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AlyzaB: Ruth, did you get the vocab I pasted?
Ruth: yes,
AlyzaB: good
Ruth: I was fixing the font size
AlyzaB: okay
AlyzaB: you ready, Ruth?
Ruth: yes ma'am
AlyzaB: shall we begin?
Ruth: ok
AlyzaB: First of all, I have an announcment
AlyzaB: this Tuesday will be the last class until after the High Holidays. I just don't have time to prepare for class and the holidays. I will send you and e-mail after Yom Kippur announcing the classes resumption.
AlyzaB: Rosh Hashana is Oct 1, Yom Kippur 10 days later
AlyzaB: I realize that it is tough to not have practice for that long, but since my mom cannot do Rosh Hashana, I must do so
AlyzaB: so from roughly Sept 23rd after class until roughly 12th of Oct, there will be no class
Ruth: I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you the very best and meaningful High Holidays.
AlyzaB: thank you very much, Ruth :-)
AlyzaB: okay, Ruth, please compose a sentance for me, making sure to use one of the last 15 words on the list in the sentance
Ruth: ok
AlyzaB: BTW, I anticipate having Hebrew resume on Tuesday the 14th of October
AlyzaB: no need to reply until your sentance is done
Ruth: אמא ילש תוחא תאז
AlyzaB: Okay, I read Zoht achot sheli ema
AlyzaB: did you want a comma in there?
AlyzaB: perhaps after the sheli?
Ruth: that would sound better, yes.
AlyzaB: okay, translate please
Ruth: This sister of mine, is a mom.
AlyzaB: Okay, I thought you were saying (smooth English) "This is my sister, Mom"
AlyzaB: as if Mom did not know
AlyzaB: ;-)
Ruth: hmmmm
Ruth: lol
AlyzaB: okay, a more clear way to say what you intended
* AlyzaB thinks
AlyzaB: אמא איה ,ילש תוחאה תאז
AlyzaB: translate please, literally, with punctuation
Ruth: This is the sister of mine, she is a mom.
AlyzaB: right. איה or in the case of a male, אוה is very useful for this
AlyzaB: in fact, it is fairly standard for a sentance like this
* AlyzaB thinks Ruth made a good sentance, as it lead to a clearification of Hebrew grammer :-)
Ruth: thank you!
AlyzaB: How about writting another one?
Ruth: ok
Ruth: רדחב ןחלשה
AlyzaB: tov. Translation please
Ruth: I'm sorry for being so slow, I'm a bad c & p person!
Ruth: The chair is in the room
AlyzaB: no problem, Ruth, it is to be expected
AlyzaB: Okay, so it is ba-cheder, nachon?
Ruth: hashoolchan bah chehdehr
Ruth: oops
Ruth: yes
AlyzaB: okay :-)
AlyzaB: now, I am going to give you a sentance, you translate it
AlyzaB: this may take a while
AlyzaB: . הפ התככ םידימלת אל ילש החפשמה
AlyzaB: targemi et zeh (translate this)
Ruth: I'll try!
* AlyzaB made it fairly complex, but doable
Ruth: The family of mine are not students in the class here.
AlyzaB: tov maod!
AlyzaB: well done
AlyzaB: now, how would you smooth out the English
AlyzaB: ?
Ruth: ok
Ruth: My family are not (is not?) students in class here (or this class?)
AlyzaB: what you said outside the () is good
Ruth: ok
AlyzaB: okay, Ruth, compose a question for me
Ruth: ok
Ruth: ?הרומ לש הכסה תאז
Ruth: no
AlyzaB: nice sentance
CHATTER: What did she say?
AlyzaB: hold on
AlyzaB: please pronounce it
AlyzaB: then translate it
Ruth: ?הרומה לש הכסה תאז
Ruth: Is that better, or the first one?
AlyzaB: translate them both, then I will say :-)
Ruth: ok
* AlyzaB thought of explaining, but then Ruth would not need to translate
Ruth: 1st zoht sehfer shehl morah
Ruth: oh oh
Ruth: it should have been zeh
AlyzaB: no, read it again
AlyzaB: you do not have sehfer there
AlyzaB: Ruth: ?הרומ לש הכסה תאז
AlyzaB: Ruth: ?הרומה לש הכסה תאז
Ruth: ohoh
Ruth: I messed up all the way around!
Ruth: ok
Ruth: zoht sukkah of morah?
AlyzaB: okay, but no of
AlyzaB: in Hebrew
Ruth: Is this the booth of teacher?
AlyzaB: zoht ha sukkah SHEL morah?
Ruth: no of?
AlyzaB: SHEL in Hebrew, of in English
Ruth: arg
Ruth: ok
AlyzaB: Is this the booth of a teacher is also acceptable
* Ruth laughs
AlyzaB: Ruth: ?הרומה לש הכסה תאז
AlyzaB: Sentance 2
Ruth: zoht hasukkah shel hamorah
Ruth: ?
Ruth: zoht hasukkah shel hamorah?
AlyzaB: ken
AlyzaB: targemi et zeh (translate this)
Ruth: Is this the booth of the teacher?
AlyzaB: right, the means there is a specific teacher in mind
AlyzaB: one known to the hearer
AlyzaB: Brrrinngggg!
Ruth: ohhhhhhh, and the 1st one could have been A teacher?
Ruth: ok.
AlyzaB: any questions?
AlyzaB: right, Ruth, exactly
Ruth: ok
* Ruth gives the teacher an apple!
AlyzaB: :-)
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