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 AlyzaCCC: ARgh!!!
 Dawn: LOL Dave!
 DaveS: Shalom, AlyzaCCC!  Welcome to #IsraeliCafe.
 Ruth: Shalom Alyza
 Dawn: Alyza!
 Davida: hi there !
 Dawn: We're really working!
 AlyzaCCC: Hello, I got dumped and could not reconnect until I rebooted
 DaveS: Okay, clow time over...
 Davida: uh oh
* Dawn puts away silly string
 AlyzaCCC: lol Dawn
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 Davida: hee hee
* DaveS crumples to ground
 Dawn: We were practicing words and letters!
 Davida: really
 Ruth: I've been good, but Dawn and Dave..whew.
 DaveS: Lol
 Ruth: :)
*** AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Hebrew 101: Lesson 3 continues"
* Dawn tucks tail between legs
 Davida: And I don't have hebrew fonts.....
 Dawn: And Davida won!
 AlyzaCCC: Got names for today
 Ruth: yea Davida
 AlyzaCCC: äðùåù
 AlyzaCCC: äæéìò
 AlyzaCCC: ãåã
 AlyzaCCC: úåø
 AlyzaCCC: Morning light, morning breeze (Tzahfreerah)  äøôö
 AlyzaCCC:   morning (Tzafrah) äøéøôö
 Davida: ho hohohohohoh !
 DaveS: Using the prophetic method
 Dawn: Oh cool!
 AlyzaCCC: Davida, add a hey at the end of ãåã  to get  your name
 Davida: ?
 AlyzaCCC: Dawn, which one you like better, the long one or the short one?
 AlyzaCCC:  äãåã
 AlyzaCCC: that is Davida
 Davida: my whole name is D'vorah Davida.....
 Dawn: The one with 4 letters
 AlyzaCCC: ah, okay, next time I will get D'vorah for you if you want :-)
 AlyzaCCC: okay, Dawn, Tzafra it is
 Davida: 'kay
 Dawn: k:)
 Davida: that's pretty
 Dawn: Is it äøôö  Alyza?
 AlyzaCCC: yes, Dawn, that is Tzafrah
 AlyzaCCC: it means morning
 Davida: Where do I find Hebrew fonts and how do I use them ?
 AlyzaCCC: that is the homepage for this class
 AlyzaCCC: okay, let's get to work
 AlyzaCCC: to remind you, In the, this prefix is a bet ...á
 AlyzaCCC: (ie, it has a dagesh inside the letter, making it have the 'b' sound)
 AlyzaCCC: it is voweled  with a patach and pronounce bah-
 AlyzaCCC:  patach is _ in case you forgot the vowel names :-)
 Davida: thank you !
 AlyzaCCC:  In, this prefix is a bet with a shva under it ...á
 AlyzaCCC: it is pronounced bi (bi as in bit but of shorter duration)
 AlyzaCCC: the shva is : in case you have forgoten that vowel's name :-)
 AlyzaCCC: so the same letter, with a different vowel, gives a different meaning
 AlyzaCCC: that being the case, if it is a shva :  I will put no vowel under it, but if it is a patach, I will place
  a _ under the letter so you can differentiate
 AlyzaCCC: okay?
 Dawn: yes:)
 AlyzaCCC: okay, now, we need a noun we can attach it to, something besides a name
 AlyzaCCC: äúë
 AlyzaCCC:  T.
 AlyzaCCC: how would you pronounce that?
 DaveS: !
 AlyzaCCC: GA Dave
 DaveS: Ke-tah
 AlyzaCCC: tov maod
 Davida: I'm gonna go check out the web site......see what I
   can figure out about the fonts.....Thanks for letting me
   hang around for a while..bye now !
 AlyzaCCC: any questions on how Dave got that?
 AlyzaCCC: shalom Davida!
 AlyzaCCC:  Class (f.), there is a dagesh in the first and äúë
 AlyzaCCC: second letter, making them kaf and tav.
 AlyzaCCC: It is voweled kaf-hiriq-tav-kamatz-hey.
*** Davida has left #IsraeliCafe
 AlyzaCCC: by class, I mean a class at school
 AlyzaCCC: as in "Dawn teaches a class"
 AlyzaCCC: this, unlike English, does not have the added meaning of classy, as in "She has class" or class as in
  social group
 Dawn: k:)
 AlyzaCCC: okay, a sentance with the new word and the prefixes I have just reviews
 Dawn: k:)
 AlyzaCCC: äúëá  ãåã
 AlyzaCCC:      :
 AlyzaCCC: äúëá  ãåã
 AlyzaCCC:    :
 AlyzaCCC: there, that's it
 AlyzaCCC: what did I say?
 AlyzaCCC: the first word is a name of one of the students here
 Dawn: DAvid?
