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Tzahfreerah: Shalom morah!
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Dawn!
Tzahfreerah: Did I write it right?
AlyzaCCC: Cool, you remembered your Hebrew name!
Tzahfreerah: hehehehe...what a teacher's pet! LOL
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: Hey, we teachers do like students that care ;-)
Tzahfreerah: amen!
Tzahfreerah: Thanks! Is any of that new? I have the stuff off the web page
AlyzaCCC: did you look at the log from last class?
Tzahfreerah: oh...I need to change my name...
Tzahfreerah: Yes ma'am:)
AlyzaCCC: No biggy, you have the long version
AlyzaCCC: any problems with the dialog so far?
Tzahfreerah: It's just slow for me:)
Tzahfreerah: I mean I'm slow:)
AlyzaCCC: I can start going over it with you 1-1 if you want and need to, or we can just start 3 lines before where we left off
AlyzaCCC: so am I Tzafrah, so am I EG:
Tzahfreerah: ok! that would be good...just a sec...
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Tzafrah: k:)
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: here goes
Tzafrah: k
AlyzaCCC: You still have your vocab or do I need to repaste it?
Tzafrah: I got it:)
AlyzaCCC: okay, cool
AlyzaCCC: .םידימלת םולש :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: what does it say?
Tzafrah: Teacher: Student students?
AlyzaCCC: teacher is correct
AlyzaCCC: what is the second word?
AlyzaCCC: םולש
Tzafrah: SHALOM! hehehe
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: so it is Teacher: Shalom students
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Tzafrah: Teacher: Shalom, students.
Tzafrah: Hey GregBro!
Greg3: Shalom all
AlyzaCCC: it is plural because the םי (eem) ending is plural, masculine)
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Greg
AlyzaCCC: Tzafrah = Dawn
Greg3: Todah
AlyzaCCC: (note: this is morah) הרומה ינא
AlyzaCCC: What does this mean?
Tzafrah: oh...tell you right? doh
AlyzaCCC: right
Tzafrah: I am
Tzafrah: and...
Tzafrah: I am the teacher!
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: .הרומ םולש :םידימלת
Tzafrah: ?
AlyzaCCC: yes, Tzafrah?
Tzafrah: I don't mean to be disrespectful or irreverant, but remember when Moses asked G-d what to tell the people if they asked Who sent him?
AlyzaCCC: yes, I remember that also
Tzafrah: Did G-d say "I AM" like we just wrote I am?
Tzafrah: If you can't write it, it's ok:)
AlyzaCCC: no, actually not, it is in the future tense
Tzafrah: oh...ok:)
AlyzaCCC: well, the imperfect and incomplete tense
Tzafrah: That's Lesson 435 right?:)
AlyzaCCC: that is, it expressed something that was not finished, and never will be
Tzafrah: ohhhhhh...I seeeeee
AlyzaCCC: hmmm...I have not counted the lessons
AlyzaCCC: it indicates that G-d exists always has and always will
Tzafrah: k...I'll try to get that sentence up there...
Tzafrah: O Eternal:)
AlyzaCCC: I will repaste
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: .הרומ םולש :םידימלת
AlyzaCCC: remember that the םי
AlyzaCCC: (eem) ending is masculine plural
Tzafrah: Students: Shalom, morah.
AlyzaCCC: Right!
Greg3: Talmidim: Shalom Morah. - Students (M/P) Peace Teacher
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: ?תא ימ (Bela, degesh in bet) ,הלב ינא :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: Greg, please try this one
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, please try it also, but do not type it in :-)
AlyzaCCC: let me repaste it in pieces, so the order is right
AlyzaCCC: ,הלב ינא :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: (Bela, degesh in bet)
AlyzaCCC: ?תא ימ
AlyzaCCC: okay, now please put the words is the right order in your answer, Greg
Greg3: Morah: Ani Bela, mee aht? - Teacher: I am Bela, Who are you (f)
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: (Dena) הניד ינא :הניד
AlyzaCCC: Tzafrah, your turn please
Tzafrah: Is the speaker Dena?
AlyzaCCC: yes, correct, Tzafrah, Dena is speaking
Tzafrah: k..
Tzafrah: Dena: I am stumped?
AlyzaCCC: nope, Dena says: I am (Dena) הניד
Tzafrah: ohhhh....
AlyzaCCC: the last word is a name, Dena has been ask ?תא ימ
AlyzaCCC: meaning, who are you (f)?
