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AlyzaCCC: Ruth!
Ruth: Shalom
yaffa: I just checked the address u gave me
AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Hebrew 101: Lesson 4 continues"
AlyzaCCC: yes?
yaffa: I was looking at it with my husband
AlyzaCCC: and?
yaffa: We loved it
yaffa: we saw everything
yaffa: it's very interesting
yaffa: I'm very happy i found this room
yaffa: and if u ever come to Mexico u have friends now here
AlyzaCCC: cool, Yaffa
AlyzaCCC: are we ready?
yaffa: yes,sorry Ruth,nice to see u
Ruth: lol Shalom yaffa
yaffa: hello my friend
AlyzaCCC: T
AlyzaCCC: There!
Ruth: ahch
AlyzaCCC: right
Ruth: oops
AlyzaCCC: oops?
Ruth: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
Ruth: ahch
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: ken, zeh nachon
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: Ach - brother
AlyzaCCC: or Ahch
AlyzaCCC: like Ha-ach sheli Chaim
AlyzaCCC: תוחא
AlyzaCCC: תiחא
AlyzaCCC: תוחא
AlyzaCCC: תiחא
AlyzaCCC:     T
Ruth: ahchoht
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: ahchoht (achot) = sister
AlyzaCCC: ha-achot sheli Dena
AlyzaCCC: (seepoor) רופס STORY
AlyzaCCC: please pronounce and translate
AlyzaCCC: .לודג ילש רדחה
AlyzaCCC: the first word is really a word with a prefix
Ruth: hachehdehr shelee gahdohl
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
Ruth: the room of mine is big
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: be patient with this one, I need to add a vowel mark
AlyzaCCC: ,ןולח .תלד ילש רדחב
AlyzaCCC:                   _
AlyzaCCC: .ןחלשו אסכ
Ruth: bahchehdehr shelee dehleht chalohn keeseh vihshoochahn
AlyzaCCC: avodah tov (work good, ie good work)!
Ruth: In the room of mine is a door, window, and table.
AlyzaCCC: tov maod, Ruth!
AlyzaCCC: .לוגד רפס רדחב
Ruth: bahchehdehr seepohr gahdohl
AlyzaCCC: tov, nachon (almost)
AlyzaCCC: well, except, it is sehfer
GABI: in the room there is a big book
AlyzaCCC: seepoor has a vav in it
AlyzaCCC: right Gabi
GABI: sefer is Zachar
Ruth: ok, thanks.
GABI: and cheder is also zachar
Ruth: I thought it looked not quite right
AlyzaCCC: ken,
AlyzaCCC: רופס = sepohr
AlyzaCCC: sepoor
AlyzaCCC: .רדחב אל החפשמה
Ruth: hameeshpahchah lo bahchehdehr
GABI: The fam isnt in the room
AlyzaCCC: tov, Ruth
GABI: Family is Nekevah and Chedr Zachar
AlyzaCCC: ken, Gabi
AlyzaCCC: .רדחב אל חאה
Ruth: haach lo bahchehdehr
AlyzaCCC: right, but easier to read if you type it ha-ach
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Ruth: ok
Ruth: ha-ach lo bahchehdehr
* Ruth pokes Gabi
AlyzaCCC: tov and it means?
AlyzaCCC: lol
Ruth: the brother is not in the room
AlyzaCCC: tov, nachon
AlyzaCCC: ,רדחב אל תוחאה
AlyzaCCC: ,רדחב ינא
AlyzaCCC: !ילש רדחה הז יכ
Ruth: ha-ahchoht lo bahchehdehr, ani bahchehdehr kee zeh hachehdehr shelee
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!!
Ruth: whew! I almost paniced!
Ruth: gahdohl sentence!
yaffa: ur so good Ruth
Ruth: My Morah is very patient with me!
AlyzaCCC: zeh ha-emet (this is the truth)
AlyzaCCC: now, how about the translation?
Ruth: oh
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Ruth: the sister is not in the room, I am in the room because this is the room of me.
AlyzaCCC: right, ruth!!!
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, zeh ha-col (that is everything) ha-erev (tonight)
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