Hebrew 101 log from August 24, 1997

Session Start: Sun Aug 24 20:31:12 1997
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Greg3: Shalom Alyza
AlyzaCCC: Shalom all, I will just be a moment getting things set up
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*** AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Hebrew 101: Lesson 4 continues"
AlyzaCCC: Hey, Greg, long time no see
AlyzaCCC: have you been doing your homework?
Greg3: Yes. The past few weeks have been crazy
Greg3: Well.....
Greg3: I have been studying
Greg3: ;-)
AlyzaCCC: okay, I did not post the last log, because it has the answer to the homework
AlyzaCCC: Greg, the homework assignment was the following dialog:
AlyzaCCC: א
AlyzaCCC: .התכב הרומה םג .התכב םידימלתה
AlyzaCCC: .םידימלת םולש :הרומה
AlyzaCCC: .הרומ םולש :םידימלתה
AlyzaCCC: ?הפ אל ימ :הרומה
AlyzaCCC: .הפ אל (Dahni) ינד :דוד
AlyzaCCC: אוה יכ הפ אל ינד
AlyzaCCC: (b'san diego) וגאיד ןסב
AlyzaCCC: .
*** Arlene has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: translate it and tell me how each sentance is pronounced
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Arlene
Arlene: shalom
Greg3: You want I should do that now, or do you have other things planned for tonight?
AlyzaCCC: you can do it for homework, Greg, we will do a new dialog for today, but I know you cannot read it as mail, so I give it to you here
Greg3: OK, thanks :-0
Greg3: :-)
AlyzaCCC: well, lets start class
Greg3: ok
Greg3: Tov
AlyzaCCC: this is dialog A ב
AlyzaCCC: .ילש השאה (Shoshana) הנשוש :שיא
AlyzaCCC: please translate and pronounce
Arlene: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Arlene
Arlene: Eesh: Shoshana ha-eeshah shehlee. Man or Husband(?): Shoshana is my wife. of the wife on mine.
Arlene: or the wife of mine
Greg3: Eesh: Shoshana HaEesha Sheli - Man: Shoshana is my wife
AlyzaCCC: eesh means man or husband, eeshah means woman or wife
AlyzaCCC: the each have both meanings
AlyzaCCC: it you translate one as wife, it is logical to translate the other as husband in that context
Arlene: alright
Greg3: well, I was gonna say "my woman" but didn't think that'd go over too well LOL ;-)
AlyzaCCC: .הפ אל איה
AlyzaCCC: lol, Greg
Arlene: !
AlyzaCCC: okay, ga
Arlene: Hee lo po. She is not here.
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: Greg, this next one is for you. Arlene, translate it but do not paste it until Greg has finished
Greg3: ok
AlyzaCCC: .רדחב אל איה
Greg3: I don't know the last word. Hee lo ??? She is not ???
AlyzaCCC: the last word has a prefix on it, it is
AlyzaCCC: ב
Greg3: b'kedar?
AlyzaCCC: _
AlyzaCCC: right, cheder, ch as in loch
Greg3: I don't know it's meaning
AlyzaCCC: Arlene, can you give Greg a hand?
Arlene: Hee lo bahCHeder. She is not in the room.
Greg3: Todah
AlyzaCCC: right, Arlene
AlyzaCCC: so, Greg .רדח = room
AlyzaCCC: okay?
Greg3: todah
AlyzaCCC: bevaksha
serg: r u in Israel?
AlyzaCCC: .ןגב אל איה
Arlene: who's turn?
AlyzaCCC: either one
Arlene: Hee lo bahgahn. She is not in the garden.
Arlene: Merton, you have to download a hebrew font, unless in your list you have one called Globes
AlyzaCCC: Greg, .ןג = garden/park
Greg3: ken - todah
AlyzaCCC: !הנשוש .התכה אל איה
AlyzaCCC: okay, Greg, give it a shot, please
* AlyzaCCC waits patiently for Greg
Greg3: Hee lo hakeytah. Shoshana! She is not (in??) the class. Shoshana!
Arlene: doesnt bakeetah make more sense?
AlyzaCCC: should be bah, should have been a bet
AlyzaCCC: it is a typo
Greg3: That's what I thot
* AlyzaCCC is they typo queen, appearantly
AlyzaCCC: anyhow, you are right
AlyzaCCC: .הכסב ינא :הנשוש
Arlene: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Arlene
Arlene: Shoshana: Ahnee bahsookah. Shoshana: I am in the succah.
