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AlyzaCCC: Shalom Susanne
Susanne: shalom
AlyzaCCC: םולש
Susanne: oh... wait a minute :)
Susanne: my font!
AlyzaCCC: okay :-)
* AlyzaCCC is using a loaner modem today. Just got win95 and now the modem does not work.
Susanne: שלום
AlyzaCCC: it is backwards
Susanne: םולש
AlyzaCCC: there, much better!
Susanne: sorry
AlyzaCCC: no problem
AlyzaCCC: it happens
*** Ruth has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: !Ruth םולש
Ruth: Shalom !
AlyzaCCC: Welcome back, how was the vacation?
Ruth: wonderful, When we left Colorado yesterday morning it was 57, here it is 101! ick!
Susanne: hi ruth
Ruth: Hi susanne!
AlyzaCCC: mountains do that to you in the summer, Ruth :-)
* Ruth loves the mountains!
AlyzaCCC: I have not been to any really big mountains, comparitivly speaking
Ruth: I just finished reading last week's log, I hope I can catch up.
Susanne: You should come here some day, Ruth, we've got plenty of them.
Ruth: susanne, where is here?
AlyzaCCC: I went to some mountain in Tennessee, and what some small ones mountains in Israel
* Susanne is in Austria, Europe.
Ruth: wow Susanne!!
Ruth: Susanne, it is nice to meet you.
AlyzaCCC: Alps, did you know that the Alps grow taller every year?
Susanne: yes, its 2:45 a.m. here :)
Susanne: really?
Ruth: I call that dedication!
AlyzaCCC: yep, because Italy is still moving north
Susanne: that sounds funny Alyza, but it's true.
AlyzaCCC: Susanne followed the class via e-mail until last week, Ruth
Ruth: Susanne, that is great!
Susanne: Actually, at least I can write and read in hebrew. :)
AlyzaCCC: well, I guess we can begin. I don't know if I should ask, but Ruth, are you up to date on the new vocab?
Ruth: no, I am sorry, but I did run off lesson 3 and have it in front of me.
AlyzaCCC: okay, cool
AlyzaCCC: lets do a brief review of the new vocab, and how they are used
Susanne: okay
AlyzaCCC: אוה
AlyzaCCC: How is it pronounced, and what does it mean?
Susanne: hoo, he
AlyzaCCC: tov, correct
Susanne: it means "he" I mean
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, if you need to see anything with the vowels, please let me know
Ruth: ok, thanks
AlyzaCCC: איה
Susanne: hee, means she
AlyzaCCC: right, good
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, you try the next one, and take your time. Feel free to ask questions if you need to do so.
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: ונחנא
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, you want vowels for this?
Ruth: yes please...I'm not sure about the last letter?
AlyzaCCC: okay, the last letter is a vav, but in the form of
AlyzaCCC: .l shuruk. It is a vav with a dot to the middle left
AlyzaCCC: I cannot make that here on IRC, so I am using a
AlyzaCCC: lower case 'L' with a period to the left. Please see
AlyzaCCC: the web page to see how it really looks. It is pronounced
AlyzaCCC: like the oo in boot.
AlyzaCCC: so the word is
AlyzaCCC: * :__: [Note: the * is a placeholder so things line up on the web, not a vowel]
AlyzaCCC: can you sound it out, Ruth?
Ruth: ahnahchnoo?
AlyzaCCC: yes!
AlyzaCCC: great!
Ruth: whew
AlyzaCCC: it is one of the words you missed while on vaction. It means "we"
AlyzaCCC: םידימלת
AlyzaCCC: Susanne, your turn :-)
Susanne: Okay
Susanne: talmidim
Susanne: male students
AlyzaCCC: (tahl mee deem) for Ruth :-)
AlyzaCCC: right, or a group of students who are mixed male and female
Susanne: okay... I'll try to write englishly :)
Ruth: lol
AlyzaCCC: תודימלת
AlyzaCCC: תiדימלת
AlyzaCCC: take a shot at it, Ruth. The first part is a word you already know, with an תi ending
Ruth: ok
Ruth: tahlmeedoht? AlyzaCCC: ken!
AlyzaCCC: ! ןכ
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: ken = yes, BTW
Ruth: ah! ok.
AlyzaCCC: it mean students, female
AlyzaCCC: so now you know 2 plurals.
AlyzaCCC: it is time to tell you that the תi is typical for feminine plural nouns
AlyzaCCC: and the
Ruth: I might not remember that!!!
AlyzaCCC: .
AlyzaCCC: is typical for masculine plural nouns.
