Hebrew 101 log from June 15, 1997

Session Start: Sun Jun 15 20:20:09 1997
Sgt-Wilson: Alyza, to what level of hebrew are you planning on teaching here?
AlyzaCCC: Hebrew 101, beginner level at the moment
Dawn: pre-beginner:)
AlyzaCCC: I hope that the class will continue in the fall, if there is the interest
* Ruth interested, but has MUCH to learn.
Dawn: We're practicing Lesson 1?
AlyzaCCC: then it will be either Hebrew 101b or Hebrew 102, depending on the level of the class at that time
AlyzaCCC: yes, exactly
AlyzaCCC: we are going to go over the homework and re-read the dialog from last class
Dawn: Alyza...I met SgtWilson in de Cafe this week...told her to write to Dave to get the flyer:)
AlyzaCCC: it will all be practice, nothing new
AlyzaCCC: ah, okay. Sgt. Wilson, are you Jewish or Christian...Just curious, I teach everyone
Sgt-Wilson: I am Jewish
Dawn: Can I do one more plug Alyza?
AlyzaCCC: for what, Dawn?
Dawn: SgtWilson...Alyza's Jewish Knowledge Quiz is after's fun!
Dawn: you of course, girl:)
Ruth: It IS fun.
Ruth: And Alyza isnt a picky speller.
* Dawn gives Ruth THE LOOK!
* Ruth waits for Dawn's Look"
Ruth: ROFL
Dawn: heheeh
Dawn: You know if I didnt' count spelling, someone would whine about favoritism
AlyzaCCC: hey, Hebrew is hard to spell in English
Ruth: yes ma'am.
Dawn: Hebrew is hard to spell in Hebrew:)
Ruth: Everything is hard to say and spell with an Okie accent.
AlyzaCCC: well, at least it is phonetic
AlyzaCCC: are we all ready?
AlyzaCCC: you have your word lists handy?
Ruth: yes
* Dawn is ready:)
AlyzaCCC: okay, lets start by reviewing the dialog
AlyzaCCC: I will paste the Hebrew, I want you to tell me how to say it, and what it means. We will take turns, starting with Dawn (alphabetic order)
AlyzaCCC: Dialogue
AlyzaCCC: ?תא ימ
AlyzaCCC: GA Dawn
Dawn: Who are you? Female...Me at?
AlyzaCCC: great!
Dawn: whew:)
AlyzaCCC: aht
AlyzaCCC: for those who are new
Dawn: k:)
AlyzaCCC: (Nena) .הנינ ינא
AlyzaCCC: the last word is the name in parenthesis
*** Sgt-Wilson has left #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: Ruth
Ruth: I am Nena.
AlyzaCCC: good, how do you pronounce I?
Ruth: anee Nena
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan! (Excellent)
AlyzaCCC: ?תא המ
AlyzaCCC: ga Dawn
Dawn: What are you? (f) Mah aht?
AlyzaCCC: nachon! (Correct!)
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AlyzaCCC: ?תא ימ
AlyzaCCC: Ruth
Ruth: Who are you? Fem. me aht
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AlyzaCCC: avoda tov! (good work!)
AlyzaCCC: WB SgtWilson
AlyzaCCC: (Tahmi) .ימת ינא ?ינא ימ
CUTENYGUY: yafeh m'od!
AlyzaCCC: Dawn
Dawn: Who am I? I am Tahmi. Me anee? Anee Tahmi.
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan! (Excellent)
Dawn: :)
AlyzaCCC: ?אתא ימ
AlyzaCCC: Ruth
Ruth: Who are you? (m)
Ruth: Is that right?
AlyzaCCC: yes, oops, spelling error, just a moment
Ruth: me ata?
AlyzaCCC: ?התא ימ
Ruth: Who are you? (M) me atah?
AlyzaCCC: the meaning and pronounciation is correct
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: (Matti) יתמ ינא
AlyzaCCC: Dawn
Dawn: I am Matti. Anee Matti.
AlyzaCCC: tov! Good!
AlyzaCCC: ?תא ימ
AlyzaCCC: Ruth?
AlyzaCCC: Sgt, can you read the letters yet?
Sgt-Wilson: no, unfortunately
Ruth: Who are you? fem. me aht
AlyzaCCC: okay, try checking the web site for future use, I have the logs there too
Sgt-Wilson: and the problem with the hebrew font, is that it only does corresponding letter (i.e.-Shin=S, Lamed=L)
AlyzaCCC: tov!
