Hebrew 101 log from June 17, 1997

Session Start: Tue Jun 17 22:40:21 1997
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[...bit o chit chat and greetings]
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AlyzaCCC: well folks I guess we can get started
[....still more chit chat]
AlyzaCCC: probably only go for 1 hour tonight. This lesson is a bit longer than lesson 1. Lesson 1 took 3 class periods, this should take 4-6
* DawnACK regrets to remind I have a shift at 11
AlyzaCCC: okay, Dawn, lets get started
DawnACK: fonts are gone
AlyzaCCC: First we learn some new letters
AlyzaCCC: Hopefully you have checked the web site before this
AlyzaCCC: how Dawn?
DawnACK: I'm sorry...let me restart...go ahead...i'll catch up:)
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: ==========================
AlyzaCCC: Letters of the Aleph-Bet for this lesson
AlyzaCCC: ==========================
AlyzaCCC: All of these letter are on the web page
AlyzaCCC: in Lesson 2.
AlyzaCCC: ל
AlyzaCCC: you all see Hebrew?
Ruth: yes
Dave: Hummm, no
AlyzaCCC: no, Dave, please mess with your settings again :-)
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Dave: Messing...
Dave: Lamed?
AlyzaCCC: that is supposed to be a lamed
AlyzaCCC: yes!
Dave: Cool
AlyzaCCC: ל
AlyzaCCC: Lamed--This letter makes the sound
AlyzaCCC: of the letter L as in land.
Dave: Duh. What is a lamed anyway:?
AlyzaCCC: did I answer your question?
Dave: Mine? yes
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: ש
AlyzaCCC: Shin--The shin has a dot above the right
AlyzaCCC: most point on the top. The dot is important,
AlyzaCCC: we cannot represent it over IRC, so for now,
AlyzaCCC: just make a mental note that the dot is there.
AlyzaCCC: We will discuss this more when we get the
AlyzaCCC: letter sin. Shin is pronounced like the sh
AlyzaCCC: in shoe.
AlyzaCCC: ====
AlyzaCCC: ר
AlyzaCCC: Reish (ray-sh)- looks a bit like a backwards
AlyzaCCC: r and is pronounced by Israelis as a rolling r.
AlyzaCCC: Since most non-Israelis cannot pronounce this
AlyzaCCC: in a rolling manner, it is pronounced simply as
AlyzaCCC: the r in rain. Note the smooth curve to the
AlyzaCCC: reish. There are no joints or protrusions, but
AlyzaCCC: a smooth curve.
AlyzaCCC: ====
AlyzaCCC: ד
AlyzaCCC: Dalet--The dalet looks a bit like a reish, but
AlyzaCCC: there is a difference. The dalet his flat on the top
AlyzaCCC: and is the joining of a horizontal and vertical
AlyzaCCC: line. The dalet has a slight protrusion of the
AlyzaCCC: top line where it meets the verticle line. The
AlyzaCCC: letter name dalet is very similar to the word
AlyzaCCC: delet, meaning door. In fact, the letter dalet
AlyzaCCC: came from the picture of a door. Dalet is
AlyzaCCC: pronounced like the d in door.
Dave: d d
AlyzaCCC: does everyone see the difference between the 2 letters?
Ruth: yes
AlyzaCCC: Dave, what is d d?
Dave: I was practicing saying dalet
AlyzaCCC: oh, lol
AlyzaCCC: last letter for today
AlyzaCCC: ם
AlyzaCCC: Mem Sofit (also called final mem, sofit means end)
AlyzaCCC: The mem sofit appears only at the end of the word
AlyzaCCC: (that is the left most point, remember, Hebrew is
AlyzaCCC: read and written from right to left). It is somewhat
AlyzaCCC: similar to the mem מ we learned in class 1 in
AlyzaCCC: appearance, but there is no gap on the bottom and
AlyzaCCC: it is much more square in shape. Note the small
AlyzaCCC: protrusion on the top left. The mem sofit is pronounced
AlyzaCCC: like the mem, as the m in Moses.
AlyzaCCC: it is important to remember that the mem sofit is square
AlyzaCCC: Exercise:
AlyzaCCC: What is the name of each letter and what sound does it make?
AlyzaCCC: ======
AlyzaCCC: מ
Dave: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Dave
Dave: Mem. M m
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: ד
Dave: Ruth's turn
AlyzaCCC: yep
Ruth: Delet , d
AlyzaCCC: tov
Ruth: good?
AlyzaCCC: yes :-)
AlyzaCCC: ש
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: Dave's turn
Dave: Shin
Dave: sh, sh
Dave: shhhh, teachers looking
AlyzaCCC: nachon (correct) lol
AlyzaCCC: נ
Ruth: nun , n
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan (excellent)
AlyzaCCC: ר
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AlyzaCCC: WB Dawn!
