Hebrew 101 log from July 29, 1997

Session Start: Tue Jul 29 22:57:41 1997
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Dawn1: Shalom Morah Alyza!
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Dawn!
AlyzaCCC: okay, let's give the others a few more moments, and then get started
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AlyzaCCC: Shalom Ruth
Dawn1: Hey sistuh Ruth!
Ruth1: Shalom Dawn and Alyza
AlyzaCCC: I want to start today with a review of the vocabulary, since it has been a long time since our last class
Dawn1: k
Chaim: hello
AlyzaCCC: I will paste a word, raise your hand if you know what it means and how it is pronounced
AlyzaCCC: השא
Dawn1: o/
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AlyzaCCC: GA Dawn
Ruth1: !
Dawn1: WOMAN!:)
Ruth1: hiya Dave
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Dave, Yaffa
AlyzaCCC: השא
AlyzaCCC: is the word
Dawn1: Hey Daveo!
AlyzaCCC: right, Dawn, how do you pronounce it?
Ruth1: Shalom yaffa
Dawn1: eeshah!
AlyzaCCC: tov!
Dawn1: Hi yaffa!
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AlyzaCCC: דימלת
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Harriet
Stendhal: Hi
AlyzaCCC: what does it mean, and how is it pronounced? A review exercise
Dawn1: o/
Ruth1: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
yaffa: shalom everyone
AlyzaCCC: shalom Yaffa
Ruth1: tahlmeed -- students (m)
AlyzaCCC: tov!
AlyzaCCC: ילש
Dawn1: o/
AlyzaCCC: GA Dawn
Dawn1: of me...shel-li
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: איה
Ruth1: !
Dawn1: o/
AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
Ruth1: hee -- she
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan!
AlyzaCCC: תודימלת
Dawn1: o/
Ruth1: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Dawn
Dawn1: students...a bunch of female students...talmidot
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: םה
Dawn1: o/
AlyzaCCC: GA Dawn
Dawn1: they...m...hem
AlyzaCCC: tov!]
AlyzaCCC: םתא
Dawn1: todah:)
Ruth1: !
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, ga
Ruth1: ahtehm (m) you all
Dawn1: scrollin', scrollin', scrollin'...keep that vocab scrollin' RAWHIDE:)
* AlyzaCCC hopes that DaveS will answer the next one
Ruth1: LOL
AlyzaCCC: nachon, Ruth!
AlyzaCCC: ונחנא
Dawn1: No pressure Dave!
DaveS: !
Dawn1: Come on Dave!
AlyzaCCC: GA Dave
Dawn1: Answer Dave!
AlyzaCCC: :-)
DaveS: Ahnachnew
AlyzaCCC: meaning?
Dawn1: G-d bless you!
AlyzaCCC: lol Dawn
Ruth1: lol
* Dawn1 will behave's out of my system:)
* DaveS is swimming in a giant mental block...
AlyzaCCC: meaning? Who can help Dave?
DaveS: I see myself bowing...
Dawn1: we:)
AlyzaCCC: tov maod, Dawn. Todah
AlyzaCCC: ...ב
Dawn1: o/
AlyzaCCC: 2 possible answers to this
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: at least
AlyzaCCC: GA Dave
DaveS: buh, or b, meaning in (for one)
AlyzaCCC: bah or bih, Dave:
AlyzaCCC: ?
DaveS: To
AlyzaCCC: to?
AlyzaCCC: ב
AlyzaCCC: _
AlyzaCCC: or
AlyzaCCC: ב
AlyzaCCC: :
AlyzaCCC: which means in?
AlyzaCCC: and which means in the
DaveS: The second
AlyzaCCC: or with the
AlyzaCCC: ?
AlyzaCCC: good, Dave, thanks
AlyzaCCC: התא
Ruth1: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
Ruth1: ahtah, you (m)
AlyzaCCC: tov
Dawn1: u go ruth!
AlyzaCCC: last review, then we go back to the story
AlyzaCCC: ימ
Dawn1: o/
AlyzaCCC: ga Dawn
Dawn1: who? me?
