Hebrew 101 log from August 31, 1997

Session Start: Sun Aug 31 20:28:22 1997
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Greg3: Shalom Alyza
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Greg!
Greg3: How are you tonite?
AlyzaCCC: baruch HaShem, good. And you?
Greg3: Thank G-d
AlyzaCCC: Ruth sent e-mail that she may not be here tonight
Greg3: That's a pity
AlyzaCCC: Nothing new will be cover today, it was my thought that some extra practice was needed on the new vocabulary
Greg3: SOunds good
AlyzaCCC: First a review of part A vocab, and then the part B stuff
AlyzaCCC: יכ
AlyzaCCC: prounounce and translate please
Greg3: Kee - because/for
AlyzaCCC: tov maod :-)
AlyzaCCC: הפ
Greg3: Po - Here?
AlyzaCCC: yes, correct (ken, nachon)
AlyzaCCC: הכס
Greg3: Succah - booth
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: םג
Greg3: gam - I don't recall the meaning
AlyzaCCC: gam means also
AlyzaCCC: רדח
Greg3: Keydar - room?
AlyzaCCC: close, cheder (ch as in loch, but more hard and spitty :-)
AlyzaCCC: chehder
AlyzaCCC: and yes, it means a room
AlyzaCCC: ןג
Greg3: Gan - garden
AlyzaCCC: nachon
AlyzaCCC: Greg, have you visited the web page for the part B vocab?
Greg3: no, sorry
Greg3: would you like me to look at it now?
AlyzaCCC: please, and study them for a moment. Come back with any questions, and we will go over them and their prononciation
Greg3: Can you give me the site please - i don't have it bookmarked here at home
Greg3: Todah
AlyzaCCC: click on lesson 4 and scroll down to the bottom (you probably knew that)
AlyzaCCC: bevakasha
Greg3: Uhm - geocities says it doesn't know that link
AlyzaCCC: did you capitalize it correctly?
Greg3: I cut it and paste it
Greg3: I didn't change a thing
AlyzaCCC: whoah, it is missing, hold on a moment
Greg3: this is what it says: alyza/heb101a.html
Greg3: oops
Greg3: Oops! Excuse our mess, but we recently redesigned GeoCities. Either the link
Greg3: a.html doesn't exist any more, or it has moved.
Greg3: Here are some places to help you find what you're looking for:
AlyzaCCC: use the alternate url /Area51/Cavern/1040/heb101a.html
AlyzaCCC: it is the long form
Greg3: ok
AlyzaCCC: for some reason, the short version is not functioning, but this takes you there
* AlyzaCCC wonders why ~alyza is not working, and is bothered by that fact, hopes it will be up by tomorrow, and that it is only a temporary glitch
* AlyzaCCC loads the announcments page, hoping to find an answer
Greg3: Ok - all set
AlyzaCCC: the anouncment page says everything is okay, but obviously it is not, and I now have many non-functioning links because of it!!
Greg3: wow - what a drag!
AlyzaCCC: sigh...if it is not fixed by tomorrow, I will have to change the links to the long version and/or ask what is going on
AlyzaCCC: frankly, I do not have time to go through every geocities link I have!
AlyzaCCC: okay, back to ivrit
AlyzaCCC: תאז
AlyzaCCC: Greg, are you able to read that word?
Greg3: Zoht )f) This
AlyzaCCC: right, good Greg
AlyzaCCC: רפס
Greg3: Sefer - book
AlyzaCCC: your answer is correct
Greg3: bevakasha
Greg3: oops
Greg3: brain dead
Greg3: I meant Todah
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: no problem
AlyzaCCC: תרבחמ
Greg3: Machberet - notebook
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: הז
Greg3: Zeh (m) This
AlyzaCCC: right :-)
AlyzaCCC: ריג
Greg3: Geer - chalk
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: ןג
Greg3: Gan - garden
AlyzaCCC: yes, correct
AlyzaCCC: btw, gan is masc
Greg3: todah
AlyzaCCC: it is important that you learn that. The rule I gave Ruth last Tuesday is that if it ends with
AlyzaCCC: T
AlyzaCCC: or
AlyzaCCC: V
AlyzaCCC: (V standing for
AlyzaCCC:  . .
