Hebrew 101 log from September 7, 1997

Session Start: Sun Sep 07 20:42:32 1997
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*** AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Hebrew 101 lesson 4 practice"
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Greg3: Shalom Arlene
Arlene: Hi
Greg3: I got the vocab
AlyzaCCC: Welcome Arlene
Arlene: Hi
AlyzaCCC: today is an adventure, due to technical problems, we are just getting started
Arlene: then I didnt miss anything
Arlene: I really didnt even expect to come tonight
Greg3: just the adventure part, Arlene
AlyzaCCC: okay, you have the vocab. Please, each of you compose a sentance using at least 1 of the last 5 words
* Arlene is supposed to be studying law right now
AlyzaCCC: ah
Greg3: OK
Arlene: .ילש תרבחמה הז. except not sure whether it's הז or תאז.
AlyzaCCC: תאז
Arlene: thought so
AlyzaCCC: because תרבחמה if feminine
Arlene: .ילש תרבחמה תאז
AlyzaCCC: right.
Arlene: :)
AlyzaCCC: Greg, when you are done composing your sentance, please translate what Arlene said for me. Don't reply now, I know you are pasting :-)
* Arlene thinks there should be some small talk while we wait
Greg3: רדח ב הפ דימלת ינא
Greg3: רדח הז ב הפ דימלת ינא
Greg3: I think that's better
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AlyzaCCC: tov, just elliminate the space between ב and רדח making it רדחב
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Shielda
shielda: shalom all
AlyzaCCC: again, no space between the bet and the word after ti
AlyzaCCC: it
AlyzaCCC: okay, Greg, what did Arlene say?
AlyzaCCC: Arlene: .ילש תרבחמה תאז
Greg3: working on it
Greg3: just a sec
AlyzaCCC: Arlene, same instructions, traslate what Greg said
AlyzaCCC: הזב
AlyzaCCC: רדח הזב הפ דימלת ינא
Greg3: THis is my notebook (zoht Hamachberet sheli)
Arlene: Greg said, "I am a student here in this class."
AlyzaCCC: tov maod! very good
AlyzaCCC: do the same thing again, include one of the new words in the sentance
Greg3: I don't follow - what would you like us to do?
julia: I'm here watching,taking notes
AlyzaCCC: make another sentance, Greg
Arlene: oops, I said in this class, actually, it's in this room
AlyzaCCC: and make sure it contains one of the newer words
AlyzaCCC: cheder = room
AlyzaCCC: keyta = class
AlyzaCCC: so right, it should be room
Greg3: which newer words?
AlyzaCCC: the ones towards the end
AlyzaCCC: ןג
AlyzaCCC: הכס
AlyzaCCC: הז
AlyzaCCC: תאז
AlyzaCCC: רפס
AlyzaCCC: ריג
AlyzaCCC: תרבחמ
AlyzaCCC: those
shielda: do you need a special keyboard to type in hebrew
Greg3: OK
AlyzaCCC: no. I have a special program. And the students copy and paste
Arlene: יכ הפ אל אבא
Arlene: I wasnt finished!
Arlene: my hand slipped
AlyzaCCC: I noticed
AlyzaCCC: copy the whole part and paste it, or use the up arrow if you have mirc
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Arlene: .הכסב אוה יכ הפ אל אבא
AlyzaCCC: tov maod, Arlene. Nice grammer
Arlene: thanks!
* AlyzaCCC waits for Greg...
Greg3: ןג ןג
Greg3: הכס ןגהב אל ונחנא
Greg3: oops something weird happened there
Greg3: hold on
AlyzaCCC: holding on
Greg3: הכס ןגהב אל ונחנא
AlyzaCCC: tonight
Greg3: OK - I htink that's what I want
AlyzaCCC: okay, Greg, to say in the, you say bah
AlyzaCCC: ב
AlyzaCCC: -
Greg3: space inbetween?
AlyzaCCC: ב
AlyzaCCC: +
AlyzaCCC: ה
AlyzaCCC: _
AlyzaCCC: =
AlyzaCCC: ב
Greg3: OK then it would be:
AlyzaCCC: _
AlyzaCCC: no space
Greg3: הכס ןג הב אל ונחנא
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Greg3: like that?
AlyzaCCC: no, Greg, just
Arlene: ןגב like that
AlyzaCCC: ב
AlyzaCCC: _
AlyzaCCC: right, like Arlene just did
Greg3: that's "in the"?
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Greg3: הכס ןגב אל ונחנא
AlyzaCCC: basically, Greg, you can have "in a"
Greg3: like that?
AlyzaCCC: ב
AlyzaCCC: :
Greg3: I wanted "in the"
AlyzaCCC: or "in the"
AlyzaCCC: ב
AlyzaCCC: _
AlyzaCCC: you want "in the
AlyzaCCC: "
AlyzaCCC: yes, like that
AlyzaCCC: Arlene: .הכסב אוה יכ הפ אל אבא
Greg3: ok, todah
AlyzaCCC: Arlene, please translate Greg's sentance, Greg please translate Arlenes
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, hold on and I will paste the vocab to you
Greg3: SHalom Ruthele!
Ruth: Shalom
Arlene: Greg: We are not in the garden succah or park succah. (?)
AlyzaCCC: there is no or. He said "We are not in the garden sukkah"
AlyzaCCC: I suppose that means they built a sukkah in their garden, but they are not in it
Arlene: I know there wasnt an "or" I just didnt know which he meant.