CUTENYGUY: hey sgt,you know yur stuff
AlyzaCCC: the ones on my site do the Hebrew Israeli keyboard style
AlyzaCCC: (Meenah) .הנימ ינא
AlyzaCCC: Dawn
Dawn: I am Meenah. Anee Meenah.
AlyzaCCC: so, you might want to check the web site for those fonts
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: Okay, lets go over the homework from last week
Sgt-Wilson: Cute, I should I went to Hebrew school for 7 years
AlyzaCCC: Exercises
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Dawn: ?
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Greg. We are going over the homework
AlyzaCCC: GA Dawn
Dawn: Can you tell me if you see a nun, please?
greg3: Aleichem Shalom, Alyza, and all
Dawn: נ
greg3: yes, I see the nun
Dawn: thanks:)
AlyzaCCC: Yes, I see a nun
AlyzaCCC: A. Translate.
AlyzaCCC: אמא ינא ,(Ana) הנא ינא (1
greg3: Question - are we taking turns or first to answer?
AlyzaCCC: taking turns, so Greg, it is your turn :-)
Dawn: Shalom Greg:)
greg3: I am Ana. I am a mom
AlyzaCCC: Tov!
AlyzaCCC: Good
AlyzaCCC: (Matti) יתמ ינא ?התא ימ (2
AlyzaCCC: Ruth
Ruth: Who are you? I am Matti.
AlyzaCCC: masc or fem?
Ruth: masc.
AlyzaCCC: okay, look at the word for you is it aht or atah?
AlyzaCCC: (Matti) יתמ ינא ?התא ימ (2
greg3: Ruth has is right, doesn't she?
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Ruth: atah
AlyzaCCC: right, atah
AlyzaCCC: and atah is you masculine, so you are correct :-)
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan!
AlyzaCCC: (Tahmi) .ימת ינא ?תא ימ (3
AlyzaCCC: Greg (I am hoping Dawn returns)
*** Sgt-Wilson has left #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: uh oh, looks like net problems
greg3: Who are you (fem)? I am Tahmi
AlyzaCCC: okay, good, why is if fem?
greg3: it is Aht the fem. form for You
*** Dawn ( has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: tov maod (ver good)!
AlyzaCCC: WB Dawn
AlyzaCCC: .אמא הנא ?אמא ימ (4
Dawn: thanks:)
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, it is your turn
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Dawn: Who is a mom? I am a mom.
AlyzaCCC: WB Cutenyman
CUTENYMAN: Who is single,I am single
AlyzaCCC: tov maod! (Very good)
Dawn: :) C
* AlyzaCCC will not ask why this is fem :-)
AlyzaCCC: B Translate.
AlyzaCCC: Does everyone have their word list, or do I need to paste it?
greg3: Please paste to me, thanks!
AlyzaCCC: anyone else?
Dawn: oh...sorrry...Me ema? Anne ema.
Ruth: I have it plus what you msg. me.
AlyzaCCC: right you are Dawn, could self correction :-)
AlyzaCCC: good, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: Cutenyman, do you have a Hebrew font?
AlyzaCCC: 1) What are you? (f.)
AlyzaCCC: whose turn is it?
greg3: mine, I think
AlyzaCCC: okay, Greg, GA
greg3: תא המ
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan!
AlyzaCCC: what did I just say?
Dawn: Rippin' good, Greg!:)
Ruth: excellent
AlyzaCCC: right :-)
AlyzaCCC: 2) I am a mother.
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, GA
Ruth: אמא ינא
AlyzaCCC: nachon! (correct!)
AlyzaCCC: 3) Who am I?
AlyzaCCC: Cutenyman,
Ruth: ani eema
AlyzaCCC: right, Ruth, sorry I did not wait for that :-)
CUTENYMAN: ken alyza?
AlyzaCCC: Cutenyman, copy the right words from your list in the right order to ask the question in Hebrew
greg3: are we lagging or is it just slow?
AlyzaCCC: just waiting, Greg
AlyzaCCC: 3) Who am I?
CUTENYMAN: go ahead alyza,I'm just watching
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, please translate it to Hebrew
Dawn: ?ינא ימ
Dawn: Me anee?
AlyzaCCC: tov maod! (very good)
AlyzaCCC: 4) Who are you? (m.)