Dawn1: :)
AlyzaCCC: right, me means who
AlyzaCCC: the dialog continues
AlyzaCCC: ?םירומ םתא ,ןדו הניד :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: okay, who is speaking?
Dawn1: TEacher:
DaveS: !
Dawn1: oh sorry
AlyzaCCC: remeber that the name of the :הרומ is Bela
DaveS: Murrey is speaking
AlyzaCCC: right, Dawn
AlyzaCCC: how would you say teacher in Hebrew, for a woman?
Ruth1: !
AlyzaCCC: Ruth
Ruth1: morah
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: okay, the morah said
AlyzaCCC: ?םירומ םתא ,ןדו הניד
Dawn1: Morah
AlyzaCCC: what does it mean?
AlyzaCCC: if you need a reminder with the 2 names, let me know, it has been a while
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Dave
* Dawn1 needs name reminder please
DaveS: Dina and Dan, are you teachers?
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, הניד is Dina
AlyzaCCC: ןד is Dahn
Dawn1: ןד Dan
AlyzaCCC: the vav in front of Dahn's name means and
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: tov maod, Dave!
AlyzaCCC: the first line of the multi-line reply says
AlyzaCCC: .םירומ אל ונחנא ,אל :הנידו ןד
AlyzaCCC: what does it mean?
AlyzaCCC: and how is it pronouced?
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Dawn1: Dahn and Dina: No, we
Dawn1: oops
Ruth1: !
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, ga, finish what you started
AlyzaCCC: .םירומ אל ונחנא ,אל :הנידו ןד
Dawn1: are not teachers.
AlyzaCCC: right, no, we are not teachers
Ruth1: ?
AlyzaCCC: .םידימלת ונחנא
AlyzaCCC: what does it mean?
Ruth1: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
Ruth1: We are the students.
AlyzaCCC: almost, Ruth, you added a word that is not there, can you pick out what it is?
Ruth1: oh
Ruth1: we are students
AlyzaCCC: right, nice correction Ruth!
Ruth1: ?
AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
Ruth1: I was confused about this word earlier םירומ
AlyzaCCC: that is teachers, plural
Ruth1: This is teachers plural?
AlyzaCCC: yes
Ruth1: ok, is is m or f?
AlyzaCCC: masculine or mixed
AlyzaCCC: the םי is a m or mixed ending
Ruth1: ok
Ruth1: I'll try to remember, thanks
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: לש תבהו ןבה ונחנא
AlyzaCCC: the second word, is really a word with a prefix
AlyzaCCC: and the same with the third, which has 2 prefixes
AlyzaCCC: Dave, Dawn, Ruth?
AlyzaCCC: anyone?
Dawn1: wroking on it
AlyzaCCC: okay
Ruth1: I know the first word, lol
AlyzaCCC: that is a start, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Ruth1: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
Ruth1: we are the son and the daughter of
* Arlene can't believe it but she had the hebrew font loaded correctly this whole time!
AlyzaCCC: cool Arlene :-)
AlyzaCCC: tov Ruth
Arlene: DOH!!!
Dawn1: :) Arlene:)
AlyzaCCC: the sentence contiues
AlyzaCCC: (Daniel) לאינד הרומה
AlyzaCCC: son and daughter of whom?
Ruth1: !
AlyzaCCC: okay, Ruth, finish the sentance you started so well
Ruth1: the teacher (m), Daniel
Ruth1: lol
AlyzaCCC: tov!
AlyzaCCC: ?תא ימ :הרומ
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Dave
Dawn1: !
DaveS: The teacher, she say: Who you?
AlyzaCCC: okay, Dave, what is the implied verb?
DaveS: Are
AlyzaCCC: and what is the literal meaning, with the implied verb?
DaveS: Who am you/who would you be/ what's your reason for studying in my class. Implied? Who are you?
AlyzaCCC: wow, I was not expecting that!
Arlene: all that?
Dawn1: Dave, Dave Grammar Man!
DaveS: Implied...
AlyzaCCC: I was kind of expecting "Morah: Who are you (f)?"
Ruth1: lol
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: .(Leah) האל ינא :האל
AlyzaCCC: .התכב הדימלת ינא
AlyzaCCC: 2 line sentance
Arlene: !