AlyzaCCC:   .
AlyzaCCC: )
AlyzaCCC: then is is, with a few exceptions, feminine. All the others (with some exception) are masculine nouns
* AlyzaCCC recommends writting that handy dandy rule down)
Greg3: that makes it pretty easy
AlyzaCCC: indeed, with exceptions of course :-)
Greg3: which makes the plurals "oat" instead of "im"
* AlyzaCCC nods
AlyzaCCC: ken
AlyzaCCC: (yes)
AlyzaCCC: םג
Greg3: gam - also
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: תאז
Greg3: I pikced up a really goo dbook last SUnday in Brookline on Biblical hebrew - I was delighted to be able to read a LOT of it right off!
AlyzaCCC: cool Greg!
Greg3: Zoht - this (f)
Greg3: we're studying hebrew, sox (well, I am - Alyza is the teacher)
AlyzaCCC: I like "The First Hebrew Primer: The Adult Beginner's Path to Biblical Hebrew" by Simon, Resnikoff, and Motzkin the best
AlyzaCCC: for beginning Classical/Biblical/Tanachic Hebrew
AlyzaCCC: רפס
Greg3: Mine is called - "Prayerbook Hebrew the easy way" by Anderson, Motzkin, Rubenstein and Wiseman
Greg3: Sefer - book (m)
AlyzaCCC: same publising co!!
Greg3: cool
AlyzaCCC: they are sort of companion books
AlyzaCCC: the one I mentioned is longer and larger per page
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AlyzaCCC: Shalom Hardto fathom
AlyzaCCC: הכס
hardtofathom: shalom
Greg3: Succah - f - booth
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: even got the f part :-)
AlyzaCCC: תרבחמ
hardtofathom: that's greek to me
Greg3: machberet - f - notebook
AlyzaCCC: hardtofathom, if you do not have a Hebrew web font, it is totally unreadable
AlyzaCCC: and even then, to some it is unreadable
hardtofathom: how do i get one?
Greg3: LOL
AlyzaCCC: if the aleph bet is not known
hardtofathom: do i need a hebrew keyboard?
AlyzaCCC: go to 1040/heb101a.html
AlyzaCCC: the URL for the class
AlyzaCCC: nope, we do mostly cut and paste, due to the limitations of IRC
AlyzaCCC: BTW, Greg, nachon (correct
AlyzaCCC: )
Greg3: todah
AlyzaCCC: הפ
Greg3: Po - here
AlyzaCCC: nachon
AlyzaCCC: הז
hardtofathom: i'll rejoin you when i figure out the hebrew configurations
AlyzaCCC: okay :-)
AlyzaCCC: Shalom, hardtofathom
hardtofathom: lahitraot
*** hardtofathom has quit IRC (hardtofathom)
Greg3: zeh - m- this (must be one of those exceptions?)
AlyzaCCC: well, kind of yes, kind of no, since it ends in eh not ah
Greg3: OK - I just saw the Hey and thought it was an exception to the rule you mentioned
AlyzaCCC: understood, Greg. the rule is if it ends in
AlyzaCCC: T
Greg3: Oh - I missed that part. Thanks
AlyzaCCC: no problem :-)
AlyzaCCC: and it is easy to miss when the vowel signs are being dropped too
Greg3: true
AlyzaCCC: ריג
Greg3: geer - m - chalk
AlyzaCCC: nachon
AlyzaCCC: so, shall we stop here for today, or would you like to talk a bit?
AlyzaCCC: ?
Greg3: your choice
AlyzaCCC: I asked first
Greg3: We can call it a night - there's just the two of us. I can read my "prayer book made easy" til Knowledge quiz time ;-)
AlyzaCCC: okay, fair enough
Greg3: thank you for the lesson!
AlyzaCCC: have fun and lihitraot!
AlyzaCCC: bevaksha
Greg3: lihitraot
AlyzaCCC: shalom
Session Close: Sun Aug 31 21:15:10 1997

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