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Alyza: *** Alyza changes topic to "11pm EST: Hebrew 101: Lesson 4 vocab set C"
Alyza: לiדג
Alyza:    T
Alyza: Ruth sees that, and will pronounce it
Alyza: then you the rest of you will know the transliteration :-)
Ruth: gahdohl?
Alyza: ken!
Alyza: it is transliterated as gadol usually, but pronounced gahdohl
Alyza: it means great, or big, or large and is masculine in tense
Alyza: Note: adjectives, such as gadol, have both masc
Alyza: and fem forms, so they can modify masc or fem nouns.
Alyza: this word, BTW, is found in the Tanakh and in many prayers. As in the Great and awsome G-d
Ruth: :)
Alyza: VV
Alyza: Reminder (and note to those new) the V stands for
Alyza:   . .
Alyza:    .
Ruth: dehleht
Alyza: tov maod!!!
Alyza: delet is the normal transliteration. It means door
Alyza: the dalet (first letter in that word) was originally a picture of a door :-)
Alyza: Dehleht (delet) - door (f.)
Alyza: remember that the -eht ending is a feminine one
Alyza: ןולח
Alyza: ןiלח
Alyza:    _
Ruth: chahlohn
Alyza: tov!
jeepi: window
Alyza: chahllohn (halon/chalon) - window (m)
Alyza: right, Jeepi :-)
jeepi: i learned hebrew for 4yrs
Alyza: this next one is a bit hard to do on IRC, so bear with me
Alyza: cool, Jeepi
Alyza: ..
Alyza: okay, it is not two hiriqs that I want
Alyza: but the vowel
Alyza: ..
Alyza: and it is under the samach
* Alyza thinks if there is another way to represent that vowel
Alyza: maybe a ~ underneath?
jeepi: can't understand this, b/c don't have a font
Alyza: I know, Jeepi, you are waiting for the transliteration :-)
Ruth: kseh
Ruth: that can't be right
Alyza: nope, I guess I left out a vowel, sorry'
* Ruth doesn't know.
Alyza: let me do that again
Alyza: I will use the ~ for the .. eh vowel
Alyza: then it will work
Alyza: אסכ
Ruth: ok
Alyza: ~.
Alyza: there!
Alyza: it has 2 vowels
Ruth: keeseh
Alyza: right!
jeepi: chair?
Alyza: okay, so I will have to let the others know that ~ stands for ..
Alyza: right Jeepi!!
GABI: is Keesek Nekevah??
GABI: or Zachar?
Alyza: The kaf has a dagesh (otherwise it would not be a kaf).
Alyza: Keyseh - chair (m)
jeepi: nekeva
Alyza: :-)
GABI: Zachar
Alyza: masc
GABI: doesn't end in yud hey or taf
jeepi: i think it is an exceptional
Alyza: nekeva = fem
GABI: ok.
Alyza: zachar = masc
Alyza: so, yes, it is zacahr
Alyza: okay, folks, I am going to put up a new word. I ask that you be silent until I am finished so I don't have to assemble it more than once :-)
Alyza: T:\
Alyza: reminder, \ stands for
Alyza: .
Alyza:  .
Alyza:   .
Ruth: shoolchahn
Alyza: tov maod!
Ruth: that's right?
Alyza: yes
Ruth: wow
Alyza: Gabi, Jeepi, do either of you know what shulchan (common transliteration) means?
GABI: Table
GABI: Zachar
Alyza: right
Alyza: on both counts
Alyza: Shool-chan (shulchan) -- table (m)
Alyza: 2 more words, and then we will stop
Alyza: and review
GABI: HArder words
* Ruth shakes her head at Gabi
Alyza: רופס
Alyza:     .
Alyza: the vav has the dot to the side of it
* GABI shakes his head back at ruth
Alyza: and there is a dagesh in the פ
Ruth: seepohr
Alyza: tov!
Alyza: what does seepohr mean?
Alyza: does anyoone know?
jeepi: a story?