AlyzaCCC: the speaker is Leah
AlyzaCCC: Arlene, ga
Arlene: I am a student in the class?
AlyzaCCC: right, that is the second line
AlyzaCCC: very good
AlyzaCCC: what does .(Leah) האל ינא mean?
Arlene: I am Leah
AlyzaCCC: oh, and how do you say .התכב?
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
Arlene: what do you mean, phonetically?
AlyzaCCC: yes
Arlene: Bahkeetaw
Arlene: ??
AlyzaCCC: nice Ashkenazi accent :-)
AlyzaCCC: in modern Hebrew, which uses Sephardic pronounciation, it would be bah-keetah
Arlene: I learned from the European crowd
AlyzaCCC: ?םה ימ ,האל :הרומ
Dawn1: Oh I have to learn dialects...I'm still at Anee ema:)
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Ruth1: lol
AlyzaCCC: don't worry, Dawn :-)
AlyzaCCC: ?םה ימ ,האל :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: what does this mean?
Ruth1: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
Ruth1: Teacher (f): Leah, who are they?
AlyzaCCC: m or f or mixed?
AlyzaCCC: for the they
Ruth1: oh, I don't know.
AlyzaCCC: mem ending, Ruth, is plural
AlyzaCCC: and what gender, do you think?
Ruth1: male
AlyzaCCC: right
Ruth1: masculine
AlyzaCCC: good
AlyzaCCC: .(and David) דודו (Levi) יול םה :האל
AlyzaCCC: .התכב םידימלת םה
*** Stendhal has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: WB Harriet
AlyzaCCC: .(and David) דודו (Levi) יול םה :האל
AlyzaCCC: .התכב םידימלת םה
Stendhal: Hi
* Arlene wonders why Alyza is giving the English translation for names
Dawn1: For Dawn Arlene! LOL
Ruth1: For me!
Dawn1: LOL
AlyzaCCC: Arlene, because it helps the first time they see them
Arlene: ok
AlyzaCCC: otherwise, w/o vowels, they may think they are words they did not learn yet
Ruth1: !
AlyzaCCC: :-)
* Dawn1 must go now, םולש to all!:)
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Dawn!
DaveS: Shalom Dawn! Take care!!
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Stendhal: by DAwn
Arlene: hmmm, can we also type with hebrew font?
Arlene: like Dawn just did?
AlyzaCCC: well, Arlene, I have e-mailed and 1-1ed the vocab many times
AlyzaCCC: Dawn was copying and pasting from wherever in her e-mail she keeps the vocab
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: .(and David) דודו (Levi) יול םה :האל
AlyzaCCC: .התכב םידימלת םה
Arlene: ok, i see, sorry for all the questions
AlyzaCCC: no problem, they are class related :-)
AlyzaCCC: what does that sentance mean?
* Arlene knows but wonders if anyone else wants to ga
AlyzaCCC: okay, lets look at it in parts
AlyzaCCC: .(and David) דודו (Levi) יול םה :האל
Ruth1: Leah: They are Levi and David. They are students (m) in the class.
Ruth1: oops
* Ruth1 apologizes
AlyzaCCC: tov maod, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: again, it is bah-keetah
AlyzaCCC: (as opposed to bih-keetah)
AlyzaCCC: ?ןה ימ ,דוד :הרומ
AlyzaCCC: last one for tonight
AlyzaCCC: ?ןה ימ ,דוד :הרומ
Arlene: I'll guess
AlyzaCCC: okay Ga Arlene
Arlene: Teacher: David, who is he?
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: Metuyan atem!
Arlene: !!
AlyzaCCC: (excellent you all:-)
AlyzaCCC: ga Arlene
Arlene: oops didnt mean to !!
AlyzaCCC: okay, lol
AlyzaCCC: any questions, comments?
AlyzaCCC: if not, class is over and you can chat if you wish
Ruth1: Thank you Alyza
DaveS: TThanks Alyza
Ruth1: I appreciate your patience!
AlyzaCCC: thank you all for being here and working so hard :-)
Session Close: Tue Jul 29 23:55:40 1997

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