AlyzaCCC: That's okay Ruth, we will discuss it again formally
AlyzaCCC: right now, I just wanted you to know that
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: V_
AlyzaCCC: (remember V is really 3 dot eh vowel, segol)
Susanne: ah-tem
AlyzaCCC: tov!
AlyzaCCC: and it means?
Susanne: "they"
AlyzaCCC: close, it is plural, but it is not they
Susanne: oh no... thats "hem"
AlyzaCCC: remember atah = you
Susanne: sorry.. its you in plural
AlyzaCCC: and this has part of atah in it
AlyzaCCC: right, you all masculine
Susanne: male or mixed
AlyzaCCC: mem ending, plural, masculine
AlyzaCCC: right, or mixed
Susanne: mem like masculine :)
AlyzaCCC: it is used even if there is only 1 male
AlyzaCCC: V_
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, please try to sound this out
Ruth: ahtehn
AlyzaCCC: tov maod
AlyzaCCC: you know what it means?
Ruth: it must mean you all (f)?
AlyzaCCC: Right!
AlyzaCCC: ו
AlyzaCCC: :
AlyzaCCC: this is a prefix
Susanne: ve...
Susanne: "and"
AlyzaCCC: more like vih
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: kind of a short ih sound mostly
AlyzaCCC: okay, a few sentances for you to translate
AlyzaCCC: םידימלתוהרומה םתא
AlyzaCCC: םידימלתו הרומה םתא
Susanne: It's Ruth's turn :)
Ruth: nooooooooooo
AlyzaCCC: what does this say, in English, and how is it pronounced?
* Ruth shakes her head!
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, take it slow, what is the first word?
Ruth: ahtem
AlyzaCCC: and ahtem means?
Ruth: you all (m)
AlyzaCCC: good
AlyzaCCC: םידימלתו הרומה םתא
AlyzaCCC: now, the second word has a prefix, what is it and what does it mean?
Ruth: the
AlyzaCCC: okay, so far we have "You all (m) [are] the ..."
AlyzaCCC: what is the ה refering to?
AlyzaCCC: the what?
AlyzaCCC: םידימלתו הרומה םתא
Ruth: you all (m) are teachers (male) and students
Ruth: no
AlyzaCCC: you left out one small word, "the", also, it is teacher, singular
AlyzaCCC: try again :-)
Ruth: you all(m) are the teacher and students
AlyzaCCC: right, and the students are either all boys, or mixed. We cannot tell whether it is a morah or moreh, as we do not have enough context to decide w/o the vowel points
AlyzaCCC: nice job Ruth!
Ruth: ok, I see that now...
AlyzaCCC: ילש הרומה אוה
AlyzaCCC: Susanne
AlyzaCCC: your turn
Susanne: he is my teacher
AlyzaCCC: good English translation. What is the literal translation?
Susanne: he is the teacher of mine
AlyzaCCC: of me, acutally :-)
AlyzaCCC: notice, in this sentance, we are possitive it is a moreh that is being spoken about
* Ruth nods
AlyzaCCC: תודימלת ונחנא
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, this is for you again :-)
Ruth: we are the students (f)
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: and with feminine, we know it is all females!
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: how about each of you giving me 1 sentance in Hebrew
Ruth: ok
Susanne: okay
Susanne: which one? Any sentence?
AlyzaCCC: anyone that I have not used yet today, Susanne
Susanne: Okay... Let me guess...
AlyzaCCC: make one up, Susanne :-)
Susanne: Got something...
AlyzaCCC: okay, ga
Ruth: Alyza לש םידימלת ונחנא ,םולש
Ruth: oops, sorry
AlyzaCCC: no, don't be, Ruth
Susanne: .םידימלת םה אל ?תודימלת דיודו לאינד
* Ruth fast on the enter key
AlyzaCCC: your sentance is good, you need to add a hey infront of talmeedim, it is a gramer thing we will learn about later
AlyzaCCC: Alyza לש םידימלתה ונחנא ,םולש
AlyzaCCC: that is the corrected sentance, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: now, what did you say?
Susanne: BTW, how do you write "Alyza"?
Ruth: Shalom, we are the students of Alyza.
AlyzaCCC: Susanne, very good, please translate for me
AlyzaCCC: הזילע
Susanne: Are Daniel and David female students? No, they're male students.
AlyzaCCC: that is my name :-)
AlyzaCCC: good, Susanne
AlyzaCCC: nice translation, Ruth, well done
AlyzaCCC: okay, how about 2 new words?
Ruth: ok
Susanne: ready
AlyzaCCC: ..
AlyzaCCC: the 2 dots should be closer together, but that is the best I can do with IRC
AlyzaCCC: how would you say that?
Susanne: Ruth? Your turn :)
Ruth: that vowel sounds like eh?
