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AlyzaCCC: Shalom Greg
Greg3: Shalom Alyza
AlyzaCCC: םולש
Greg3: I couldn't connect to TC for a long time
Greg3: it said "closing link" and disconned me
AlyzaCCC: bummer, Greg. It is good to see you again
Greg3: Todah
AlyzaCCC: well, I guess we can get started if you are ready
Greg3: Sure Just you and I ;-)
AlyzaCCC: well, for the time being, I hope the others are just late
AlyzaCCC: .(and Shira) הרישו (Tamar) רמת ןה :דוד
Greg3: RUth may be here about 9 EST
AlyzaCCC: ah, okay, thanks
AlyzaCCC: do you know what ןה means?
Greg3: no - hin, right? Does it mean her?
AlyzaCCC: Here
AlyzaCCC: hen, Greg
Greg3: ok, thanks
AlyzaCCC: it is voweled hen
AlyzaCCC: it means they feminine
AlyzaCCC: so what the sentance I just pasted is saying is
AlyzaCCC: .(and Shira) הרישו (Tamar) רמת ןה :דוד
AlyzaCCC: David: They (f) [are] Tamar and Shira.
Greg3: OK. - Daveed: They (f) are Tamar and Shira
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: the reply continues
AlyzaCCC: .התכב תודימלת ןה
Greg3: Ken Talmidoat V'chetah ( I don't know the last word)
AlyzaCCC: okay, you have talmidot correct
AlyzaCCC: but the first word starts with a hey, and was in the previous sentance
AlyzaCCC: ןה
Greg3: right - blind tonite
Greg3: Hen
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: the last word is the prefix ב (bah) meaning in the
AlyzaCCC: ב
AlyzaCCC: _
AlyzaCCC: attached to .התכ keytah
Greg3: Question - here how can we tell the diff between a vet and a bet?
AlyzaCCC: keytah means class
AlyzaCCC: context
Greg3: ok
AlyzaCCC: so far we have not learned the vet so it is easy
AlyzaCCC: we only have the bet right now
Greg3: Oh. OK - well, hard to keep straight what I have learned where ;-0
Greg3: anyway
AlyzaCCC: understood
AlyzaCCC: .התכב תודימלת ןה
AlyzaCCC: now, please put it all together
Greg3: they are students (f) in the class - Hen talmidot b'keytah
AlyzaCCC: (BTW, I am 2 logs behind in putting things on the web, but I am working on it)
AlyzaCCC: tov!
AlyzaCCC: ?הרומ אוה ?אוה ימ :הרומ
Greg3: at some point I need to ask about how to get mirc on Mac since I have a friend on mac who'd like to join us
AlyzaCCC: the teacher is female in this story
AlyzaCCC: IRCLE works
AlyzaCCC: ask Dawn or Dave
AlyzaCCC: they use macs and IRCLE
Greg3: the third word - is it hoo?
AlyzaCCC: ken, hoo
Greg3: OK.
Greg3: Morah: Mee Hoo? Hoo Morah - Teacher (f): Who is he? (is) he (a) teacher (f)?
AlyzaCCC: ken, yafeh maod!
Greg3: what is yafeh?
AlyzaCCC: nice
AlyzaCCC: pretty
AlyzaCCC: yafeh maod = very nice
AlyzaCCC: .אל :התכה
Greg3: Hakeytah: Lo - The class: No
AlyzaCCC: exactly
AlyzaCCC: ?דימלת אוה :הרומ
Greg3: Morah: Hoo Talmid? Teacher: Who (is the ) student (m)
Greg3: no
Greg3: that's wrong
AlyzaCCC: right, it is incorrect
AlyzaCCC: can you fix it?
Greg3: Morah: Hoo Talmid? Teacher: he (is a) student (m)? (that doesn't make sense - I don't understand)
AlyzaCCC: okay, it is a question [is] he [a] student?
AlyzaCCC: it will be easier once we get the generic question word
AlyzaCCC: reminder: hoo = he, he = she
AlyzaCCC: so it is "MorAH: [is] he [a] student?"
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AlyzaCCC: Shalom Ruth
Greg3: Ruthele!
AlyzaCCC: אל :התכה
Ruth: shalom
Greg3: Shalom aleichem, Ruthele!
Greg3: Hakeytah: Lo - The Class: no
AlyzaCCC: that is it
AlyzaCCC: a resounding no from the class
AlyzaCCC: ?אוה ימ :הרומ
Greg3: moreh: Mee Hoo - Teacher: Who (is) he?