Alyza: right
GABI: Bird
GABI: whoops
Alyza: it has the same root as sefer, meaning book
jeepi: what bird?
Alyza: רופס
Alyza: is story
jeepi: yes sefere and sipur
Alyza: רפס
Alyza: is book
Alyza: okay?
Alyza: See-poor (oo vowel, not oh) - story (m)
Alyza: another word to be coppied, please do not type until I am finished. I will say done when done
Alyza: TT:.
Alyza: done
Alyza: there is a dagesh in the החפשמ
Alyza: I mean in the פ
Alyza: TT:.
Alyza: There is a dagesh in the פ
Ruth: i'll try
Ruth: meeshpahchah
Alyza: nachon!!!!
jeepi: family
Alyza: right, jeepi
* Ruth gasps
GABI: too fast
Alyza: do you know the gender?
GABI: is that Nekevah?
Alyza: ken
jeepi: nekeva
Alyza: f
Alyza: or nekevah
Alyza: okay, lets go over what we have learned today (there are more word in the set, but we have enough)
Alyza: תלד
Ruth: ?
Alyza: ga ruth
Ruth: What does that mean?
Rudy: labor
Alyza: hold on
Alyza: VV
Ruth: the meeshpahchah?
Alyza: how is it said?
Alyza: oh, it means family
Ruth: :)
Alyza: Jeepi got it
Alyza: it is fem
Ruth: sorry, I missed it!
Alyza: now, back to לודג
Alyza: nope
Alyza: back to תלד
GABI: ok I'm chang'n computers.....BRb
Alyza: k
Alyza: VV
Ruth: dehleht
Alyza: right, do you remember what it means?
* Ruth confesses to have written it down.
Ruth: door (f)
Alyza: that is okay, Ruth
Alyza: taking notes is a good thing :-)
Alyza: delet (door) -relatedto--:dalet ( a leter resembling the door)
Alyza: לודג
Ruth: gahdohl?
Alyza: ken :-)
Alyza: you know what it means?
Ruth: I didn't remember until I looked! great, big, large, (m)
Alyza: right :-)
Alyza: and that is okay, we will go over these again on Sunday, and ad 2 more words
Alyza: החפשמ
Ruth: I'm sorry, I don't remember the vowels
Alyza: okay, let me put them in
Alyza: החפשמ
Alyza: TT:.
Alyza: there you go
Ruth: :)
Ruth: meeshpahchah
Alyza: tov
Alyza: and what does it mean?
GABI: family (f)
Ruth: family (f)
Alyza: right, Gabi, Ruth
Alyza: רופס
Ruth: seepoor
Alyza: right, and the meaning?
Ruth: a story
Alyza: good, what gender?
Ruth: masc
Alyza: right!
Alyza: ןולח
Ruth: chahlohn?
GABI: windowsm:
Alyza: singular, window
Alyza: yes, good pronounciation
Alyza: and it is masc
Alyza: ~.
(~ stands for the 2 dot eh)
Ruth: keesheh
Ruth: no
Ruth: keeseh
Ruth: chair (m)
Alyza: right!
Alyza: on both pronouncing and meaning
Alyza: ןחלש
Ruth: could I have the vowels please?
Alyza: sure
Alyza: one moment please
Alyza: T:\
Alyza: there you go :-)
Ruth: shoolchahn
Alyza: nachon!
GABI: Table m:
GABI: harder words :)
Alyza: Right, Gabi
Alyza: Gabi, this is lesson 4, how hard do you expect us to get? Shoolchan is pretty hard for a lesson 4 word
* Ruth nods
Alyza: okay, lesson is over. We will add 2 more words and review on Sunday
GABI: hehe
Ruth: Thank you very much!
Alyza: next tuesday, we will start reading a story
Alyza: most welcome
Alyza: :-)
GABI: Ok soz
Alyza: and I will finish the lesson 4 web page tonight, G-d willing
Session Close: Wed Sep 10 00:08:05 1997

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