Hebrew 101 log from September 21, 1997

Session Start: Tue Sep 23 22:48:23 1997
*** AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Hebrew 101: Lesson 4 wrap-up at 11 pm EST"
*** Ruth has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Ruth
Ruth: Shalom
Ruth: Shalom Alyza
AlyzaCCC: 3 minutes until class time
*** GABI has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: WB Gabi
Ruth: HI Gabi
GABI: hey ruth.....
AlyzaCCC: okay, let's get started
AlyzaCCC: Exercises
AlyzaCCC: A.  Select the correct word and translate.
AlyzaCCC: .
AlyzaCCC: (I spell checked it, but no guarentee to be typo free)
AlyzaCCC: .
AlyzaCCC: (äçôùî  äøåî) éìù äúëá (1
AlyzaCCC:                      _
*** Ruth1 has joined #IsraeliCafe
Ruth1: whew
AlyzaCCC: uh oh
Ruth1: lol
AlyzaCCC: (äçôùî  äøåî) éìù äúëá (1
AlyzaCCC:                      _
Ruth1: äøåî
Ruth1: In the class of mine is a teacher
*** Ruth has left #IsraeliCafe
Ruth1: wb Wheatcan
AlyzaCCC: (äçôùî  äøåî) éìù äúëá (1
AlyzaCCC:                      _
Ruth1: äøåî
Ruth1: In the class of mine is a teacher
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: tov maod
AlyzaCCC: (ïçìù  äëñ) éìù øãçä (2
Ruth1: hmmm
AlyzaCCC: need vowels
AlyzaCCC: ?
Ruth1: äëñ The room of mine booth.
AlyzaCCC: need a missing letter?
Ruth1: THe room of mine is a booth?
AlyzaCCC: (ïçìù  äëñ) éìù øãçá (2
Ruth1: if it is table, could it be the room of mine has a table?
AlyzaCCC: that might help
Ruth1: ok
AlyzaCCC: the first letter was incorrect
Ruth1: In the room of mine is a table. ïçìù
AlyzaCCC: ken!  Sorry about the typo (seems to be my most common typo...if only the bet and hey were not next to each other on they keyboard)
Ruth1: :)
AlyzaCCC: (úìã  çà) éìù äçôùîá (3
AlyzaCCC:                    _
Ruth1: In the family of mine is a brother çà
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: (øåôñ  ãéîìú) øôñë (4
AlyzaCCC:                  _
Ruth1: øåôñ  In the book is a story.
AlyzaCCC: yafe maod!  (Very nice!)
AlyzaCCC: (äùà  ùéà)  úàæ (5
Ruth1: äùà This is a woman.
AlyzaCCC: tov!  You got that m/f thing down!
Ruth1: not always!
AlyzaCCC: understood, it takes time
AlyzaCCC: B. Select the correct word to fill in the blanks from the word list I am pasting in your 1-1
AlyzaCCC:  (or below, if you get this by e-mail or off the web).  Translate.
AlyzaCCC: .
AlyzaCCC: (for those using the web)
AlyzaCCC: àì  øôñ  úøáçî  ìåãâ  ïåìç
AlyzaCCC: =======
AlyzaCCC: .øåôñ _______á (1
AlyzaCCC:              _
Ruth1: øôñ In the book is a story.
AlyzaCCC: the, in the (that is why I put a _ under the bet)
AlyzaCCC: otherwise, correct
AlyzaCCC: doh, you said the book
AlyzaCCC: o\
Ruth1: :)
* AlyzaCCC must be skipping words while reading tonight
AlyzaCCC: sorry, Ruth
Ruth1: lol You've been staying up as late as me!
AlyzaCCC: Yes, way too late last night!
AlyzaCCC: .äô _____ äçôùîä (3
Ruth1: àì The family is not here.
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: .ìåãâ ______ äúëá (4
AlyzaCCC:              _
AlyzaCCC: .ìåãâ ______ äúëá (4
AlyzaCCC:                 _
*** Ruth1  has left #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: uh oh
*** Ruth has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: wb Ruth
AlyzaCCC: .ìåãâ ______ äúëá (4
AlyzaCCC: .äô _____ äçôùîä (3
AlyzaCCC: oops
AlyzaCCC: .ìåãâ ______ äúëá (4
AlyzaCCC:                 _
Ruth: ïåìç The class window is large.
AlyzaCCC: tov!
tony: shalom
AlyzaCCC: .______ úàæ (5
AlyzaCCC: ===
Ruth: This (f) is a notebook (f). úøáçî
AlyzaCCC: tov maod Ruth!
AlyzaCCC: C. Translate.
AlyzaCCC: .