 AlyzaCCC: right
 AlyzaCCC: the next word has a prefix on it
 AlyzaCCC: á
 AlyzaCCC: :
 AlyzaCCC: what does
 AlyzaCCC: á
 AlyzaCCC: :
 AlyzaCCC: mean?
 Dawn: a
 AlyzaCCC: right
 AlyzaCCC: and the word after it means what?
 AlyzaCCC:  AlyzaCCC: äúëá  ãåã
 AlyzaCCC:  AlyzaCCC:    :
 Dawn: !
 AlyzaCCC: yes, Dawn, ga
 Dawn: David is in a class.
 AlyzaCCC: Right!!!
 AlyzaCCC: okay, let's try another
 DaveS: And it does not say: David Bektah.
 Dawn: in David Class?
 AlyzaCCC: yes, Daveed bih kitah
 AlyzaCCC: no, just David in a class
 Maximum: hum.
 AlyzaCCC: äúëá àì äðùåù
 AlyzaCCC:    _
 AlyzaCCC: notice the different vowel
 AlyzaCCC: BTW,
 AlyzaCCC: á
 AlyzaCCC: _
 AlyzaCCC: is a contraction of
 AlyzaCCC: á
 AlyzaCCC: :
 AlyzaCCC: and
 AlyzaCCC: ä
 AlyzaCCC: _
 AlyzaCCC: the first word is a name of a student, Shoshana  (Susanna)
 AlyzaCCC: what did I say?
 Ruth: !
 Dawn: !
 AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
 Ruth: Shoshana (Susanna) is not in the class.
 AlyzaCCC: Tov maod!
 AlyzaCCC: nachon!
 AlyzaCCC: any questions so far?
 Dawn: yea Ruth!
 Dawn: No, but I am bummed I have to go soon:(
 DaveS: No, Dawn!  No!
 Dawn: I have all lesson 3 vocabulary from web site though
 AlyzaCCC: I know, I am sorry that I had connect problems,
  Dawn :-(
 AlyzaCCC: ïá
 AlyzaCCC: ïá
 AlyzaCCC:  ..
 AlyzaCCC: how would you pronounce that word?
 Dawn: !
 AlyzaCCC: GA Dawn
 Ruth: !
 DaveS: !
 Dawn: Yes...kehn
 AlyzaCCC: close, Dawn, look closely at the first letter
 AlyzaCCC: a kaf has no protrusion and is rounded
 AlyzaCCC: Ruth, can you help Dawn out here?
 AlyzaCCC: or Dave
 Ruth: behn?
 AlyzaCCC: Right, Ruth, very good
 AlyzaCCC: the first letter is a bet
 AlyzaCCC: so it is behn
 AlyzaCCC:  Son, there is a dagesh in the first letter ïá
 AlyzaCCC: making it a bet.  It is voweled bet-tsereh-nun sofit and
 AlyzaCCC: is pronounced ben
 AlyzaCCC: it means son or son of
 Dawn: ahhhh
 AlyzaCCC: you could, for example, say Shlomo is my son
* Dawn quietly bows to you all...shalom:)
 AlyzaCCC: by saying
 Ruth: bye Dawn
*** Dawn has left #IsraeliCafe
 AlyzaCCC:  éìù  ïá Shlomo
 AlyzaCCC: Shlomo [is] son of me
 AlyzaCCC: but to make it gramatically correct, we need to
  at a hey to ben
 AlyzaCCC: making it the son
 AlyzaCCC: like so
 AlyzaCCC:  éìù  ïáä Shlomo
 AlyzaCCC: that is, Shlomo is the son of me
 AlyzaCCC: úá
 AlyzaCCC:  _
 AlyzaCCC: how would you say that?
 DaveS: !
 AlyzaCCC: GA Dave
 DaveS: Bah
 AlyzaCCC: try again
 AlyzaCCC: look at the last letter
 DaveS: Bat
 AlyzaCCC: right, it is a tav
 AlyzaCCC: with a toe :-)
 DaveS: Battoe
 AlyzaCCC: that means it can kick the letter to its left
 AlyzaCCC: no, just baht  David
 DaveS: If you like violent letters...
 AlyzaCCC: lol
 AlyzaCCC: it is just a way to remember the tav, Dave
 AlyzaCCC:  Daughter, there is a dagesh in the first letter  úá
 AlyzaCCC: making it a bet.  It is voweled bet-patach-nun sofit and
 AlyzaCCC: is pronounced bat (baht)
 AlyzaCCC: it can also mean Daughter of
 AlyzaCCC: for example
 AlyzaCCC:  úåø  úá  äæéìò
 AlyzaCCC: That says, Alyza daughter of Ruth
 AlyzaCCC: my mom's name is also Ruth :-)
 Ruth: :)
 AlyzaCCC: last new word for this lesson, and then we have
  lot's of practice!
