Hebrew 101 log from June 8, 1997

Session Start: Sun Jun 08 20:15:05 1997
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AlyzaCCC> I will be pasting all of the words we learned from last week
Greg3> Changing to netextmo 12 is that OK?
AlyzaCCC> 12 is a bit small, if you are a beginner
AlyzaCCC> I suggest 14 for you Greg, and 16 for Ruth
Greg3> what do you reccommend?
Greg3> or recommend?
AlyzaCCC> for me, 12 is okay, but I have been studying Hebrew for years and years
Greg3> OK - I'm at 14
AlyzaCCC> okay, let me give you a test letter
AlyzaCCC> מ
AlyzaCCC> what do you see?
Greg3> a mem
Greg3> a SMALL mem ;-)
AlyzaCCC> good, you see the gap at the bottom left and the thing that sticks out at the top left clearly?
Greg3> I'll go w/ 16 for a while
AlyzaCCC> maybe you want to go to 16 too?
Greg3> now I do at 16
Greg3> I did
AlyzaCCC> or even 18 (I recommended 16-18 last week)
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AlyzaCCC> uh oh
AlyzaCCC> Shalom welcome to #IsraeliCafe Hebrew 101! For more information in the class, if this is your first time here, go to I suggest setting your font size to 16 or 18 for easy reading. Make sure your mIRC is set to a Hebrew web font.
AlyzaCCC> that is my intro
Greg3> gee where'd she go?
*** Ruth has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC> WB Ruth!!!
Greg3> ah she's back
Ruth> did you all miss me?
Ruth> lol
Greg3> WB Ruthele!
Greg3> YES!
Greg3> what happened?
Ruth> got dumped
AlyzaCCC> bummer
AlyzaCCC> 3 minutes till class time :-)
Greg3> Question alyza before we start
AlyzaCCC> sure, go ahead
Greg3> Why does Father (Avi) take the feminine plural (Avot)?
AlyzaCCC> cacha ze b'ivrit
AlyzaCCC> that means, that is how it is done in Hebrew
AlyzaCCC> for some things, there is no reason that is known.
Greg3> of all things to take a feminine ending, a masculine title!
AlyzaCCC> av is masculine, but it is pluralized as avot
Greg3> HA!
AlyzaCCC> there are exceptions in every language, Greg
Greg3> that much i know ;-) it's the WHY I was seeking ;-)
Greg3> OK - enough tough question for one night
AlyzaCCC> Greg, only G-d knows why
Greg3> Amein!
Greg3> my wife is joining us to learn too
Greg3> her name is Leslie
Greg3> she is here now
AlyzaCCC> shalom Leslie
Ruth> Hi Leslie
Greg3> Leslie says Shalom aleichem y'all
Greg3> (the Y'all is for Ruth
Ruth> I didn't know Y'all was Hebrew...and here I've been saying that all my life!
AlyzaCCC> okay, lets get started with a review
Greg3> I have the keyboard so I'll be typing for her too
Greg3> S. Israel, Ruth!
Ruth> lol
AlyzaCCC> actually, I will use y'all for atem and aten later
AlyzaCCC> Review: What is the letter name and what sound does it make?
AlyzaCCC> א
Greg3> what letter?
Greg3> aleph - no sound; makes the sound of the vowel under it
Ruth> do you want us to just answer or use the !
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> just answer, Sunday is informal
AlyzaCCC> ה
Ruth> :)
AlyzaCCC> but try and take turns, if you can
Ruth> hey, but I forgot what it sounds like
Greg3> Hey! I know this one. it is, uh, hey, anyone know it?
AlyzaCCC> what is the first letter in its name?
Ruth> h
AlyzaCCC> right, and that is its sound!