AlyzaCCC: right, Ruth, it sounds like eh
AlyzaCCC: it is called a tserEH
Ruth: is it ehm or hehm?
Ruth: hehm?
AlyzaCCC: the second one is correct. Remember, it is consenent vowel, consonent vowel
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: ?
Ruth: it is masculine something?
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: They (m.), it is voweled hey-tsereh-mem sofit םה
AlyzaCCC: and is pronounced hem (e as in help)
Ruth: and this can also mean mixed, too?
AlyzaCCC: ..
Susanne: hen
AlyzaCCC: right, Ruth, it can mean they mixed, as in refering to Dawn and Dave, for example
AlyzaCCC: good, Susanne
AlyzaCCC: They (f.), it is voweled hey-tsereh-nun sofit ןה
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: and is pronounced hen
AlyzaCCC: how would you say "Dave and Greg, they are students"?
AlyzaCCC: okay, how would you say "They are students" if the they refered to Dave and Greg?
Susanne: Dave v'Greg, םידימלת םה
Ruth: Dave vih Greg, hehm tahlmeedeem
Ruth: oops
AlyzaCCC: okay, Ruth, you are correct
AlyzaCCC: Susanne, םידימלת םה is correct
AlyzaCCC: but if doingit Hebrew direction, it should be
Susanne: I mixed the directions...
AlyzaCCC: םידימלת םה ,v'Greg Dave
AlyzaCCC: I know, it is hard to do combined Hebrew and English, especially when a Hebrew prefix is needed
Susanne: Would be easier to write the names in hebrew :)
AlyzaCCC: okay, how about if I wanted to say "Are they students?" refering to a group of females?
Ruth: hen tahlmeedot?
AlyzaCCC: Ken, how about Hebrew characters now :-)
Susanne: תודימלת ןה
AlyzaCCC: tov maod! you two make a good team :-)
Ruth: yea Susanne
Susanne: yes hehe
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: only 6 more words to go until we can read another story!
Susanne: okay... let's go on then! :)
AlyzaCCC: only 2 more words for today, then we must quit
AlyzaCCC: as I have to get ready for the quiz
AlyzaCCC: ב
AlyzaCCC: _ AlyzaCCC: ב AlyzaCCC: _ AlyzaCCC: there, that is better, misscounted the first time
AlyzaCCC: it is a prefix, how would you say it?
Susanne: ba
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: In the, this prefix is a bet ...ב
AlyzaCCC: (ie, it has a dagesh inside the letter, making it have the 'b' sound)
AlyzaCCC: it is voweled with a patach and pronounce bah-
AlyzaCCC: right now, we do not have anything a person can be "in the", but this can also mean "with, by means of the"
AlyzaCCC: as in, by means of a pencil
AlyzaCCC: it is not used with "Susanne went with Ruth", that is a different word
AlyzaCCC: it is She wrote with the pencil"
AlyzaCCC: with here, meaning "by means of"
AlyzaCCC: in this lesson, we will only use it to mean "in the"
AlyzaCCC: ב
AlyzaCCC: :
AlyzaCCC: how would you pronounce that?
Susanne: be...
AlyzaCCC: close, bih
* Ruth doesn't know
AlyzaCCC: the : makes the ih sound
Susanne: be like in bet
Susanne: really hard to write sounds in english :)
AlyzaCCC: the ב makes the b sound (it contains a dagesh in it, ie, a dot in the middle of the letter as seen on the web page)
AlyzaCCC: understood, but ih is closer to how it sounds
AlyzaCCC: though it is a short ih
AlyzaCCC: meaning, short in duration
AlyzaCCC: In, this prefix is a bet with a shva under it ...ב
AlyzaCCC: it is pronounced bi (bi as in bit but of shorter duration)
AlyzaCCC: it means "in a" or "with/by means of a"
AlyzaCCC: in comparison to the previous (bah-), meanin "in THE" "with/by means of THE"
AlyzaCCC: we will review it next week, when we will actually be able to use it, since we will learn the word class (room)
AlyzaCCC: that's it folks!
Ruth: Thank you!
AlyzaCCC: Brrrrrring! (bell rings)
Ruth: lol
Susanne: hehe
Ruth: Susanne, it is nice to meet you. Hope to see you again.
AlyzaCCC: ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be no class on Tueday after this one
AlyzaCCC: ie, Tuesday the week of the 22nd
AlyzaCCC: as I will be on vacation
Susanne: great... I wont be here next week :)
AlyzaCCC: we do, however, have class this Tuesday
AlyzaCCC: shalom all, hope to see you at the quiz game!
Ruth: ok
Ruth: shalom
*** Ruth has left #IsraeliCafe
Susanne: bye alyza
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