Arlene: I dont know if you have to translate the word succah
AlyzaCCC: ken, tov maod talmeedim!
Arlene: :)
AlyzaCCC: nope, you do not, though for some it needs explaination the first time they see the word
AlyzaCCC: just a moment, and I will past the vocab to you, and you 2 can chat for a bit
Greg3: OK
Arlene: ok
Arlene: hello everybody
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: and for the folks at home
AlyzaCCC: ימ
AlyzaCCC: ינא
AlyzaCCC: התא
AlyzaCCC: תא
AlyzaCCC: אמא
AlyzaCCC: המ
AlyzaCCC: םולש
AlyzaCCC: דימלת
AlyzaCCC: הדימלת
AlyzaCCC: שיא
AlyzaCCC: השא
AlyzaCCC: הרומ
AlyzaCCC: אל
AlyzaCCC: ה
AlyzaCCC: לש
AlyzaCCC: איה
AlyzaCCC: ילש
AlyzaCCC: ןכ
AlyzaCCC: אוה
AlyzaCCC: ונחנא
AlyzaCCC: םידימלת
AlyzaCCC: תודימלת
AlyzaCCC: םתא
AlyzaCCC: ןתא
AlyzaCCC: ו
AlyzaCCC: םה
AlyzaCCC: ...ב
AlyzaCCC: התכ
AlyzaCCC: ןב
AlyzaCCC: תב
AlyzaCCC: אבא
AlyzaCCC: םג
AlyzaCCC: ה`פ or הפ
AlyzaCCC: יכ
AlyzaCCC: רדח
AlyzaCCC: ןג
AlyzaCCC: הכס
AlyzaCCC: (I was thinking about mailing the dialog as a homework assignment again, except for the fact that only 2 people did the homework due today...
AlyzaCCC: okay, Arlene, please say something to Greg that he can respond to
Arlene: I did!
Arlene: in what language :)
Arlene: ok, one sec
AlyzaCCC: I know, Arlene!!! I am glad you did your homework, I just wished the rest of the class who were not on vacation or overly busy had done it too
Arlene: I was out of town a lot too
Arlene: should I just ask a question using transliteration?
Greg3: guilt does not become you, Alyza ;-)
Arlene: that's not guilt
Arlene: Ahnee po kee Ahnee talmeedah bahkeetah shel Alyza.
Arlene: Alyza hamoreh shehlee
AlyzaCCC: Greg, I am not down on you, it is just frustrating when you have a class of 9, and only 2 do the homework. It is not guilt, or I would not have said anything about those who were overly busy or on vacation
ASTRO: ahlan
AlyzaCCC: okay, Arlene, how about in Hebrew characters?
ASTRO: lamdu oty ivrit
ASTRO: u wanna learn?
AlyzaCCC: הזילע = Alyza
AlyzaCCC: Astro, I want to teach, the others want to learn
ASTRO: theres no hebrew here!
ASTRO: whats a prob....
Arlene: well, then a lot of cutting and pasting then, one moment please
AlyzaCCC: yes, there is, Astro, just use a Hebrew font
AlyzaCCC: no problem, Arlene, I expect a wait
Greg3: Well, while you're c&P, you said "I am here because (for) I am a Student (F) in the class of Alyza (in Alyza's class)
AlyzaCCC: sure, Greg, we have the vocab for that
Greg3: That's what Arlene wrote in transliteration
AlyzaCCC: Greg, why don't you do that sentance for us :-)
Greg3: I'll do a different one since that's what Arlene is C&Ping
AlyzaCCC: oh?
Arlene: .הזילע לש התכב הדימלת ינא יכ הפ ינא
AlyzaCCC: I thought Arlene was working on a different sentance.
Arlene: wow, that's takes a little while
Greg3: OK - do you want me to do something else?
AlyzaCCC: Greg, what did Arlene just say
AlyzaCCC: ?
AlyzaCCC: Greg, say something to Arlene
AlyzaCCC: in Hebrew
Greg3: OK - just a sec
Greg3: while I cut and paste
AlyzaCCC: no problem
Greg3: ?ילש ןגב הפ התא
AlyzaCCC: Arlene, what did Greg ask you?
Arlene: Ahtah po bagahn shehlee? Are you in my garden?
*** Ruth has joined #IsraeliCafe
Greg3: Shalom Ruth!!!!!!!!!!
AlyzaCCC: right, very good
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Ruth!