Ruth> ok
AlyzaCCC> נ
Greg3> nun
Greg3> "N" sound
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> ת
Ruth> Tav...t
AlyzaCCC> (some people will be here 30 minutes late)
AlyzaCCC> right, Ruth
AlyzaCCC> מ
* AlyzaCCC waits
Greg3> mem 'm'
Ruth> mem, m
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> wow, 5 to 7 second lag tonight
AlyzaCCC> must be a busy night on the net
AlyzaCCC> okay, let's review vowels with the letters
AlyzaCCC> don't answer until I get both the letter and vowel on the screen
AlyzaCCC> מ
AlyzaCCC> .
Greg3> mee
AlyzaCCC> remember, the vowel is directly under the letter
AlyzaCCC> good, Greg
AlyzaCCC> א
AlyzaCCC> _
Ruth> ah?
AlyzaCCC> nachon (correct)
AlyzaCCC> א
AlyzaCCC> י.
AlyzaCCC> oops,
Greg3> eee
AlyzaCCC> let me try that again
AlyzaCCC> יא
AlyzaCCC> .
Greg3> eee
AlyzaCCC> there, that's better
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> ת
AlyzaCCC> _:
AlyzaCCC> ת
AlyzaCCC> _:
AlyzaCCC> a bit better
Ruth> tah
AlyzaCCC> right!
AlyzaCCC> נ
AlyzaCCC> T
Greg3> nah
AlyzaCCC> exactly
AlyzaCCC> okay, now the review of the words
AlyzaCCC> with vowels first
AlyzaCCC> .
Ruth> mee
AlyzaCCC> yeppers
AlyzaCCC> you remember what it means?
Ruth> who
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> mee means who
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AlyzaCCC> shalom Dart
AlyzaCCC> Shalom welcome to #IsraeliCafe Hebrew 101! For more information in the class, if this is your first time here, go to l I suggest setting your font size to 16 or 18 for easy reading. Make sure your mIRC is set to a Hebrew web font.
AlyzaCCC> ינ א
dart> hello, all - or should I say Shalom
AlyzaCCC> ינא
AlyzaCCC> ._:
Greg3> Ani
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> which means what?
Greg3> I (am)
dart> maybe should go to the URL to see what it says first....
AlyzaCCC> probably a good idea :-)
AlyzaCCC> okay, next word
AlyzaCCC> T_
AlyzaCCC> Ruth, please pronounce it for me
Ruth> atah?
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> what does it mean?
Ruth> you masculine
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> good
AlyzaCCC> תא
AlyzaCCC> :_
Greg3> Aht - you feminine
AlyzaCCC> good, shall we try a few sentances?
Ruth> ok
AlyzaCCC> ימ
AlyzaCCC> ינא
AlyzaCCC> התא
AlyzaCCC> תא
AlyzaCCC> those are all the words, for your viewing
AlyzaCCC> ? ינא ימ
AlyzaCCC> what does it mean?
Ruth> Who am I?
AlyzaCCC> right
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AlyzaCCC> and since I am asking it, how would you say, you are alyza?
Greg3> Aht Alyza
Ruth> Alyza תא
AlyzaCCC> in Hebrew, Greg
AlyzaCCC> copy the word from the list above
AlyzaCCC> and type my name to the left of it
AlyzaCCC> right Ruth
Greg3> Alyza תא
AlyzaCCC> good, Greg
AlyzaCCC> Greg, you repeat my question
AlyzaCCC> (copy and paste it)
AlyzaCCC> Ruth, when he does, answer him
Greg3> What do you want me to do?
Ruth> LOL My font is so big that part has already rolled by!
Greg3> ינא ימ
AlyzaCCC> hold, on, let me give you each a word list in 1-1
AlyzaCCC> there, now the words will not scroll by
AlyzaCCC> Ruth, what is the reply?
Ruth> good idea
Ruth> Ruth ינא
AlyzaCCC> Ruth, he asked who am I
AlyzaCCC> he is not you
Ruth> oh
Ruth> well, then that's a wrong answer
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> for this question
* AlyzaCCC waits for Ruth to answer the question
Ruth> Greg התא
AlyzaCCC> Right
AlyzaCCC> which means?