Dave: Welcome back Dawn
Dawn: thanks...sorry
Dawn: working now:)
Dave: Me too. This Hebrew stuff is HARD
Dawn: LOL Dave!
AlyzaCCC: ר
Ruth: lol
AlyzaCCC: what letter is that, Dave?
Dave: Resh, rrr, rrr yourself
AlyzaCCC: you are correct
Dawn: Alyza...I copied the vocab off the web site...think I'm ok:)
Dave: Dawn, you're ALWAYS okay
AlyzaCCC: still, Dawn, I am giving you the 1-1 update of what you missed
Dawn: {{{Dave}}} don't tell I did that:)
Dawn: k...thanks:)
AlyzaCCC: and, of course, it will appear as a log on the web site
AlyzaCCC: okay, Dawn's turn
AlyzaCCC: ל
Dawn: lamed
AlyzaCCC: and the sound it makes?
Dawn: l
AlyzaCCC: tov maod (very good)
AlyzaCCC: ם
AlyzaCCC: Ruth's turn
Ruth: mem sofit, m
AlyzaCCC: right, and where is a mem sofit found?
Ruth: at the end of a word.
AlyzaCCC: that is right!
AlyzaCCC: ד
Dave: I know this one. I practiced it...
AlyzaCCC: and, what is it Dave?
Dave: Dalet. D, d
AlyzaCCC: nachon! (correct)
AlyzaCCC: מ
Dave: Todah rabbah.
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Dawn: Thank you teacher?
Dave: Thank you very much
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, what was that letter?
Dawn: oh...close:)
AlyzaCCC: rabbah = much, many
Dawn: That is the much used mem...sounds like m as in M & Ms!
AlyzaCCC: מ
* Ruth wishes she could HEAR how to say these words.....
AlyzaCCC: right, and where is that in a word (or where is it not)? It is/ is not ------
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, can you not hear the wavs on the web page?
Dawn: beginning as in "Memmmmmmmmmmmmries..."
Dave: lol
AlyzaCCC: okay, it is in the beginning
* Ruth slaps her head and says "oh yeah...."
AlyzaCCC: can it be in the middle?
* Dave gasps
Dawn: um...yes
AlyzaCCC: (the transliterated words will be .wavs when we get them in Hebrew letters)
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: ר
Dawn: :)
AlyzaCCC: Ruth
Dave: Resh vav tav
Ruth: reish, r
AlyzaCCC: right, Dave
AlyzaCCC: Ruth =
Dave: Sorry. Got carried away. I thought it was a quiz question
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AlyzaCCC: תור
AlyzaCCC: are we ready for some new vowels?
Dawn: Yes, Morah!
AlyzaCCC: tov maod, Dawn, nice study of the vocab
AlyzaCCC: ==================
AlyzaCCC: Vowel sounds for lesson 1
AlyzaCCC: ==================
AlyzaCCC: make that lesson 2
AlyzaCCC: these also appear on the web site
AlyzaCCC: and it is important that you see them there as I cannot do some things on IRC
AlyzaCCC: Segol--The segol is basically 3 dots, one for each
AlyzaCCC: point on the v I will use to represent it here (please
AlyzaCCC: see the web site for the actual appearance of the
AlyzaCCC: vowel marker). The segol is pronounced eh,
AlyzaCCC: like the e in get or bet. The name segol is pronounce
AlyzaCCC: seh-goal.
AlyzaCCC:. .
AlyzaCCC: .
AlyzaCCC: sort of like that
Dave: Sounds like Dan. See goal. Kick ball.
AlyzaCCC: but closer together
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: Holam (cholam) looks like a stick with a dot above it,
AlyzaCCC: the stick, we will later learn, is the letter vav. As a vowel
AlyzaCCC: the holam is pronounced like the o in hope. It is placed
AlyzaCCC: next to the letter, and we will represent it on IRC with an
AlyzaCCC: i instead of a vav when introducing the word for the first
AlyzaCCC: time, so we can distinguish the vowel from the
AlyzaCCC: letter we will learn later. So, for example, iמ
AlyzaCCC: is pronounced moh.
AlyzaCCC: the stick actually looks like
AlyzaCCC: ו
AlyzaCCC: with a slight bend to the letter
AlyzaCCC: =====
AlyzaCCC: Holam hasar (cholam chasar) is a dot place by the top
AlyzaCCC: right of a letter. It is pronounced exactly like the holam.