AlyzaCCC: Greg
greg3: התא ימ - mee atah
CUTENYMAN: lehitraot yeladim v'yeladot!
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan! (excellent)
AlyzaCCC: shalom olhitraot, Cutenyman
AlyzaCCC: (Cutenyman said "see you later boys and girls"
Ruth: ah!
AlyzaCCC: I said, peace and see you later"
AlyzaCCC: )
Dawn: Obviously ready for Hebrew 301
Ruth: lol
AlyzaCCC: 5)Who are you? (f.)
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, GA
Dawn: ?תא ימ Me aht?
AlyzaCCC: lol, maybe Hebrew 150
AlyzaCCC: nachon! (Correct)
Dawn: whoa...301 must be Shakespearean Hebrew?:)
* AlyzaCCC hopes that some words like nachon, metzuyan, and tov maod will soak in
greg3: Hebrew predates Shakespeare by a few millenia ;-)
AlyzaCCC: more like poetry and short stories
Dawn: I know...bear with me here on the humor:)
greg3: you say that is bearly humor? ;-)
AlyzaCCC: most definitely, greg, and Hebrew poetry soars!
AlyzaCCC: 6) I am _____.
Dawn: :) greg
AlyzaCCC: Ruth
AlyzaCCC: GA
Ruth: Ruth ינא anee Ruth
AlyzaCCC: tov maod! (very good!)
AlyzaCCC: okay, that is it for the formal stuff, now for some informal conversations
greg3: Question - why the blanks? I mean, the number wasn't right.
* Ruth thinks Greg ready for Jewish Knowledge quiz.
AlyzaCCC: you mean I skipped a question?
greg3: Never mind - I was just confused by the number of blanks for q6
AlyzaCCC: ah, okay, it is just a blank, I did not count the underlines, sorry
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, please ask Greg a question
Dawn: Greg, what did you have for dinner?
Dawn: oh...not that way...
AlyzaCCC: in Hebrew, lol
Dawn: ? אמא התא
AlyzaCCC: very good Dawn
AlyzaCCC: Greg, what does Dawn's question ask?
Dawn: Kind of a dumb sentence:)
greg3: It says "atah Emah" which means are you (masc) a mom - which is silly! ;-)
AlyzaCCC: he, with the limited vocab, that is very creative
* Ruth REALLY confused now.
Dawn: Well, you never know in this day and age! LOL
AlyzaCCC: okay, say all but the word not in Hebrew to answer it
greg3: Alyza - teach "no" - LO
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, you have a question?
AlyzaCCC: I need the lamed
Ruth: not yet.
AlyzaCCC: that is next lesson
AlyzaCCC: okay, the Hebrew word for no sounds like lo
* Dawn lets Alyza borrow her ל
AlyzaCCC: wow, Dawn has looked ahead
AlyzaCCC: what Dawn just pasted is a lamed
Dawn: What a geek I am!
AlyzaCCC: ימ
AlyzaCCC: ינא
AlyzaCCC: התא
AlyzaCCC: תא
AlyzaCCC: אמא
AlyzaCCC: המ
AlyzaCCC: ל sounds like an l, it is a tall letter
greg3: אמא ל ינא
greg3: (I assume Lo is Lamed w/ a dot on top? )
AlyzaCCC: the hebrew word for no is אל
greg3: Dawn - how are you typing Hebrew script?
greg3: thank you, Alyza
AlyzaCCC: right, Greg, but we will discuss it next week
AlyzaCCC: Greg, please ask Ruth a question
* AlyzaCCC waits for Greg to think of a question and then paste it
greg3: אמא תא, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: ?
AlyzaCCC: at the end
greg3: ?אמא תא, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, what did Greg ask?
Dawn: greg...didn't know I was...
Ruth: Ruth, are you a mom?
AlyzaCCC: tov!
greg3: you entered the Lamed, Dawn - I figured you were typing it in
AlyzaCCC: okay, please answer
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: ל
AlyzaCCC: do you see a lamed?
* Dawn does
* AlyzaCCC can type 1 letter here, or whole words in Dagesh2
Ruth: .אמא ינא
AlyzaCCC: tov maod
AlyzaCCC: okay, Ruth, ask Dawn a question
Ruth: ok
greg3: yes, I see the lamed
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Ruth: ?תא ימ
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, what did Ruth just ask you?