AlyzaCCC: she answers, I am Dena
AlyzaCCC: okay?
Tzafrah: I see now:) Thanks:)
Tzafrah: I understand Greg's answer now:)
AlyzaCCC: As with the previous sentance, I try to put the any names seen for the first time in a lesson with the English pronouciation behind them
AlyzaCCC: okay :-)
Tzafrah: k
AlyzaCCC: ?הרומ תא ,הניד :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: is that one line or more on your screens?
Tzafrah: one
Greg3: one
AlyzaCCC: okay, good, just wanted to make sure it appeared correctly
AlyzaCCC: ?הרומ תא ,הניד :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: who is talking here?
Tzafrah: !
Greg3: The teacher
Tzafrah: Teacher...Morah
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: and the first word is a name, whose name?
Tzafrah: Dena
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: ?הרומ תא ,הניד :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: put it together and add the question Dena is being asked
Greg3: Teacher: Dena, are you a teacher?
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
Tzafrah: Morah: Dena, are you a teacher?
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan
Tzafrah: all excited:)
* AlyzaCCC has an excellent group of students
* Tzafrah is looking on Greg's screen:)
Greg3: todah rabah
AlyzaCCC: .הדימלת ינא ,הרומ אל ינא :הניד
Tzafrah: amen...todah rabah!
AlyzaCCC: who is talking this time?
Tzafrah: Dena
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: her first phrase is
AlyzaCCC: ,הרומ אל ינא
AlyzaCCC: what does it mean?
Greg3: I am not a teacher (f)
Tzafrah: !
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: yes, Tzafrah?
Tzafrah: oh...thought it said
Tzafrah: Dena: I am not a teacher, I am a student!
AlyzaCCC: that is true
AlyzaCCC: I was breaking the sentance into 2 peices, you have translated the whole sentance
AlyzaCCC: and done it well
AlyzaCCC: BTW, no modified protocal on Sundays
Tzafrah: just got excited again:)
AlyzaCCC: unless we have unruly visitors
AlyzaCCC: no problem
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Tzafrah: Like Dave? hehehehehe
Greg3: LOL
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: no, not like Dave
AlyzaCCC: ?התא ימ :הרומ
* AlyzaCCC edit out some unruly visitors last week who joined after Dawn left
Greg3: Morah: Mee Atah? - Teacher: Who are you? (M)
AlyzaCCC: right, so you know she is talking to a different student, and one who is male
AlyzaCCC: very good, Greg
Tzafrah: Yea! got it right!
AlyzaCCC: cool!
AlyzaCCC: (Dahn) ןד ינא :ןד
AlyzaCCC: the name here, at the beginning and end is pronounced Dahn
Greg3: Dahn: Ani Dahn - Dahn: I am Dahn
AlyzaCCC: in English, it becomes Dan, like the tribe
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
Tzafrah: yea!
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: ?דימלת התא ,ןד :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, you lead us off this time
Greg3: Morah: Dahn, Atah talmid? - Teacher: Dan, Are you a student (M)
Tzafrah: Teacher: Dahn, are you a student? Morah: Dahn, ata tahlmeed?
AlyzaCCC: Right Dawn
Tzafrah: yea! We're right Greg!
AlyzaCCC: Greg, you are also correct
AlyzaCCC: I would like Dawn to answer first this time, okay?
Greg3: okey dokey
AlyzaCCC: thanks
AlyzaCCC: .דימלת ינא ,ןכ :ןד
Tzafrah: yikes
* AlyzaCCC reminds class that I can add vowels for you any time they are needed
Tzafrah: Dan: Yes, I am a student. Dahn: Kehn, anee tahlmeed.
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
Tzafrah: whew:)
AlyzaCCC: ?אוה ימ :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: anyone?
Tzafrah: Teacher: Who is she? Morah: Me hee?
Greg3: I don't know the last word
Tzafrah: oh...that's not she
Tzafrah: wait...yes it is...:)
AlyzaCCC: okay, Greg, let me vowel it for you and then explain
Tzafrah: no it's not
Tzafrah: LOL
Tzafrah: I know now!
Tzafrah: Teacher: Who is he? Morah: Me hoo?
Greg3: ok - got it. thanks
AlyzaCCC: א.וה
AlyzaCCC: hoo = he
Tzafrah: doh...doorbell...brb...I'll scroll back...sorry!