AlyzaCCC: On IRC, it will be represented by an ` (accent mark)
AlyzaCCC: to the left of the letter. For example, `מ
AlyzaCCC: is pronounced moh.
Dave: And curley and larry are pronounced?
AlyzaCCC: I will only use the accent mark when I first introduce the letter
AlyzaCCC: lol
Dave: Hi Fly
Dawn: ?
AlyzaCCC: or if I believe you cannot read the word in context with out the mark
AlyzaCCC: Exercise:
AlyzaCCC: How would you pronounce the following?
AlyzaCCC: =======
AlyzaCCC: ל
AlyzaCCC: _
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Dawn: o/ Dawn's hand is up:)
AlyzaCCC: ga Dawn
Dawn: lah?
AlyzaCCC: I like the o/ very cute
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AlyzaCCC: right
Dawn: Hide my horse!
Dave: Hello Godfather.
Ruth: LOL
Dave: Lol
AlyzaCCC: 2) םא
Dawn: o/
AlyzaCCC: v
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AlyzaCCC: remeber the v really represents the 3 dot vowel segol
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AlyzaCCC: Dawn again
Dave: Dawn again? I just got to sleep!!!!
AlyzaCCC: Dave, you know how to say that?
Dawn: I see ah meh?
Dave: Ken
AlyzaCCC: at the end, yes, Dawn
AlyzaCCC: mem sofit
AlyzaCCC: or final mem, squarish
Dave: Em, as in: Em I still in Arkansas?
Dawn: so is it ahmeh?
AlyzaCCC: right, Dave :-)
AlyzaCCC: okay, the aleph takes the sound of the vowel under it
AlyzaCCC: in this case, a segol
Dawn: ohhhhhh
AlyzaCCC: so we get eh for the aleph
Dawn: so would ehm be right too?
AlyzaCCC: and then m
AlyzaCCC: right
Dawn: k
AlyzaCCC: ehm is perfectly phonetical
AlyzaCCC: T
AlyzaCCC: now how is it pronounced?
Dawn: o/
Ruth: ahm
Ruth: oops,
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, how about trying this?
Dawn: :)
AlyzaCCC: it is okay, Ruth, and you are correct
AlyzaCCC: V
* Dawn IS drawing a blank, right in here! LOL...kidding
Dawn: \o
Ruth: !
AlyzaCCC: okay, Dawn
Dawn: aht
AlyzaCCC: close
Dawn: eht
AlyzaCCC: I used a word you had last week, but put a new vowel under it
AlyzaCCC: right
Dave: Yeah, Dawn!
AlyzaCCC: normally when you see תא it will indeed be aht
AlyzaCCC: .
Dawn: \o
AlyzaCCC: ga Dawn
Dawn: med
AlyzaCCC: you mean meed or mehd?
Dawn: mehd
Dawn: no
Dawn: meed
AlyzaCCC: okay, what sound does the hiriq make?
Dawn: e:) oops
AlyzaCCC: right, hiriq makes an eeee sound
AlyzaCCC: okay, that is how you learn
AlyzaCCC: nice job with the dalet , btw
Dawn: :)
AlyzaCCC: _
Dave: Yikes
Dawn: \o
Dawn: LOL
AlyzaCCC: Dave, why don't you tell us what it says
* Dawn cannot say that word anymore...
Dave: Blood. Yukie stuff
Dave: Dam (soft a)
AlyzaCCC: yes, you can. Correct, Dave, and how is it pronounced
AlyzaCCC: (dahm = blood, I am not swearing)
Ruth: oh.....
Dave: That's precisely what lady Macbethdf said! Dahm blood.
AlyzaCCC: try teaching that to a bunch of 6th graders
AlyzaCCC: lol, Dave
* Dawn didn't know it meant blood...just heard an aristocrat cursing:)
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: V
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, your turn
Ruth: oh h
Ruth: oh oh
Ruth: arg
AlyzaCCC: take your time
AlyzaCCC: what is the first letter (right most one)?
Ruth: shehl
AlyzaCCC: yes!
Dawn: waahhoooo Ruth!
AlyzaCCC: V
Dawn: Looks like a bunny!:)
AlyzaCCC: aw how cute
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, how is it said?
Dawn: rehr
AlyzaCCC: close
AlyzaCCC: try again
Dawn: oh i c
AlyzaCCC: look closely at the letters
Dawn: dehr
AlyzaCCC: right to left
Dawn: no
Dawn: rehd
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: correct!
Dawn: o\ Dawn saying DOH!
AlyzaCCC: T
AlyzaCCC: lol, Dawn
AlyzaCCC: Dave, what sound does that make?
