyzaCCC: .úéøáò  øáãî  àåä ,ïë :ìàéðã
Ruth1: Daniel: kehn, hoo speaks eevreet.
Ruth1: Daniel: Yes, he speaks Hebrew.
AlyzaCCC prods Ruth, look at your transliteration :-)
Ruth1: I appreciate the praise, but don't understand it?? Seriously!
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, "Daniel: kehn, hoo ***speaks*** eevreet."
Ruth1: ack!
Ruth1: 4blush
Ruth1: Daniel: kehn, hoo mihdahbehr eevreet.
AlyzaCCC: nod :-)
AlyzaCCC: !áä !áä :áìë
AlyzaCCC: (put a _ under the hey)
Ruth1: is that a bet or a vet?
AlyzaCCC: vet
Ruth1: kehlehv: hahv! Hahv!
AlyzaCCC: yes :-)
AlyzaCCC: so, what did you think of the story
Ruth1: it was cute
Ruth1: but, hahv means?
AlyzaCCC: bark bark in Hebrew G:
Ruth1: lol
Ruth1: as I suspected!
AlyzaCCC: The stories are getting better and better as you learn more
AlyzaCCC: more interesting
AlyzaCCC: Saturday, G-d willing, we will make sentances
Ruth1: yes, and more fun!
AlyzaCCC: good!
Ruth1: oh oh
Ruth1: I won't be here.
AlyzaCCC: k, maybe Greg will be.  How about sending me some sentances?
Ruth1: Ok, that would be super.
AlyzaCCC: you need the vocab pasted now?
Ruth1: I have it.
AlyzaCCC: k, I thought you might, from previous pastings, since there were no new words
AlyzaCCC: but I wanted to make sure
AlyzaCCC is going to end class and hang out with the Bnai Noach in #Bnai-Noach :-)
AlyzaCCC: okay?
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AlyzaCCC: WB Ruth
AlyzaCCC is going to end class and hang out with the Bnai Noach in #Bnai-Noach :-)
Ruth: lol thanks
AlyzaCCC: okay?
Ruth: Thanks for everything!
Ruth: bye
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