Ruth> You are Greg.
AlyzaCCC> and how do you say the Hebrew word?
Greg3> but the "are" is implied, right?
AlyzaCCC> right, Greg
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AlyzaCCC> the are is implied
AlyzaCCC> good
Ruth> atah
AlyzaCCC> okay, next question
AlyzaCCC> ?התא ימ
AlyzaCCC> who am I asking?
*** blue-red has left #IsraeliCafe
Ruth> Greg
Greg3> me
Greg3> greg ינא
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> very good
AlyzaCCC> how do you pronounce the Hebrew word in your reply?
Greg3> Ani
AlyzaCCC> good
Greg3> (ahnee)
AlyzaCCC> ?תא ימ
Greg3> Alyza תא
Ruth> Ruth ינא
Ruth> I messed up again.
AlyzaCCC> no, Ruth, you are correct
AlyzaCCC> I was asking who are you (f)?
AlyzaCCC> so you have the correct answer
AlyzaCCC> you understand?
Greg3> I see - I was thinking backwards
AlyzaCCC> okay
Ruth> You asked who I am? and I answered.
AlyzaCCC> right
Ruth> Is that right?
AlyzaCCC> and you answered well
Ruth> ok
AlyzaCCC> okay, next question
AlyzaCCC> no, let me give you an answer
AlyzaCCC> you give me a question to which it is a reply
AlyzaCCC> Greg ינא
AlyzaCCC> What is that the answer to?
Greg3> התא ימ
* AlyzaCCC expects on answer from Ruth, and a different on from Greg
AlyzaCCC> okay, if I am asking that is correct, Greg, what if you are asking?
Greg3> ינא ימ
AlyzaCCC> good
AlyzaCCC> okay, this one is for Ruth
AlyzaCCC> Ruth ינא
AlyzaCCC> what was I asking?
Ruth> תא ימ
AlyzaCCC> good
AlyzaCCC> now, if you were the asker?
Ruth> I don't understand
AlyzaCCC> If you were talking to yourself, and answered Ruth ינא what did you ask yourself?
Ruth> Who am I?
AlyzaCCC> in Hebrew now
Ruth> ok
Ruth> ינא ימ
AlyzaCCC> good
AlyzaCCC> okay, 2 new words
AlyzaCCC> אמא
AlyzaCCC> T.
AlyzaCCC> how do you say it?
Greg3> eemah
AlyzaCCC> okay, good
AlyzaCCC> it means mom
AlyzaCCC> if I was a mom, I could say אמא ינא
AlyzaCCC> I [am a] mom or I[am] mom
AlyzaCCC> the am and a are implied
AlyzaCCC> T
AlyzaCCC> or
AlyzaCCC> _
Ruth> mah
AlyzaCCC> (this word has 2 vowel spellings, but is always המ )
AlyzaCCC> good
AlyzaCCC> mah means what
AlyzaCCC> the question word what
AlyzaCCC> okay
AlyzaCCC> ? תא המ ,Ruth
Ruth> ok
Ruth> Do you want me to answer in Hebrew?
AlyzaCCC> yes, please
Greg3> can you send the new words to our 1-1 please?
AlyzaCCC> okay, will do
AlyzaCCC> there you go
Ruth> אמא ינא
AlyzaCCC> good
AlyzaCCC> ?Ruth המ Greg
Greg3> אמא ruth
AlyzaCCC> good
Ruth> So the is is implied too?
Greg3> so the (is a) is implied?
AlyzaCCC> okay Leslie: ? אמא תא
AlyzaCCC> yes, correct
AlyzaCCC> is is implied
AlyzaCCC> so is a
Ruth> ok
AlyzaCCC> what did I just ask Leslie?
Greg3> Are you a mom?
