Hebrew 101 log from August 24, 1997

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AlyzaCCC: Shalom Ruth
Ruth1: Shalom Alyza.
AlyzaCCC: I was wondering if anyone was comming tonight
Ruth1: Please forgive me for being late...just got home
AlyzaCCC: no problem
AlyzaCCC: I hope others come, but if not...well what can I do?
AlyzaCCC: I will teach you anyhow
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Ruth1: :)
Ruth1: BUT I don't want you to feel obligated to stay just for me.
AlyzaCCC: I will post the logs, eventually. Guess I should post the last 2 tomorrow, even if the answers to the previous homework are there
AlyzaCCC: we might as well start, unless you have a question or so?
Ruth1: I don't think so
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: V
AlyzaCCC: how would you pronounce that?
Ruth1: zeh?
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: Zeh means this
AlyzaCCC: as in this book
AlyzaCCC: it is masculine, so is used with masculine nouns
AlyzaCCC: when I teach you a new noun, I will tell you if it is masculine or feminine
Ruth1: ok
AlyzaCCC: תא`ז
AlyzaCCC: there, the accent here stands for the OH sound
Ruth1: zoht
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: zoht means this, but is feminine
AlyzaCCC: this girl, this woman, this Torah :-)
AlyzaCCC: V..
AlyzaCCC: The 2 dots are not two hiriks, but one vowel, ..
Ruth1: I don't know
AlyzaCCC: okay, what is the first letter?
Ruth1: I often get where the vowels are placed messed up
Ruth1: s
AlyzaCCC: it is consonent and under it a vowel
AlyzaCCC: say the consonent sound, then the vowel sound
Ruth1: seh
AlyzaCCC: right, seh for first syllable
AlyzaCCC: what is the next letter?
Ruth1: I don't know if it is pay or fay
Ruth1: is it still the "p" sound.
AlyzaCCC: okay, sorry
AlyzaCCC: it is a fay
AlyzaCCC: and fay makes the f sound
Ruth1: pay is p and fay is f?
AlyzaCCC: right
Ruth1: okay,
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC:רפס
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC: V..
AlyzaCCC: that is a fay
Ruth1: sehpehr
AlyzaCCC: (I should have noted it for you, that it does not have a dagesh even if we could put one in on IRC, in this word)
AlyzaCCC: right, or sehfehr
AlyzaCCC: okay, sefer (sehfehr) means book
AlyzaCCC: any book or scroll is a sefer
AlyzaCCC: sefer is a masculine noun
AlyzaCCC: so if I wanted to say "What is this", pointing to a book, I would say "Ma zeh?"
AlyzaCCC: we will see that in Hebrew in the dialog :-)
AlyzaCCC: ריג
AlyzaCCC:    .
Ruth1: gohr
AlyzaCCC: okay, the dot, if it is on top, is an OH
AlyzaCCC: but, underneath, a dot is a hiriq, and makes the long eee sound
Ruth1: ok
AlyzaCCC: try again
Ruth1: eegohr
Ruth1: no
* AlyzaCCC waits
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC: ריג
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC:    .
Ruth1: geer
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: geyr or geer means know the stuff used to write on a chalkboard :-)
AlyzaCCC: it is a masculine noun
AlyzaCCC: If I wanted to say "this is the chalk" I would say "Zeh ha-geyr"
AlyzaCCC: (you will see that in Hebrew characters later)
AlyzaCCC: VV:_
Ruth1: mahtehbehrt
AlyzaCCC: close
AlyzaCCC: what is the second letter?
Ruth1: oh
Ruth1: mahchehbehrt
AlyzaCCC: okay, making progress
Ruth1: lol
AlyzaCCC: the third letter?
Ruth1: bet
AlyzaCCC: oh, wait, what is the vowel under the chet?
Ruth1: segol
Ruth1: no
AlyzaCCC: :
Ruth1: it sounds like ah, but I forgot the name of it
AlyzaCCC: that is the vowel you need to look at
AlyzaCCC: no, tis not an ah
AlyzaCCC: V is an ah
AlyzaCCC:  . .
AlyzaCCC:   .
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC:תרבחמ
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC: VV:_
sony: shalom everyone
AlyzaCCC: doh
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: v or
AlyzaCCC:  . .
AlyzaCCC:   .
AlyzaCCC: is an eh
AlyzaCCC: the _ is an ah
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC:תרבחמ
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC: VV:_
AlyzaCCC: so, mah is okay
AlyzaCCC: second syllable?
sony: sorry,can i join you?
AlyzaCCC: sure, feel free to watch or, if you know some Hebrew and can see the Hebrew, to join in
Ruth1: shva?
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC:תרבחמ
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC: VV:_
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, what sound does a sheva make?
Ruth1: ih
AlyzaCCC: that is if it is at the beginning of a word or there are 2 in a row. If there are 2 in a row, the second one is ih
AlyzaCCC: is this one at the beginning (under first letter?)
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC:תרבחמ
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC: VV:_
Ruth1: no
AlyzaCCC: okay, is it the second of 2?
Ruth1: I think you have now figured out that I usually study before a lesson!
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, this is good, you are learning...
AlyzaCCC: so, is it the second of 2 shevas?
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC:תרבחמ
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC: VV:_
Ruth1: no
AlyzaCCC: okay, that being the case, the sheva is a stop, it is silent and the end of the syllable
Ruth1: okay!
Ruth1: mahchehbeht
AlyzaCCC: so, join mah + ch to get mahch for the first two letters
AlyzaCCC: now, after the chet, immediately, there is what letter?
