Hebrew 101 log from August 17, 1997

Session Start: Sun Aug 17 20:31:53 1997
*** Now talking in #IsraeliCafe
*** AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Sun 8:30-9:30 pm EST: Hebrew 101 lesson 4 continues"
AlyzaCCC: Shalom all
*** stone has joined #IsraeliCafe
stone: Shalom.
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Stone!
AlyzaCCC: none of the class seems to have shown up today
stone: naim meod lirot otach odpaam
stone: how do you type hebrew letters.
AlyzaCCC: well, I have a Hebrew web font
stone: netext?
AlyzaCCC: and I have a Hebrew word processor
AlyzaCCC: Dagesh 2,
stone: they both help
stone: how do I get it
AlyzaCCC: I keep a list of the vocab also in a notepad
AlyzaCCC: there is a link to the Hebrew fonts on my web page
stone: you must have some web page
stone: What time do you expect the quiz to get started tonight?
AlyzaCCC: yep, and growing daily, except for on my ISP, whose FTP is not working right now
AlyzaCCC: 10
stone: hmmm, I may be a little late.
AlyzaCCC: that is okay, I am sure the others will not mind, lol
stone: I will set my wife up here to start without me if I do not make it in time
AlyzaCCC: okay
stone: he he
*** Ruth1 has joined #IsraeliCafe
stone: You are in that reconstructionist seminary?
Ruth1: Shalom
AlyzaCCC: shalom Ruth!
AlyzaCCC: nope, there is no reconstructionist seminary in Cleveland
stone: which seminary is it then.
AlyzaCCC: none
stone: I figured not.
stone: I was curious because I didn'
AlyzaCCC: didn't what?
stone: didn't know what was in Cleveland
stone: I had heard that there was one in Cleveland.
AlyzaCCC: there is a semineary here, and Orthodox one
stone: I don't know anything about the REconstructionist movement
AlyzaCCC: but I go to the Cleveland College of Jewish Studies
AlyzaCCC: well, shall we do Hebrew?
* Ruth1 apologizes for being late.
AlyzaCCC: well, better late than never
AlyzaCCC: as they say
AlyzaCCC: -------
AlyzaCCC: א
AlyzaCCC: (What was that letter I just pasted?)
Ruth1: aleph
AlyzaCCC: right, it is the first letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet, and is used where A would be used
AlyzaCCC: so this is dialog aleph, the first of 2 in set A
AlyzaCCC: .התכה הרומה םג .התכה םידימלתה
AlyzaCCC: please translate and pronounce
Ruth1: ok
*** Ruth has joined #IsraeliCafe
Ruth: that was frustrating.
AlyzaCCC: understood
AlyzaCCC: shall I boot the shadow?
AlyzaCCC: .התכה הרומה םג .התכה םידימלתה
Ruth: Ruth1 can go byebye
*** Ruth1 was kicked by AlyzaCCC
AlyzaCCC: done
Ruth: hatahlmeedeem hakeetah. gahm hamoreh (morah?) hakeetah
AlyzaCCC: ken!
AlyzaCCC: targemi et zeh (translate it)
Ruth: The students are the class. Also the teacher is the class. I'm not sure. That doesn't sound right?
AlyzaCCC: that is right
AlyzaCCC: except I probably should have had a bet instead of a hey infront of keytah
AlyzaCCC: making it in the class
AlyzaCCC: oops
AlyzaCCC: should have read
AlyzaCCC: .התכב הרומה םג .התכב םידימלתה
AlyzaCCC: in the
AlyzaCCC: sorry bout that
Ruth: ok,
Ruth: so it would be The students are in the class. Also the teacher is in the class.
AlyzaCCC: the bet and hey are right next to each other on the keyboard, so it is an easy typo
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: .םידימלת םולש :הרומה
AlyzaCCC: same instructions
Ruth: hamorah (moreh?): Shalom tahlmeedeem.
AlyzaCCC: right, and we still do not know if it is a male or female teacher
Ruth: The Teacher: Shalom (hello?) studetns.
AlyzaCCC: shalom is used as a greeting, and means peace, wholeness
AlyzaCCC: .הרומ םולש :םידימלתה
Ruth: hatahlmeedem: Shalom morah (moreh).
Ruth: The students: Peace, teacher.
AlyzaCCC: yeppers
AlyzaCCC: ?הפ אל ימ :הרומה
Ruth: hmorah: mee lo poh
Ruth: the teacher: who is not here?
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: .הפ אל (Dahni) ינד :דוד
AlyzaCCC: אוה יכ הפ אל ינד
AlyzaCCC: (b'san diego) ודאיד ןסב
*** Davida has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Davida
Davida: hi there !
AlyzaCCC: Davida, do you have Hebrew fonts?
AlyzaCCC: .הפ אל (Dahni) ינד :דוד
AlyzaCCC: אוה יכ הפ אל ינד
AlyzaCCC: (b'san diego) ודאיד ןסב
Davida: no, sorry...
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: anyhow, Ruth is translating this even as we speak :-)
Davida: were you practicing your Hebrew ?
AlyzaCCC: yes, we were, and are
AlyzaCCC: until 9:30
*** Ruth has left #IsraeliCafe
Davida: thank you.
*** Ruth has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: WB Ruth!
AlyzaCCC: .הפ אל (Dahni) ינד :דוד
AlyzaCCC: אוה יכ הפ אל ינד
AlyzaCCC: (b'san diego) ודאיד ןסב
Ruth: David: Dahni lo poh. Dahni lo poh key hoo bih San Diego.
Ruth: arg.
Ruth: David: Dahni is not here. Dahni is not here because he is in San Diego.
AlyzaCCC: right Ruth!
AlyzaCCC: avoda tov!
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, asside from the shortness of the dialog, how is the vocab doing?
Session Close: Sun Aug 17 21:34:17 1997

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