Ruth: Shalom!
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: Arlene, answer Greg's question, then as one to Ruth
Arlene: alright, I need a moment
Arlene: talk amongst yourselves
* AlyzaCCC waits for Arlene to past an answer and a question
Arlene: .רדחב ינא אל
AlyzaCCC: Greg, what did her answer mean?
Arlene: your new word Greg
Greg3: Lo, Ani b'chedar - No, I am in the room
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: Arlene, please say something to Ruth, or ask her a question
Arlene: ok
Arlene: ?ילש הרומה יכ
Arlene: oops mistake, dont translate!
Ruth: I can't understand...I'm having trouble.
AlyzaCCC: wait a moment, Ruth, you will understand better in a moment
AlyzaCCC: the sentance has a pasto :-)
Arlene: ?ילש הרומה ימ
Arlene: whew, better
Arlene: tonight is TYPO night
AlyzaCCC: much better, thanks Arlene
AlyzaCCC: indeed :-)
Ruth: Am I supposed to answer or translate? or both?
Arlene: go for it
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, could you please translate it, and then answer it
Ruth: ok
Ruth: Who is the teacher of mine?
AlyzaCCC: right!
Arlene: in french qui is who, which is probably what throws me off
AlyzaCCC: ah
Arlene: or Who is my teacher?
AlyzaCCC: I understand, it is the language data base thing, all foreign languages seem to blend together
Ruth: ילש הרומה הזילע
AlyzaCCC: right, Arlene. Ruth's translation is literal, yours is what one would expect if that question was being translated for a book
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: Greg, what did she say?
Greg3: Alyza is my teacher
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, please ask Greg a question
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: Ruth is about to ask Greg a question in Hebrew
Arlene: Another way of answering the question could be: .ןילרא לש הרומה הזילע
AlyzaCCC: right, Arlene
Ruth: ?התכה לש םידימלתה ימ
AlyzaCCC: Geg, what did Ruth ask you?
AlyzaCCC: Greg
AlyzaCCC: I mean
AlyzaCCC: oy
Ruth: Arlene, is that your name in Hebrew?
Arlene: no one moment I will write it in hebrew
Greg3: Mee hatalmeedim shel hakeytah? WHo are the students of the class?
AlyzaCCC: המחנ לדייא
Arlene: you have it!
AlyzaCCC: yep, I have a list of Hebrew names in a text file
Arlene: Aidel is actually Yiddish and Nechamah is hebrew
Arlene: saved me a cut and paste job
AlyzaCCC: which explains why I did not know what the first one was
Ruth: What is this? המחנ לדייא
Arlene: my name.
AlyzaCCC: it is Arlene's name
Arlene: the other was Arlene using hebrew letters
Ruth: OH!
Arlene: "Arlene"
AlyzaCCC: Greg, tov maod
AlyzaCCC: could you answer her in Hebrew
AlyzaCCC: hold on, I will give you the name list
AlyzaCCC: off course, you need to add "I" for yourself
Greg3: ok - hold on
* Arlene is holding on :)
Greg3: ונחנא
AlyzaCCC: rega = moment (rega rega means just a moment idiomatically)
Greg3: oops
Greg3: wait
Greg3: c&p is misbehaving
Greg3: ונחנא
Greg3: sorry
AlyzaCCC: it happens, try again
Greg3: התכב םידימלתה ונחנא
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: you could also have pasted Arlene and Ruth's names, followed by v'ani
Ruth: v'ani?
AlyzaCCC: and would have been equally correct
AlyzaCCC: and I
Greg3: Could have, but WAY TOO LAZY for that much c&P ;-)
AlyzaCCC: I
AlyzaCCC: lol
Ruth: lol
AlyzaCCC: okay, brrrriinnnnngggg
AlyzaCCC: class dismiessed
Arlene: class is over?
Greg3: dismiessed? Is that an Ohio Hebrew accent? ;-)
AlyzaCCC: I will try to have the new vocab on the web site under lesson 4 by tomorrow, but no guarentees, as the upload is not working
AlyzaCCC: that is a typo, Greg, yet another in a long series of them
Greg3: Alyza - I was making a FUNNY :-) SMILE :-)
AlyzaCCC: I will also put up last Sunday's and today's log, and everyone will know the answer to the homework then (as my time permists)
AlyzaCCC: Shalom all, hope to see you at the quiz in #JewishStudies
Session Close: Sun Aug 24 21:36:56 1997

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