Ruth1: bet
AlyzaCCC: and under the bet?
Ruth1: segol
AlyzaCCC: right, which makes what sound?
Ruth1: eh
Ruth1: machbeht
Ruth1: nooo
AlyzaCCC: okay, so take mah +ch + silent + b + eh
AlyzaCCC: and so far you have what?
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC:תרבחמ
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC: VV:_
Ruth1: mahchbehreht
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: zeh nachon!
* Ruth1 wipes the sweat off her brow
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, sometimes it is good to struggle through a word
AlyzaCCC: I went through the same thing once upon a time :-)
AlyzaCCC: okay, we finished the vocab, lets review it
AlyzaCCC: תאז
AlyzaCCC: what is it and what does it mean (if you need the vowel(s) let me know)
Ruth1: zoht
Ruth1: this (f)
AlyzaCCC: yes
AlyzaCCC: Did you scroll back, or puzzle it out?
Ruth1: scrolled back.
Ruth1: :)
AlyzaCCC: okay, that's fine. Lets try to puzzle the sounds out, and I will try to help with the meaning
Ruth1: to see whether it was m or f
AlyzaCCC: I know, it takes time
AlyzaCCC: okay :-)
AlyzaCCC: רפס
Ruth1: sehfer?
AlyzaCCC: yes
AlyzaCCC: hint on meaning
AlyzaCCC: Sefer Torah
Ruth1: book or scroll
AlyzaCCC: Sefer Isaiah
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: is a book masc or fem?
Ruth1: thanks for the hint!
Ruth1: fem
AlyzaCCC: most welcome
AlyzaCCC: okay, Torah is fem
AlyzaCCC: but a book or scroll is masc
Ruth1: ok
AlyzaCCC: It takes time to remember
AlyzaCCC: but, a hint is, most fem end in ah (T + hey)
AlyzaCCC: in other words
AlyzaCCC: T
AlyzaCCC: where the T is under the previous letter
Ruth1: ok
AlyzaCCC: in most (not all) cases, if it has that ending, it is fem
AlyzaCCC: the other fem ending for singular we have not yet encountered
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AlyzaCCC: when we do, I will alert you
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Yaffa
AlyzaCCC: הז
yaffa: shalom just came in to say hi got to go
Ruth1: vowel please
AlyzaCCC: okay, Yaffa
Amr: salam all
AlyzaCCC: sure, Ruth
yaffa: are u here t'm?
AlyzaCCC: Salam Amr
AlyzaCCC: V
Amr: salam aly
AlyzaCCC: remember V stands for the
AlyzaCCC:  . .
AlyzaCCC:   .
yaffa: i love ur classes alyza tell me when are u here?
AlyzaCCC: eh
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Ruth1: zeh
AlyzaCCC: Tues 11-12 EST, Sunday 8:30-9:30 EST here
Ruth1: this (m)?
AlyzaCCC: the schedule of Jewish events in #JewishStudies is Jewish Studies on Wed 10pm EST, Parsha on Thurs at 8pm EST, and the newest edition, Jewish Knowledge Quiz on 10pm EST Sundays.
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: on a roll, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: ריג
yaffa: o.k. see u t'm
yaffa: shalom to everybody
AlyzaCCC: shalom, Yaffa, lihitraot
yaffa: lihitraot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Amr: night yafa
Ruth1: geer
AlyzaCCC: right, and geer (geyr) means?
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AlyzaCCC: uh oh
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AlyzaCCC: WB Ruth
AlyzaCCC: ריג
Ruth1: shalom
AlyzaCCC: what does it mean?
* Ruth1 didn't leave!
Ruth1: chalk
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: and is chalk masc or fem?
Ruth1: masc
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: how did you know?
Ruth1: er sound at the end ( I guessed)
AlyzaCCC: good guess
AlyzaCCC: okay, the other fem ending in singular is eht
AlyzaCCC: V
AlyzaCCC: so, if it has that or
AlyzaCCC: T
AlyzaCCC: it is fem, if not, it is masc (except for exceptions)
AlyzaCCC: now you have a rule to go by
Ruth1: I hope I can remember it!
AlyzaCCC: you could write it down :-)
Ruth1: lol that would work!
* AlyzaCCC recommends writting rules that do not appear on the web page lesson down
AlyzaCCC: תרבחמ
Ruth1: oh oh, the hard one
AlyzaCCC: that is the hard word, if you need the vowels, I will put them in
Ruth1: yes please
AlyzaCCC: okay, just a moment
AlyzaCCC: VV:_
AlyzaCCC: there you go
Ruth1: mahchbehreht
Amr: night all
AlyzaCCC: night Amr
AlyzaCCC: salaam
AlyzaCCC: shalom
AlyzaCCC: right, Ruth
Ruth1: after all that, I absolutely cannot remember what it means
AlyzaCCC: okay, it means notebook
Ruth1: bye Amr
AlyzaCCC: you write in a machbehreht
AlyzaCCC: since it ends in
AlyzaCCC: V
AlyzaCCC: is it masc or fem?
Ruth1: fem
AlyzaCCC: right!
*** Amr has left #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, I think we shall call it a night, next class we will review everything we did today
Ruth1: thank you very much.
AlyzaCCC: I want to make sure it is more solid before doing the dialog
AlyzaCCC: Thanks for comming and trying so hard
Ruth1: I will make sure and look at the logs and study
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Ruth1: Thank you for being so patient with me.
AlyzaCCC: It is easy to be patient when people try :-)
AlyzaCCC: as you do
Ruth1: that is kind
Session Close: Wed Aug 27 00:00:07 1997

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