Greg3: Abba is not here because (I don't remember this word) in the succah
AlyzaCCC: אוה = he
Arlene: you didnt translate abba!
Greg3: Abba is not here because he is in the succah
Arlene: Greg, Abba is not a name
AlyzaCCC: Greg, what does Abba mean?
billy_bob: father
julia: dad in hebrew
julia: right?
Arlene: very good
AlyzaCCC: right, billy, julia
AlyzaCCC: good :-)
billy_bob: that is all the hebrew i know
julia: i'm getting better:_)
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, please work on a sentance
Greg3: I k ow Arelen - I don't understand your point, though
julia: :-)
AlyzaCCC: Julia, you want me to paste the vocab to you?
julia: can you?
Arlene: my point was to translate every word of the sentence into English
AlyzaCCC: sure
Ruth: Do you mean you want me to make up a sentence? Or translate something? I apologize for being late.
Greg3: I'm still confused Arlene. Sorry. Did I mistranslate it?
AlyzaCCC: make up a sentance, and it is okay, we started 30 min late due to technical problems
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: Greg, she is just saying that you did not translate Abba into english
Greg3: Oh, I see. Sorry
Greg3: Father is not here because he is in the succah
AlyzaCCC: okay, Julia, Ruth, Greg and Arlene, make sentances for me
AlyzaCCC: right, Greg
Greg3: I'm so used to saying Abba it didn't compute that I needed to translate that. I suppose I ought to say:
Greg3: Father is not here because he is in the booth
AlyzaCCC: I understand :-)
AlyzaCCC: for me, it seems strange to translate sukkah
Greg3: yeah, me too!
Greg3: you want more sentences?
AlyzaCCC: yes, please
* Arlene apologizes but she cannot stay. She has to get ready to be in trial tomorrow (assisting a trial attorney in a [...] case.)
AlyzaCCC: the students are working on writting sentances
AlyzaCCC: okay, thanks for comming Arlene. Shalom!
Arlene: thanks. Shalom.
*** Arlene has left #IsraeliCafe
Greg3: ילש ןגב הפ הכס תאז
Ruth: רדחב הרומה לש תרבחמה
AlyzaCCC: okay, Greg, what did Ruth say?
Greg3: the notebook of the teacher (F) in the class
AlyzaCCC: Julia, can you see the Hebrew? Do you want to take a shot at translating Ruth's sentance when you are done with your own?
Ruth: sorry true, I was trying to translate
Greg3: or belongs to?
Greg3: the notebook belongs to the teacher (F) in the class
AlyzaCCC: okay, you could put an [is] in there
AlyzaCCC: the notebook of the teacher (F)[is] in the class
AlyzaCCC: Greg3: ילש ןגב הפ הכס תאז
Greg3: ah, oK
Ruth: wait? Did it have to be a female teacher?
TRU: no
TRU: it does not matter
AlyzaCCC: no, it could be male
Ruth: oh, I thought I might have missed something. Ok, thanks.
AlyzaCCC: the zot modifies the notebook, not the teacher
AlyzaCCC: Greg3: ילש ןגב הפ הכס תאז
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, what did Greg say?
Ruth: ok
Ruth: This (f) booth here in the park of me ???
AlyzaCCC: Greg3: ילש ןגב הפ הכס תאז
AlyzaCCC: okay, now, let's try putting an [is] in there
AlyzaCCC: where do you think it belongs?
Ruth: This (f) booth is here in the park of me
Ruth: no
Ruth: This (f) booth here in the park is of me
AlyzaCCC: either one will work, the first, in smooth English would be
AlyzaCCC: "This booth is here in my park"
Greg3: well, garden is what I wanted
AlyzaCCC: the second in smooth english "This booth here in the park is mine"
AlyzaCCC: or garden
AlyzaCCC: which version with garden did you intend, Greg?
Greg3: THis succah here is in my garden
julia: isn't succot sfter rosh-hashana and yom kipur?
AlyzaCCC: okay
julia: after
AlyzaCCC: yes, Julia, but a Succah is what we are talking about....of course, most do not build them unless it is sukkot
AlyzaCCC: Greg3: ילש ןגב הפ הכס תאז
AlyzaCCC: okay, this sukkah here in the garden of mine. I can see your translation, Greg
AlyzaCCC: nice job
AlyzaCCC: do you 2 see how difficult some sentaces can be?
Greg3: oh yes
* Ruth sees!
Greg3: translation is an art, not a science!
AlyzaCCC: of course, punctuation helps
* Ruth nods her head!
AlyzaCCC: and it is easier if a sentance is in the past or future (imperfect, an on going or incomplete action), since the verb "To be" has past and future forms
AlyzaCCC: but not present
Greg3: have we had "to be" yet?
AlyzaCCC: in the past and future, you always know where the was or will be is located
* Ruth sighs "To be or not to be, that is the question?"
Greg3: LOL
AlyzaCCC: no, Greg, because is does not have a present tense form
AlyzaCCC: lol, Ruth
* Ruth apologizes, but that was too good to pass up.
AlyzaCCC: well folks, that is it for class today. I will try to get the last vocab set up before class on Tuesday...actually, I will try to get it up on the web tomorrow, but no guarentees
Session Close: Sun Sep 07 21:45:13 1997

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