Hebrew 101 log from August 5, 1997

Session Start: Tue Aug 05 23:02:04 1997
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DaveS: Shalom Alyza
AlyzaCCC: Shalom all, be just a moment setting up
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*** AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Hebrew 101: Lesson 3 continues"
AlyzaCCC: okay, ready
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AlyzaCCC: I have pasted all of the vocab into your 1-1's
DaveS: Shalom Ruth
AlyzaCCC: and for those at home who view this through the log via e-mail or the web:
AlyzaCCC: ימ
AlyzaCCC: ינא
AlyzaCCC: התא
AlyzaCCC: תא
AlyzaCCC: אמא
AlyzaCCC: המ
AlyzaCCC: םולש
AlyzaCCC: דימלת
AlyzaCCC: הדימלת
AlyzaCCC: שיא
AlyzaCCC: השא
AlyzaCCC: הרומ
AlyzaCCC: אל
AlyzaCCC: ה
AlyzaCCC: לש
AlyzaCCC: איה
AlyzaCCC: ילש
AlyzaCCC: ןכ
AlyzaCCC: אוה
AlyzaCCC: ונחנא
AlyzaCCC: םידימלת
AlyzaCCC: תודימלת
AlyzaCCC: םתא
AlyzaCCC: ןתא
AlyzaCCC: ו
AlyzaCCC: םה
AlyzaCCC: ...ב
AlyzaCCC: התכ
AlyzaCCC: ןב
AlyzaCCC: תב
AlyzaCCC: אבא
AlyzaCCC: okay :-)
Ruth: Shalom..
* Ruth 's irc connection is goofy
AlyzaCCC: Today, we start with some exercises. Hopefully finnishing off lesson 3, except for a general chat practice next Sunday (gives me time to get lesson 4 up on the web)
AlyzaCCC: bummer, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: lagging?
AlyzaCCC: does everyone see what I have said so far??
Ruth: yes...I see you!!! finally :)
AlyzaCCC: okay, cool
AlyzaCCC: then I guess we can start :-)
AlyzaCCC: B. Fill in the blank of each of the following with either
AlyzaCCC: הרומ or ,תודימלת ,םידימלת ,הדימלת ,דימלת
AlyzaCCC: and translate into English
AlyzaCCC: basically, this is to see if you know which version of student to use
AlyzaCCC: ready?
Ruth: yes
AlyzaCCC: Dave?
* AlyzaCCC nudges Dave
DaveS: Ready
AlyzaCCC: okay, cool
AlyzaCCC: (Bela) הלב (1
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Dave
DaveS: הרומ
AlyzaCCC: okay, technically, it works (Note: also Bela was the teacher in the story!)
AlyzaCCC: what would the translation be?
* DaveS hopes to get a degree in Hebrew technology
AlyzaCCC: lol
DaveS: Bela is a teacher
AlyzaCCC: okay, good
AlyzaCCC: now, with הרומ or ,תודימלת ,םידימלת ,הדימלת ,דימלת
AlyzaCCC: as your choices, is there another possibility for Bela?
Ruth: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Ruth
Ruth: הדימלת tahlmeedah student (f)
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: translation?
AlyzaCCC: doh, you gave it
AlyzaCCC: הרומ or ,תודימלת ,םידימלת ,הדימלת ,דימלת
AlyzaCCC: ןד (2
*** Arlene has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: הרומ or ,תודימלת ,םידימלת ,הדימלת ,דימלת
AlyzaCCC: ןד (2
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Dave
DaveS: דימלת ןד
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
DaveS: Dan is a student (Male)
AlyzaCCC: what is the translation?
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: okay, we could have also said moreh, of course
AlyzaCCC: האלו (Rachel) לחר (3
DaveS: Dan will NEVER be a teacher. I'm glad he's a student
AlyzaCCC: lol, Dave
AlyzaCCC: the names are those of 2 Tanachic/Biblical sisters
AlyzaCCC: הרומ or ,תודימלת ,םידימלת ,הדימלת ,דימלת
AlyzaCCC: same choices
Ruth: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
Ruth: תודימלת Rachel and Leah are students (f).
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: taleedot is correct
AlyzaCCC: and the only possible answer in the list
AlyzaCCC: הניל (4
AlyzaCCC: הרומ or ,תודימלת ,םידימלת ,הדימלת ,דימלת
AlyzaCCC: the name, btw, is Leynah
Ruth: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
Ruth: הדימלת student (f) Leynah is a student (f).
AlyzaCCC: tov, nachon!
AlyzaCCC: (Dani) ינדו השמ (5
AlyzaCCC: the first name is Moshe
AlyzaCCC: הרומ or ,תודימלת ,םידימלת ,הדימלת ,דימלת
Ruth: !
* AlyzaCCC waits a moment
DaveS: Ruth, show her your (!) again
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Dave
DaveS: םידימלת
AlyzaCCC: tov maod
DaveS: Mose and Dani are students.
DaveS: Mixed
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: C. Translate the following into English
AlyzaCCC: .
AlyzaCCC: and tell me how they are pronounced
AlyzaCCC: .
AlyzaCCC: .הרומה ינא ,םידימלת םולש (1
Ruth: !
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Dave
DaveS: הרומה ינא ,םידימלת םולש
DaveS: Sha-LOM tal-ME-DEEM, aNEE haMOrech.
DaveS: Hiya kids. I'm the teacher.
AlyzaCCC: kids?