AlyzaCCC: the dot is in the middle but IRC does not allow mid level periods :-)
AlyzaCCC: okay, Tzafrah
Greg3: Right. Thanks
AlyzaCCC: (Moshe) השמ אוה :הנידו ןד
AlyzaCCC: the first 2 are names we have already had
AlyzaCCC: the last word is the name Moshe
AlyzaCCC: BTW, השמ is voweled as follows
Greg3: Dahn V'Dena: Hoo Moshe - Dan and Dena: Who is Moshe?
AlyzaCCC: hoo means he
Greg3: oops
Greg3: soory
Greg3: He is Moshe
AlyzaCCC: to get the question word who, you need mee (mem-yud)
AlyzaCCC: no problem it happens all the time
Greg3: I know - I saw "Hoo" and my brain said "Who"
Greg3: I DO know better ;-)
AlyzaCCC:    .
AlyzaCCC: השמ
AlyzaCCC: okay, to get Moshe, 1 dot does double duty
AlyzaCCC: it make the shin and also is the oh for the mem
AlyzaCCC:    .
AlyzaCCC: V
AlyzaCCC: the vowel under the shin is the 3 dot segol (eh)
AlyzaCCC: now you will be able to recognize Moshe in the Tanach :-)
Greg3: I know - long white bearded guy, yeah?
Greg3: hehehe
AlyzaCCC: (note: this is moreh) ?הרומ אוה :הרומ
Tzafrah: Teacher: He is Moshe? Moreh: Hoo Moshe.
Greg3: Morah: Hoo Moreh? Teacher (F): He is a teacher (M)
Tzafrah: oops
Greg3: oops
Greg3: IS he a teacher(M)?
AlyzaCCC: teacher: Is he a teacher is correct
Tzafrah: yes...Is he a teacher?
AlyzaCCC: or Teacher: He is a teacher?
* Tzafrah has gotcha
AlyzaCCC: okay, next sentance
AlyzaCCC: ,הרומ אל אוה אל :הנידו ןד
AlyzaCCC: .התכב דימלת אוה
AlyzaCCC: the last one is going to give you trouble Greg, I think
Greg3: Dahn v'Dena: Lo hoo lo moreh. Hoo Talmid b'keytah
AlyzaCCC: okay, and that means?
Greg3: Dan and Dena: No, He is not a teacher(M). He is a student in the class
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
Tzafrah: No, he is not a teacher, he is a student in a class.
AlyzaCCC: yefe maod (very nice)
Tzafrah: ?
AlyzaCCC: GA Tzafrah
Tzafrah: Dahn is...tell me once more in Hebrew
AlyzaCCC: it is a name
AlyzaCCC: a boy
Tzafrah: I know...the Hebrew spelling?
AlyzaCCC: ah
Tzafrah: hehehe
AlyzaCCC: T
Tzafrah: k...thanks!
AlyzaCCC: complete with vowel points :-)
AlyzaCCC: most welcome
AlyzaCCC: ?םירומ םתא ,ןדו הניל :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: okay, there is a new name here
AlyzaCCC: הניל is Leynah
AlyzaCCC: oh, there is an error here
AlyzaCCC: the sentance should read
AlyzaCCC: ?םירומ םתא ,ןדו הניד :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: there, it should be Dena again
AlyzaCCC: do you remember what
Tzafrah: הניד is Dena?
AlyzaCCC: yes
AlyzaCCC: ו
AlyzaCCC: :
AlyzaCCC: means what?
Tzafrah: and prefix
AlyzaCCC: right :-)
AlyzaCCC: so, what does this say?
Greg3: Morah: Dena v'Dahn, atahm moreem? - Teacher: Dena and Dan, are you (pl) teachers?
AlyzaCCC: tov maod
AlyzaCCC: notice that Dena is a female, but the masculine plural is used
AlyzaCCC: since it is used for mixed groups
AlyzaCCC: .םירומ אל ונחנא ,אל :הנידו ןד
AlyzaCCC: if that turned into 2 lines, please let me know, it should be 1 line
Greg3: Dahn v'Dena: lo, anachnoo lo moreem - Dahn and Dena: No, we are not teachers
Tzafrah: Dena and Dan: No, we are not teachers. Dena and Dahn: Lo, anachnu morehs.