AlyzaCCC> good
Greg3> lo
AlyzaCCC> now, I want you to reply I am a mom or I am [not-use English word] mom
Greg3> אמא not ינא
AlyzaCCC> goot
AlyzaCCC> okay
AlyzaCCC> here is a dialog of sorts, names are pronounced next to the new name
AlyzaCCC> I want you to read it, tell me how it is pronounced, and what the sentance means
AlyzaCCC> ready?
Ruth> yes
Greg3> ok
AlyzaCCC> Dialogue
AlyzaCCC> ?תא ימ
Greg3> mee aht (Who are you)
Ruth> Who are you (Fem)?
AlyzaCCC> good
Greg3> fem
AlyzaCCC> (Nena) .הנינ ינא
Greg3> what does neenah mean?
AlyzaCCC> it is a name
Greg3> Ahnee Neenah
AlyzaCCC> a girl's name
AlyzaCCC> okay, and it means what?
Greg3> I am Neenah
AlyzaCCC> (names will be place in parenthasis in this dialog, next to the name)
AlyzaCCC> good
AlyzaCCC> Ruth, you do the next one
Ruth> Ok, I think I get it now.
AlyzaCCC> ?תא המ
Ruth> What are you? Is that right?
AlyzaCCC> right
Ruth> ok
AlyzaCCC> how is it pronounced?
Ruth> mah at
AlyzaCCC> good
AlyzaCCC> .אמא ינא
AlyzaCCC> Greg, your turn
Greg3> ahnee eemah
Greg3> I am a mom (NOT)
AlyzaCCC> good
Ruth> lol
AlyzaCCC> right, but you are translating
AlyzaCCC> so you can translate" I am a dog" even though you are a human
AlyzaCCC> it is Nena who is a mom
AlyzaCCC> okay, next set, 2 different people speaking
AlyzaCCC> ?תא ימ
AlyzaCCC> Greg (I want Ruth to do some answers and Greg some questions)
Ruth> Who are you (fem)? at mee
AlyzaCCC> okay
AlyzaCCC> Ruth, do the next one too
AlyzaCCC> (Tahmi) .ימת ינא ?ינא ימ
Greg3> I don't understand what you want us to do
AlyzaCCC> the last word is a name
AlyzaCCC> translate a sentance when asked, and say how it is pronounced, Greg
Greg3> mee ahnee? Ani Tahmi: Who am I? I am Tahmi
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> notice that Tahmi is a girl's name
Ruth> I didn't get that one. I am confused.
AlyzaCCC> okay Ruth
AlyzaCCC> (Tahmi) .ימת ינא ?ינא ימ
AlyzaCCC> it is 2 sentances
AlyzaCCC> the first part is a question
AlyzaCCC> ?ינא ימ
Greg3> sentences
AlyzaCCC> right
AlyzaCCC> that means who am I?
Ruth> ok
AlyzaCCC> the second part, she answers herself
Ruth> it just takes me longer
AlyzaCCC> .ימת ינא
AlyzaCCC> I am Tahmi
AlyzaCCC> no problem, feel free to ask for explainations as needed
AlyzaCCC> that is what I am here for
AlyzaCCC> Greg, Translate the following
AlyzaCCC> ?אתא ימ
Greg3> who are you (masc)
AlyzaCCC> good
AlyzaCCC> Ruth, your turn
AlyzaCCC> (Matti) יתמ ינא
Ruth> I am Matti
AlyzaCCC> good
AlyzaCCC> another small dialog
AlyzaCCC> ?תא ימ
AlyzaCCC> Greg
Greg3> Who are you (fem)
AlyzaCCC> good
AlyzaCCC> Ruth
AlyzaCCC> (Meenah) .הנימ ינא
Ruth> I am Meenah
AlyzaCCC> right. Meenah is a girl's name Matti is a boy's name
AlyzaCCC> okay, you two are doing well
AlyzaCCC> I have some homework for you to do, which I want you to have ready for Tuesday (we will review the dialog on Tuesday also, going through it again)
Ruth> ok
Greg3> CAn I mail it to you since Tuesdays are a bit on the late side for me?