 AlyzaCCC: àáà
 AlyzaCCC:  T_
 AlyzaCCC: how would you pronounce that?
 Ruth: !
 DaveS: !
 AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
 Ruth: ahbah
 AlyzaCCC: Tov!
 AlyzaCCC: anyone know what it means?
 DaveS: !
 Ruth: father
 DaveS: Father (three weeks after we learned mother)
 Ruth: oops
 Ruth: sorry
 AlyzaCCC: right, Dave
 AlyzaCCC: but we had to learn the bet in this lesson to get  it
 AlyzaCCC: :-)
 AlyzaCCC: some books teach abba first
 AlyzaCCC: it is usually used for dad
 AlyzaCCC:  Dad or father, there is a dagesh in the second letter àáà
 AlyzaCCC: making it a bet.  It is voweled aleph-patach-bet-kamatz-aleph
 AlyzaCCC: and is pronounced abba
 AlyzaCCC: okay, how about a story to translate?
* Ruth will try
 AlyzaCCC: Dialogue
 AlyzaCCC: ====
 AlyzaCCC: .íéãéîìú íåìù :äøåî
 AlyzaCCC: the person before (ie to the right of) the colon is the speaker
 AlyzaCCC: who is speaking?
 Ruth: !
 DaveS: !
 AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
 Ruth: teacher
 AlyzaCCC: right
 AlyzaCCC: now, we do not know if it is a male or female teacher yet
 AlyzaCCC: but we will know soon :-)
 AlyzaCCC: Dave, can you tell me what the teacher said?
 DaveS: Yes
 AlyzaCCC: please do so :-)
 DaveS: Hello students. Shalom talmedim
 AlyzaCCC: tov, very good, Dave
 AlyzaCCC: remember to stop me any time you have a question
 AlyzaCCC: I cannot read minds, so I need you to tell me if you do not understand something
 AlyzaCCC: the teacher continues
 AlyzaCCC: (note: this is morah)  äøåîä éðà
 AlyzaCCC: what did she say, Ruth?
 DaveS: !
 Ruth: I am the teacher
 AlyzaCCC: right
 AlyzaCCC: glad you got the word THE in there :-)
 AlyzaCCC: .äøåî íåìù :íéãéîìú
 AlyzaCCC: who is talking here?
 Ruth: !
 DaveS: !
 AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
 Ruth: students
 AlyzaCCC: and what did they say?
* AlyzaCCC waits for hands to go up
 Ruth: !
 AlyzaCCC: Okay, Ruth, complete this
 Ruth: shalom morah; hello teacher
 AlyzaCCC: right
 AlyzaCCC: ?úà éî (Bela, degesh in bet)  ,äìá éðà :äøåî
 AlyzaCCC: Dave, please tell me who is talking here
 DaveS: Teacher'
 AlyzaCCC: right, :äøåî
 AlyzaCCC: Morah
 AlyzaCCC: she starts, ,äìá éðà
 AlyzaCCC: what did that mean?
 DaveS: I am Bell?
 AlyzaCCC: close, Bela (see parenthasis above)
 Athleticman: are you 19 kelly
 DaveS: Oh, duh.
 AlyzaCCC: she asks  ?úà éî
 AlyzaCCC: what was her question?
 Ruth: !
 AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
 Ruth: who are you (f)?
 AlyzaCCC: right, tov maod!
 AlyzaCCC: so she is addressing 1 female student
 AlyzaCCC: this student replies
 AlyzaCCC: (Dena) äðéã éðà :äðéã
 AlyzaCCC: what did she (Dena) say?
 DaveS: !
 AlyzaCCC: Ga Dave
 DaveS: I am Dena
 AlyzaCCC: tov
 AlyzaCCC: how is "I" pronounced?
*** Arlene  has joined #IsraeliCafe
 AlyzaCCC: in other words, how is  éðà said?
 DaveS: Arlene!
 Arlene: hi
 Ruth: !
 Ruth: hi arlene!
 AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
 Arlene: Hi everyone
 Ruth: ani
 AlyzaCCC: good :-)
 AlyzaCCC: ?äøåî úà ,äðéã :äøåî
 AlyzaCCC: who is speaking, and what is said?
 AlyzaCCC: okay, who is speaking?
 Ruth: !
 AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
 Ruth: teacher
 AlyzaCCC: right
 Ruth: morah
 AlyzaCCC: what does she ask?
 Ruth: !
 AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
 DaveS: !
 Ruth: this might not be right..Dena, are you a teacher?
 AlyzaCCC: exactly!
 AlyzaCCC: with the are and a understood
 AlyzaCCC: .äãéîìú éðà ,äøåî àì éðà :äðéã
 AlyzaCCC: :äðéã
 AlyzaCCC: the speaker is :äðéã
 AlyzaCCC: Dena
 AlyzaCCC: her first phrase is
 AlyzaCCC: ,äøåî àì éðà
 AlyzaCCC: what does it mean?