Dawn: Who are you? (f) ינא Dawn.
Dawn: Anee Dawn.
AlyzaCCC: okay, though Dawn should go behind the word ינא
AlyzaCCC: so it should be: Dawn ינא < ------
Dawn: ohhh...thanks!
AlyzaCCC: read from right to left
AlyzaCCC: no problem :-)
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, ask anyone a question, preceeded by their name
Dawn: k...
* AlyzaCCC loves seeing you all grow in your Hebrew :-)
Dawn: ?Greg, אמא התא ימ
* Ruth thinks Alyza doesn't know I am sitting here with sweaty palms.
AlyzaCCC: Greg, what did Dawn just ask
greg3: Uhm
greg3: who are you (m) a mom, Greg
Dawn: oops...
Dawn: meant Who is your mom, Greg? But we don't know the words yet:)
AlyzaCCC: okay, so the question needs some work, can you re-do it Dawn
Dawn: yes...lemme try one more to Greg
Dawn: ?Greg, ינא ימ
greg3: WHo am I, Greg?
Dawn: That's what I meant:)
AlyzaCCC: okay, Greg, who is she?
greg3: Dawn תא
Dawn: be nice!
AlyzaCCC: Tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: okay, folks, lets talk about Tuesday
AlyzaCCC: Tuesday we will start lesson 2
AlyzaCCC: I want all of you to study the letters for Lesson 2
greg3: Please mail it to me, OK?
AlyzaCCC: the vowels for lesson 2
AlyzaCCC: you mean Tuesday's log?
greg3: yes, please
AlyzaCCC: the lesson is on the web, BTW
greg3: Oh, that's fine, then
Ruth: I noticed it was on the website, too
Ruth: I mean the logs.
AlyzaCCC: I mean, the letters, the vowels, and the vocab
Ruth: ok
greg3: Can you please paste the site here? I don't have it bookmarked at home
AlyzaCCC: the logs get placed on there after the class (obviously), but it takes some html editing on my part
AlyzaCCC: Shalom welcome to #IsraeliCafe Hebrew 101! For more information in the class, if this is your first time here, go to l I suggest setting your font size to 16 or 18 for easy reading. Make sure your mIRC is set to a Hebrew web font.
Dawn: ?
AlyzaCCC: GA Dawn
Dawn: Could you show us a final mem? I can't find it...
*** bigal has joined #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: okay, just a moment
AlyzaCCC: ם
Dawn: thanks!
AlyzaCCC: you see it Dawn?
Dawn: yup
AlyzaCCC: it is fairly square
AlyzaCCC: with no gap where the regular mem has a gap
Dawn: ם
AlyzaCCC: and a small protrusion on the top
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: okay?
Dawn: thanks!
AlyzaCCC: so, the homework is to study the new letters and new vowels, and if you feel comforable, listen to the sounds of the new words, but no need to memorize them
AlyzaCCC: okay?
Dawn: Sounds good! I like this pace:)
greg3: Thank you Alyza!
AlyzaCCC: cool, I like being able to teach at the pace of the class :-)
AlyzaCCC: bevakasha
AlyzaCCC: (pleased)
* Ruth writes this down.
AlyzaCCC: kind of the Hebrew your welcome
Dawn: םולש
AlyzaCCC: oooo
greg3: Shalom!
AlyzaCCC: םולש
Dawn: heheheeh I got it!
AlyzaCCC: see you all in 30 minutes for the Jewish Knowledge Quiz in #JewishStudies!
greg3: I'll be there!
Dawn: We'll be able to really jam after learning next week's stuff:)
Ruth: Thanks Alyza
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Dawn: I'll be dere too Alyza:)
AlyzaCCC: cool
Dawn: :)
greg3: Why a new room tonite?
*** Dawn has left #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: well, Greg, because the Religious Studies Forum wants all Jewish events in 1 room
AlyzaCCC: this is non-religious event, so it occurs in the IsraeliCafe instead
greg3: so why are we in here?
greg3: oh
greg3: neer mind
Ruth: Thanks Alyza, I appreciate it....see you later.
greg3: I need to read before I ask
*** Ruth has left #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: םולש
*** greg3 has left #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: You are welcome to stay and chat, but I am getting ready for the Jewish knowlege Quiz at 10 EST
AlyzaCCC: shalom
Session Close: Sun Jun 15 21:31:53 1997

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