AlyzaCCC> I am going to past the exercises up on the screen
AlyzaCCC> sure, e-mail me the answers, I will send it back corrected
Greg3> thanks
AlyzaCCC> if you are not going to be in class on Tuesday
AlyzaCCC> okay
AlyzaCCC> A. Translate.
AlyzaCCC> אמא ינא ,(Ana) הנא ינא (1
AlyzaCCC> (Matti) יתמ ינא ?התא ימ (2
AlyzaCCC> (Tahmi) .ימת ינא ?תא ימ (3
AlyzaCCC> .אמא הנא ?אמא ימ (4
AlyzaCCC> ==========
AlyzaCCC> B Translate.
AlyzaCCC> 1) What are you? (f.)
AlyzaCCC> 2) I am a mother.
AlyzaCCC> 3) Who am I?
AlyzaCCC> 4) Who are you? (m.)
AlyzaCCC> 5)Who are you? (f.)
AlyzaCCC> 6) I am _____.
AlyzaCCC> ===================
AlyzaCCC> so, in part a, tell me the English, in part B, tell me the Hebrew
Ruth> ok
AlyzaCCC> any questions on the instructions?
AlyzaCCC> any questions on the lesson in general?
Ruth> yes
AlyzaCCC> go ahead Ruth, ask away
Ruth> when you sound out the Hebrew it is also from right to left? This sounds silly now that I asked.
AlyzaCCC> yes, from right to left
Ruth> so it would be Ruth anee
AlyzaCCC> everything in Hebrew, from the aleph be to the sounding is right to left
AlyzaCCC> well, in English, we say anee Ruth
Ruth> but on the screen? which way do you want it?
AlyzaCCC> in Hebrew Ruth ינא
Ruth> This was what was confusing me earlier.
AlyzaCCC> when I ask you to pronounce it, I am asking for how it would sound in English
Ruth> Ok
Ruth> I understand now
AlyzaCCC> so left to right is fine
AlyzaCCC> ain
AlyzaCCC> any other questions?
Greg3> nope
AlyzaCCC> Ruth?
Ruth> no, I can't think of any right now.
AlyzaCCC> okay, you can always ask me on Tuesday or via e-mail
Ruth> thanks!
AlyzaCCC> I am going to send this log off to the list, so they can do the homework too
AlyzaCCC> Thank you both for comeing to the practice session
AlyzaCCC> be prepared to do the dialog again on Tuesday
Ruth> Thanks for doing this!
Greg3> thank you Alyza for putting this together!
Ruth> Wait
AlyzaCCC> most welcome Bevakasha
* AlyzaCCC waits
Ruth> I thought we weren't meeting this Tuesday?
AlyzaCCC> oh, you are right
AlyzaCCC> so send me the homework by e-mail
Ruth> Ok
AlyzaCCC> and we will go over it next sunday
Greg3> ok
AlyzaCCC> doh!
Ruth> lol
Greg3> say that in Hebrew, please ;-)
AlyzaCCC> lol
AlyzaCCC> oy
Greg3> Dalet hey
Greg3> well, that works too!
* Ruth feeling left out!!!
AlyzaCCC> oh, you want a transliteration
AlyzaCCC> why Ruth?
Ruth> j/k
AlyzaCCC> j/k means?
Greg3> dalet is the "d" letter
Greg3> jsut kidding
Ruth> just kidding
AlyzaCCC> we have not had it yet
Greg3> j/k = just kidding
AlyzaCCC> ah, thanks
AlyzaCCC> we will get the dalet in lesson 2
AlyzaCCC> a week from tuesday
AlyzaCCC> well, I am going to #BetSefer and prepare for the quiz
Ruth> see ya there!
AlyzaCCC> shalom!
Greg3> oh - I thot the quiz was in here too
AlyzaCCC> nope, it is a RSF thing
*** Ruth has left #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC> so it is in #BetSefer
Greg3> see ya
Session Close: Sun Jun 08 21:38:48 1997

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