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
Tzafrah: forgot second lo
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan
AlyzaCCC: we still have some more dialog to cover
AlyzaCCC: but remember we do not have class this Tuesday
Tzafrah: Let's do Job tonight! LOL
AlyzaCCC: as I will not be in front of my computer next week
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: Actually, the easiest book in the Tanach is Ruth
Greg3: My Online Hewbre tutor has Ruth as the book to translate
Greg3: that's Hebrew
Greg3: serious dyslexia!
AlyzaCCC: but, it take more than Hebrew 101 to read Ruth. You will, however, be able to read some verses from the Tanach translatable
Tzafrah: ?
AlyzaCCC: but the end of this course
AlyzaCCC: GA Tzafrah
Tzafrah: Before we leave, can you tell me how to say one sentence in Hebrew?:) Give ya a shekel:)
AlyzaCCC: You mean,I give you a shekel?
Tzafrah: no..."I love you."
AlyzaCCC: oh, okay
Tzafrah: hehehehe...alyza...silly:)
AlyzaCCC: to a male, it is
AlyzaCCC: Ani ahavah atah
AlyzaCCC: to a female:
AlyzaCCC: Ani ahavah at
AlyzaCCC: if a male is speaking
AlyzaCCC: Ani ahav atah (to a male) or Ani ahav at (to a female)
AlyzaCCC: I bet you did not expect 4 answers :-)
Tzafrah: LOL!!!!...Man!
AlyzaCCC: the actions verbs must be the gender and number of the speaker
AlyzaCCC: whereas the you must be m or f depending on who it is spoken to
AlyzaCCC: anything else?
Greg3: I thot M-F I love you was "Ani Ahav Atach"
Tzafrah: No Greg...that's I love to do your housework, dear wife! LOL
AlyzaCCC: well, Greg, that is Hebrew 201 :-)
Greg3: I do that around here!
Greg3: Advanced peek at it please? :-)
* AlyzaCCC is afraid to confuse students
Tzafrah: hehehehe...translated...I'll tell YOU later, Greg! LOLOL
AlyzaCCC: besides, what I said works
* Greg3 is willing to be confused ;-)
AlyzaCCC: there are pronouns, like I, him, her, and the like
AlyzaCCC: which we will learn later, if you stick with me, I promise
Greg3: okey dokey
Tzafrah: :)
Tzafrah: !
AlyzaCCC: for now, it is important that we get ani, atah, at, hee, hoo, anachnu, atem, aten, hen and hem down
Tzafrah: I'd like to come Tuesday for a while at least and practice if anyone else wants to:)
AlyzaCCC: no problem
Tzafrah: alyza...your hem is down? heheheh
Greg3: Well, I can't come that late on Tuesdays Dawn
AlyzaCCC: as I said in my e-mail, there is nothing to stop you from coming Tuesday to practice, in fact
AlyzaCCC: I encourage you to do so
Tzafrah: That's ok...I'll sign on with 2 nicks! LOL
AlyzaCCC: and send me the log, so I can correct any errors made
Tzafrah: I'll bring Dena, Dan, and Moshe with me:)
AlyzaCCC: yes, Tzafrah, sign in as DawnCCC so you can be op
AlyzaCCC: you have my permission to do so
Tzafrah: oh gosh...
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: (that way you can kick out obscene people)
Tzafrah: oh...yea...
Tzafrah: I've had practice:(
AlyzaCCC: I know, me too
AlyzaCCC: it is hard sometimes
Tzafrah: Is there something in Hebrew you'd like me to blurt before I boot em? LOL
AlyzaCCC: lol
Tzafrah: Dave is away also?
AlyzaCCC: most likely they will not have Hebrew fonts
AlyzaCCC: yes, he is
Tzafrah: Even better! They can't correct my mistakes! LOL
AlyzaCCC: if you and Greg want to meet earlier on Tuesday, and then show up at 11 too, you can do that also
AlyzaCCC: either way, send me the logs :-)
AlyzaCCC: Hopefully Ruth will be there at 11
Greg3: Dawn - you can always try to catch up w/ me during the week, too
Tzafrah: Greg...I can be here at 7 PT...that would even be better for me...have a shift at 9 PT
AlyzaCCC: well folks, time for me to split so I can get ready for the quiz
Greg3: bye
Tzafrah: K...thanks Morah Superbo!
AlyzaCCC: shalom v'lihitraot!
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Session Close: Sun Jul 20 21:42:47 1997

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