 DaveS: !
 AlyzaCCC: GA Dave
 DaveS: I am not a teacher
 AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
 AlyzaCCC: the next phrase is
 AlyzaCCC:  .äãéîìú éðà
 AlyzaCCC: which means what?
 DaveS: !
 AlyzaCCC: ga again Dave
 DaveS: I'm a student.
 AlyzaCCC: how is that pronounced?
 DaveS: You've been teaching me for six months.
 DaveS: Don't you remember me?
 AlyzaCCC: lol, Dave
 DaveS: Ani talmedah
 AlyzaCCC: tov :-)
 AlyzaCCC: okay, the dialog continues, but the teacher is  talking to another student now
 AlyzaCCC: ?äúà éî :äøåî
 AlyzaCCC: what does she ask that student?
 Ruth: !
 AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
 Ruth: who are you (m)?
 AlyzaCCC: tov, and how is it pronounced?
 Ruth: mee ahtah?
 AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
 AlyzaCCC: (Dahn) ïã éðà :ïã
 AlyzaCCC: what does that say?
 Ruth: !
 AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
 Ruth: Dahn: I am Dahn
 Arlene: I downloaded the hebrew font a few days ago, and  now I am looking all over for it.  BRB
 AlyzaCCC: tov! Note: Dahn is a boys name, usually spelled Dan in english, but not pronounce that way
 AlyzaCCC: okay, Arlene :-)
 AlyzaCCC: ?ãéîìú äúà ,ïã :äøåî
 AlyzaCCC: who is speaking?
 DaveS: !
 AlyzaCCC: GA Dave
 DaveS: Teacher
 AlyzaCCC: right
 AlyzaCCC: what does she say?
 DaveS: Dan, are you a teacher?
 AlyzaCCC: well, you have most of it right
 AlyzaCCC: read it again, Dave
 DaveS: Dan, are you a student?:
 AlyzaCCC: right!
 AlyzaCCC: .ãéîìú éðà ,ïë :ïã
 AlyzaCCC: Ruth, what is Dan's reply?
 AlyzaCCC: .ãéîìú éðà ,ïë :ïã
 Ruth: Dan: Yes, I am a student (m)
 AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
 AlyzaCCC: the teacher points at a third student and says:
 AlyzaCCC: ?àåä éî :äøåî
 AlyzaCCC: what does that mean and how is it pronounced?
 Ruth: !
 AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
 Ruth: Teacher: Who is he?
 AlyzaCCC: right!
 Ruth: Morah: mee hoo?
 AlyzaCCC: exactly!
 AlyzaCCC: metzuyan!
 AlyzaCCC: (Moshe) äùî àåä :äðéãå ïã
* Ruth pokes Dave
 AlyzaCCC: remember that å is a prefix
 AlyzaCCC: what does å mean?
* DaveS pokes Ruth back
 AlyzaCCC: and how do you say it?
 Ruth: and?
 AlyzaCCC: right Ruth
 AlyzaCCC: how do you pronounce it?
 Ruth: vih
 AlyzaCCC: right!
 AlyzaCCC: (Moshe) äùî àåä :äðéãå ïã
 AlyzaCCC: now, what did the sentance say?
 AlyzaCCC: (Moshe) äùî àåä :äðéãå ïã
 AlyzaCCC: now, what did the sentance say?
 Ruth: !
 pony: shalom everyone
 AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
 Ruth: Dan and Dena: He is Moshe
 AlyzaCCC: tov, Ruth
 AlyzaCCC: (Moshe) äùî àåä :äðéãå ïã
 AlyzaCCC: how do you pronounce it?
 Ruth: !
 Ruth: Dahn vih Dena: hoo Moshe
 AlyzaCCC: tov
 AlyzaCCC: well folks, that is class for today
 AlyzaCCC: we will continue the dialog next time
 AlyzaCCC: starting with a few sentances back
 DaveS: Thanks Alyza
 AlyzaCCC: you may now chat informally
 Arlene: I didnt find my hebrew download, I will have to do it again, now that I have mIRC
 Ruth: Did you say keytah, class, is fem?
 AlyzaCCC: BTW, there will be no class next Tuesay, and no IsraeliCafe next wednesday
 AlyzaCCC: but Dave has graciously agreed to cover the ICafe on Monday for me
 AlyzaCCC: yes, Ruth, it is feminine noun
 Ruth: Does that mean that there are only females in the class, or just that the word is fem?
 AlyzaCCC: again, no ICafe Tues or Wed of next week
 AlyzaCCC: no, just that the word if feminine
 AlyzaCCC: all nouns are either masculine or feminine
 Ruth: ooohhhhhh
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