Hebrew 101 log from December 9, 1997

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Ruth: Shalom
Ruth: I saw you come in, then I got dumped.
AlyzaCCC: shalom
AlyzaCCC: I noticed :-)
AlyzaCCC: I got your homework assignment, want to go over it with me now?
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: בשוי התכב בלכה
AlyzaCCC: The dog in the class sits.
AlyzaCCC: hakehlev bihkeetah yoshev
AlyzaCCC: is sit in this way used as a verb?
Ruth: wellll
Ruth: I don't knowLOL
AlyzaCCC: me either :-)
Ruth: lol
Ruth: ok, let's say it IS a verb..:)
AlyzaCCC: okay, then it is okay, otherwise, switch the word order
AlyzaCCC: התכב בשוי בלכה
Ruth: like?
Ruth: The dog sits in teh class
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: both are valid, imo
AlyzaCCC: ןגב אל ןב ילש בלכה
AlyzaCCC: The dog of my son is not in the park.
AlyzaCCC: hakehlev shehlee ben lo gahn
AlyzaCCC: okay, this needs a bit of work
AlyzaCCC: I should say, the dog of the son of mine is not in the park. You need to use shel and sheli
AlyzaCCC: you are saying My dog [is] son not in the park
Ruth: ohhh I see that now.
AlyzaCCC: do you understand how to fix it?
Ruth: I think so
AlyzaCCC: you want to try it?
Ruth: in shelee, I keep substituting, of mine to mean of my...I did that in the past too
Ruth: and that is wrong
AlyzaCCC awaits either a hebrew or transliterated correction of the sentance
Ruth: ןגב אל ילש ןבה לש בלכה
AlyzaCCC: yes!
Ruth: hakehlev shehl haben shehlee lo gahn
AlyzaCCC: well done
AlyzaCCC: ba-gahn
Ruth: yes
Ruth: hakehlev shehl haben shehlee lo bahgahn
AlyzaCCC: חא ילש בלכ לודגה הנה
AlyzaCCC: heeneh hagahdohl kehlehv shehlee ach
AlyzaCCC: Here is the big dog of my brother.
AlyzaCCC: okay, this needs a few things
Ruth: oh oh I did the same thing
AlyzaCCC: first of all, yes, same correction
AlyzaCCC: the other thing is it is ha-kelev ha-gadol
AlyzaCCC: adjective comes after the noun in most cases and if one has a ha, the other must also
Ruth: so it would be heeneh hakehlehv hagahdohl?
AlyzaCCC: yes, that part would be
AlyzaCCC: what about your brother?
Ruth: of the brother of mine
Ruth: shehl baach shehlee
AlyzaCCC: ha-ach
Ruth: ohhh
Ruth: yes
Ruth: ok
Ruth: are you supposed to put the "-" in too?
AlyzaCCC: no, only in the transliteration, it makes it easier for you to see the prefix that way :-)
Ruth: heeneh hakehlehv hagahdohl shel ha-ach shehlee
Ruth: oh, ok
AlyzaCCC: ken, nachon
AlyzaCCC: תירבע םירבדמ התכב תודימלתה
AlyzaCCC: The students (f) in the class speak Hebrew.
AlyzaCCC: hatalmeedoht bihkeeteh mihdahbreem eevreet
AlyzaCCC: okay, one problem, talmidOT midabrIM
AlyzaCCC: the noun is feminine plural, the verb is masc plural
AlyzaCCC: they need to be the same, and since we have not learned fem plural of this verb, how about changing the students to masc plural?
Ruth: so I could use tahlmeedeem
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: then the whole sentace would be correct
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: well Ruth, can we stop for tonight? I did not make anything new, and probably will not for at least 2 weeks, as the semester is ending
Ruth: ok...
Ruth: I can see I need to study
Ruth: I hope to remember the adjective following the noun rule
AlyzaCCC: BTW, in Bnai Noach, we are discussing Zechariah
AlyzaCCC: we are on chapter 2
AlyzaCCC: next week, chapter 3
Ruth: That is interesting.
Ruth: You have a lot going on!
AlyzaCCC: yes, a bit too much for the end of the semester
Ruth: Thank you for all your work! Oh, musisun really had fun at Jewish Knowledge quiz, too. She was talking about it today
AlyzaCCC: cool, I am glad
Ruth: :)
Ruth: Will we meet on Saturday?
AlyzaCCC: for Hebrew?
Ruth: yes
AlyzaCCC: no, not until I get my reports done
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: I do not have time to type up the lessons and do the web page at present
AlyzaCCC: sorry
Ruth: I understand!!!
AlyzaCCC: but we have to have one more break in the class
Ruth: I couldn't keep up with your schedule!
AlyzaCCC: lol, right now, I can't keep up with my schedule
Ruth: lol
AlyzaCCC: oh, next week's quiz will be a recycled one
AlyzaCCC: expect that for the next 2 weeks also
Ruth: I knew I should have logged those!
AlyzaCCC: I need the 2.5 hours of writting a quiz
AlyzaCCC: lol
Ruth: I guess I'll go get some things done. I need to turn up the's 30 degrees here. Have a great week
AlyzaCCC: wow!
AlyzaCCC: shalom Ruth
Ruth: Shalom!
AlyzaCCC: stay warm
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