AlyzaCCC: .éìù øãçá àì éìù äçôùîä (1
Ruth: The family of mine is not in the class of mine.
Ruth: no
Ruth: The family of mine is not in the room of mine.
AlyzaCCC: yes...
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: .úøáçîá øåôñä (2
Ruth: The story is in the notebook.
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: .äúëá äô íéøôñä ,ïë (3
AlyzaCCC:     _      .T:_
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, the second word is the plural of øôñä
AlyzaCCC: you have not had this before
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: hence, I give it to you with full vowels
Ruth: Son, the books here in the class.
Ruth: Son, the books are here in the class.
AlyzaCCC: okay, look again at the first word
Ruth: Yes, the books are here in the class.
AlyzaCCC: ken!
AlyzaCCC: .úìãå ïåìç øãçá (4
AlyzaCCC:     :         _
Ruth: In the class is a window and a door
AlyzaCCC: almost
AlyzaCCC: first word
Ruth: In the room, is a window and a door.
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: .ïâá éìù äçôùîä (5
AlyzaCCC:    _
Ruth: The family is not in the park
AlyzaCCC: whose family?
AlyzaCCC: try again
Ruth: oops
Ruth: The family of mine is in the park.
AlyzaCCC: nachon :-)
AlyzaCCC: D. Answer the following questions in Hebrew :-)
AlyzaCCC: (I will paste the vocabulary)
AlyzaCCC: For all those at home (sorry for being so late with the logs, btw)
AlyzaCCC: éî
AlyzaCCC: éðà
AlyzaCCC: äúà
AlyzaCCC: úà
AlyzaCCC: àîà
AlyzaCCC: äî
AlyzaCCC: íåìù
AlyzaCCC: ãéîìú
AlyzaCCC: äãéîìú
AlyzaCCC: ùéà
AlyzaCCC: äùà
AlyzaCCC: äøåî
AlyzaCCC: àì
AlyzaCCC: ä
AlyzaCCC: ìù
AlyzaCCC: àéä
AlyzaCCC: éìù
AlyzaCCC: ïë
AlyzaCCC: àåä
AlyzaCCC: åðçðà
AlyzaCCC: íéãéîìú
AlyzaCCC: úåãéîìú
AlyzaCCC: íúà
AlyzaCCC: ïúà
AlyzaCCC: å
AlyzaCCC: íä
AlyzaCCC: ...á
AlyzaCCC: äúë
AlyzaCCC: ïá
AlyzaCCC: úá
AlyzaCCC: àáà
AlyzaCCC: íâ
AlyzaCCC: ä`ô  or  äô
AlyzaCCC: éë
AlyzaCCC: øãç
AlyzaCCC: ïâ
AlyzaCCC: äëñ
AlyzaCCC: äæ
AlyzaCCC: úàæ
AlyzaCCC: øôñ
AlyzaCCC: øéâ
AlyzaCCC: úøáçî
AlyzaCCC: ìåãâ
AlyzaCCC: úìã
AlyzaCCC: ïåìç
AlyzaCCC: àñë
AlyzaCCC: ïçìù
AlyzaCCC: øåôñ
AlyzaCCC: äçôùî
AlyzaCCC: çà
AlyzaCCC: úåçà
AlyzaCCC: =============
AlyzaCCC: ? úà / äúà éî (1
AlyzaCCC: in your case, úà
Ruth: .Ruth  éðà
AlyzaCCC: okay, how bout a bit more about Ruth :-)
Ruth: ok
Ruth: lol
Ruth:    äùàå àîà éðà
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!  :-)
AlyzaCCC: ?øãçá äî (2
AlyzaCCC:     _
Ruth: úìãå  ïåìç øãçá
AlyzaCCC: sounds familar ;-)
Ruth: welllll
AlyzaCCC: translate it for me
Ruth: ok
* AlyzaCCC thinks you could also add a shoolchan, sefer, v'keysay to the room
Ruth: in the room, is a window and a door
AlyzaCCC: ? åðçðà éî (4
Ruth: ok
Ruth:  äãéîìúå äøåî åðçðà
AlyzaCCC: tov maod :-)
AlyzaCCC: ? äçôùîá éî (5
AlyzaCCC:        _
Ruth:  .úáå ,ïá,äùà,àáà äçôùîá
AlyzaCCC: you would be the ,äùà.  I there an eesh?
Ruth: oh, I put eesh instead of eemah
Ruth:  .úáå ,ïá,àîà,àáà äçôùîá
AlyzaCCC: tov maod Ruth.  Well done
* AlyzaCCC gives Ruth an 'A' at mid-term
* Ruth jumps up and down!
AlyzaCCC: and the bell rings, starting the mid-term and High Holiday break
Session Close: Wed Sep 24 00:09:53 1997

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