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: .ילש אבאמ אוה :דוד
AlyzaCCC: last sentance in the dialog
Greg3: Daveed: Hoo mabah (???) Sheli - He ?? of ??
AlyzaCCC: oops, typo blush:
AlyzaCCC: that should be
AlyzaCCC: .ילש אבאה אוה :דוד
AlyzaCCC: Greg, does the fixing of the typo help or do you need some assistance?
Greg3: I'm guessing - Daveed: Hoo HaAbba Sheli - I don't know
AlyzaCCC: yes, that is right
AlyzaCCC: and that means?
Greg3: ok wait
Greg3: He (is) the father of me (???)
AlyzaCCC: ken
AlyzaCCC: right
Greg3: ok, wait
Greg3: that construction is what I didn't understand
AlyzaCCC: what about it, Greg?
Greg3: Why would you not say Hee Avi?
Greg3: hoo avi, I mean
AlyzaCCC: no, hoo means he
AlyzaCCC: and there are 2 ways to say it
AlyzaCCC: but we have learned only one
AlyzaCCC: the long form, using sheli
AlyzaCCC: okay?
Greg3: ok
AlyzaCCC: it is a standard possesive form, the other way, avi is the short form
AlyzaCCC: okay, we have some exercises
Greg3: why tho
Greg3: do you say Ha Abba (the father?)
Greg3: rather than
AlyzaCCC: well, sheli can be used in places the ending could not be used
Greg3: abba sheli?
AlyzaCCC: and we are trying to keep things siple
AlyzaCCC: because, with sheli you must use ha
AlyzaCCC: it must be definite
Greg3: Oh, OK. That helps
AlyzaCCC: siple = simple
AlyzaCCC: Exercises
AlyzaCCC: A. Select the correct word and translate the resulting sentance.
AlyzaCCC: (דימלת םידימלת) ונחנא (1
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, how about you answering this first one?
Ruth: ok
Ruth: םידימלת ונחנא we are students
Ruth: ahnachnoo tahlmeedeem
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: (אמא אבא) אוה (2
AlyzaCCC: Greg, your turn
Greg3: Hoo Abba - He is Father
AlyzaCCC: tov!
AlyzaCCC: [voweled holam-segol] הרומ) איה (3
AlyzaCCC: .([voweled holam-kamatz] הרומ
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, your turn :-)
Ruth: ok
Ruth: הרומ איה she is teacher hee morah
AlyzaCCC: right, the one voweled with the kamatz T
AlyzaCCC: tov
Ruth: oh, yes...
AlyzaCCC: (תודימלת םידימלת) האלו הריש (4
AlyzaCCC: Greg, it is your turn
Greg3: how is the second one voweled, please?
AlyzaCCC: okay, it is voweled as talmeedot
Greg3: I'm sorry, the second name
AlyzaCCC: oh, that is leah
Greg3: todah
AlyzaCCC: bevakasha
Greg3: Shira v'Leah talmidot - Shira and Leah (are) students (f)
AlyzaCCC: tov maod, nachon
AlyzaCCC: התכ (ב ו) דימלת ינד (5
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, this ones is for you
Ruth: Is it Dena?
AlyzaCCC: you mean the name?
Ruth: yes
AlyzaCCC: hmmmm, nope
AlyzaCCC: sorry it is
AlyzaCCC: m
* AlyzaCCC looks for the book to make sure she typed right
AlyzaCCC: Dahni
Ruth: ohhhhhh
AlyzaCCC: sorry bout that, I should have had that in parenthasis
Ruth: well, ok
Ruth: :)
Ruth: Dahni is a student (m) in the class
Ruth: I guess it could be in a class?
* Ruth doesn't know.
AlyzaCCC: in a or in the, either one
AlyzaCCC: so which prefix in Hebrew is required?
Ruth: ב
AlyzaCCC: right.
AlyzaCCC: okay, I am going to dismiss you early
Greg3: why?
AlyzaCCC: we will finish this lesson on Tuesday
AlyzaCCC: well, we only have 4 minutes
* Ruth apologizes for being late.
Greg3: oh, OK
AlyzaCCC: and I do not want to start a new exercise
Greg3: quiz at 10?
AlyzaCCC: okay, Shalom
AlyzaCCC: yes
Greg3: which rooom?
Ruth: Shalom, and thank you
AlyzaCCC: #JewishStudies
Greg3: todah
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Session Close: Sun Aug 03 21:27:33 1997

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