DaveS: Students
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: just making sure
AlyzaCCC: .הרומ ינא .הדימלת אל ינא (2
Ruth: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
Ruth: I am not the student (f). I am the teacher(f?). Ani lo hatahlmeedah. Ani morah (?) or moreh??
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: you cannot tell by only this sentance
AlyzaCCC: more context would be needed to determine if f or m teacher
AlyzaCCC: תודימלת ונחנא (3
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Dave
DaveS: Ah-NACH-nu tal-ME-DEEM. We are students
AlyzaCCC: close, look at the ending of the last word
AlyzaCCC: the translation, btw, is still correct
DaveS: TalmeDOT
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: .התכב ינא ,ןכ (4
* DaveS needs a faster moderm and a BIGGER screen
Arlene: !
AlyzaCCC: using mac classic, Dave?
AlyzaCCC: GA Arlene
Arlene: just translate into english?
AlyzaCCC: yes, and pronounce it
Arlene: Yes, I am in the class - Kayn, Ahnee bikeetah
Arlene: not sure about the bi part of bikeetah
AlyzaCCC: bi would be in a class
AlyzaCCC: bah is in the
AlyzaCCC: we cannot tell here
* Ruth knows it is wrong to hate, but cannot think of a more appropriate word to describe her feelings about lag and lurch.
AlyzaCCC: but if this were part of a storey, context would tell us
AlyzaCCC: bummer, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: I would say you are annoyed, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: ?תא ימ (5
AlyzaCCC: BTW, nice job Arlene
Arlene: tanks
AlyzaCCC: ?תא ימ (5
AlyzaCCC: anyone?
AlyzaCCC: if you need it voweled, let me know
AlyzaCCC: ?תא ימ (5
*** Ruth has quit IRC (Stamp out Biblical illiteracy - Read THE Book!)
AlyzaCCC:?תא ימ (5
AlyzaCCC:   _   .
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Dave
DaveS: ME OTT: Who is Ott?
AlyzaCCC: "who is " is correct
AlyzaCCC: but _ is a pAHtach, pronounced ah
*** Ruth has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: so the last word is aht
Arlene: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Arlene
Arlene: Me aht. Who are you?
AlyzaCCC: ken! Masculine or fem?
Arlene: m
AlyzaCCC: right!
DaveS: ?דימלת אל תא
* AlyzaCCC is going to assign vocab for homework
AlyzaCCC: Dave just asked: [are] you not [a] student (m)?
AlyzaCCC: הרומה ינא אל
AlyzaCCC: what was my reply?
Arlene: !
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: Dave, ga
DaveS: LO, AHT TalMEED, NO! you are not a student.
DaveS: (m)\
Arlene: nyet
AlyzaCCC: Dave, try again
AlyzaCCC: the lo is correct
AlyzaCCC: what is the next word?
DaveS: You ARE a student.
AlyzaCCC: ינא means what, Dave?
AlyzaCCC: הרומה ינא אל
DaveS: No, *I* am a student.
AlyzaCCC: okay, making progress
AlyzaCCC: now you only need to read the last word
AlyzaCCC: what is it?
DaveS: Oh, ahh, MoREH. Teacher
AlyzaCCC: nachon
Arlene: bingo
AlyzaCCC: and since I said it, it must be feminine and thus morAH
AlyzaCCC: okay?
DaveS: Okay. Thanks
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: ?אוה ימ (6
Arlene: !
AlyzaCCC: last one in class, the rest will be for homework vbg:
AlyzaCCC: ga Arlene
*** DaveS has left #IsraeliCafe
Arlene: me who? Who is he?
AlyzaCCC: tov maod. hoo = he
Arlene: I knew the "w' was superfluous
AlyzaCCC: okay, for homework, tell me how the following are pronounced, and what they mean. Please e-mail me the answers sometime before Friday if you can.
AlyzaCCC: .אבא אוה (7
AlyzaCCC: .הדימלת הנילו דימלת ןד (8
AlyzaCCC: .תודימלת ןהו הרומ איה (9
AlyzaCCC: .ילש התכב םידימלת םה (10
AlyzaCCC: .ילש תבהו ןבה םה (11
AlyzaCCC: .הרומ ילש אבאה (12
AlyzaCCC: .
AlyzaCCC: any questions?
Arlene: I really dont know how to cut or paste in here
Arlene: copy stuff
AlyzaCCC: Arlene, are you on my Heb101 mailing list?
Arlene: nope
AlyzaCCC: I mean, do you get the logs I send?
Arlene: lo
AlyzaCCC: okay, if you 1-1 me your e-mail address, I will add you to my list, and then you can copy from your e-mail and work in a word processor if you like
AlyzaCCC: okay?
Arlene: otay
AlyzaCCC: btw, you can use the web fonts you use here in your e-mailer too
Arlene: k
* Ruth thanks Alyza and apologizes for interuppting the class...ain't technology great?
AlyzaCCC: well, w/o tech we would not have this class
Ruth: lol
Ruth: irony!!!
AlyzaCCC: so even with bugs, I say, yes, it is
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Arlene: k, I will leave mirc momentarily and reappear in pirch
*** Arlene has left #IsraeliCafe
*** Arlene has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: WB Arlene
AlyzaCCC: I just noticed Dave left before the homework assignment
Arlene: I'm trying to do some pretty stuff
AlyzaCCC: I may send it also as a separate e-mail, so it is not overlooked
Session Close: Wed Aug 06 00:08:40 1997

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