Dave: Dahr
AlyzaCCC: tov maod
AlyzaCCC: *. [note:using an * to make sure the . lines up correctly in the html, it is not a vowel]
AlyzaCCC: (remember י. sounds like . )
Dawn: \o
AlyzaCCC: GA Dawn
Dawn: deed?
AlyzaCCC: yeppers
Dawn: :)
Ruth: I don't understand that one.
AlyzaCCC: okay, Ruth, lets take a look at it
Ruth: thanks
AlyzaCCC: the first letter is a dalet
AlyzaCCC: what sound does dalet make?
Ruth: d
AlyzaCCC: okay, it has a . under it, what sound does . make?
AlyzaCCC: (remember י. sounds like . )
Ruth: ee
AlyzaCCC: right, and י. is also eee
AlyzaCCC: so far we have dee
AlyzaCCC: now, what was the last letter?
Ruth: ok, I see. I didn't understand the "." under it.
Ruth: d
Ruth: deed
AlyzaCCC: okay :-)
Ruth: thank you
AlyzaCCC: most welcome, that is what I am here for
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: א`ל
AlyzaCCC: not that the vowel is next to the lamed
AlyzaCCC: it is a holam haser
AlyzaCCC: Dave
Dave: Lee?
AlyzaCCC: hOlam
AlyzaCCC: what sound does a hOlam make
AlyzaCCC: ?
Dave: Ma?
Dave: Lo
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
Dawn: no!
Dave: Tov
AlyzaCCC: lo
AlyzaCCC: no?
AlyzaCCC: oh
Dave: Lo
Dawn: means no?
AlyzaCCC: the meaning
AlyzaCCC: o\ doh!
Dawn: hehehehe
Ruth: what means no?
Dawn: lo
Ruth: oh
Dawn: LOL
AlyzaCCC: iד
AlyzaCCC: lo means no
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, what sound does that make?
Dave: and no means lo. So does lo and behold mean no looking?
Dawn: do?
Dawn: as in doh?
AlyzaCCC: right!
Dawn: LOL!!!!!
Dawn: lemme copy that one!
AlyzaCCC: (my attempt at humor)
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david1: hey
Dave: Shalom David
AlyzaCCC: iל
* Dawn must scoot now...will study the log!
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, your turn, what sound does that make?
Ruth: Bye Dawn
Dave: Shalom Dawn!!!!
Dawn: ה to you david1:)
AlyzaCCC: ...shalom ...
david1: hi everyone
AlyzaCCC: Don't forget to come on Sunday!
Dawn: םולש
Ruth: lo
AlyzaCCC: lol, Dawn
AlyzaCCC: םולש
AlyzaCCC: iל
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, what sound does that make
*** Dawn has left #IsraeliCafe
Ruth: lo
AlyzaCCC: yeppers
AlyzaCCC: v
AlyzaCCC: (v is really a segol with 3 dots)
AlyzaCCC: Dave
Dave: Lehd
*** david1 has left #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: yep
Dave: What does that word mean?
AlyzaCCC: just did it because it sounds English
AlyzaCCC: it was just for sound practice
Dave: Ah
AlyzaCCC: you want to learn a bit of vocab?
AlyzaCCC: are you ready?
* Ruth willing to try
AlyzaCCC: okay, we will do a few words today, and more on Sunday
AlyzaCCC: ========
AlyzaCCC: vocabulary
AlyzaCCC: ========
AlyzaCCC: * T [note:using an * to make sure the . lines up correctly in the html, it is not a vowel]
AlyzaCCC: how is it pronounced?
AlyzaCCC: the first letter is what?
Ruth: shin
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: what is the vowel under it, how does it sound?
Ruth: me?
Ruth: shahlom
AlyzaCCC: yes, why not
Ruth: shalom
AlyzaCCC: right!!!
Ruth: cool!
* Ruth nudges Dave.
AlyzaCCC: okay, when it is w/o vowels it looks like
Dave: Ah, hum., Oh
AlyzaCCC: Hello, goodbye, peace (in mind, in body, and lack of war) םולש
AlyzaCCC: as you can tell, when I say shalom to someone, I have a whole bunch of meanings in mind
AlyzaCCC: I am wishing them health, peace of mind, no strife, and either hello or goodbye * AlyzaCCC thinks shalom is a cool word
Ruth: me too.
AlyzaCCC: .:_
AlyzaCCC: let me try again
AlyzaCCC:* . :_ [note:using an * to make sure the . lines up correctly in the html, it is not a vowel]
AlyzaCCC: a bit bette
AlyzaCCC: r
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AlyzaCCC: Dave, please sound that out for me
Dave: Halll meeeeed
Dave: Halmead
AlyzaCCC: close
AlyzaCCC: the first letter is what?
Dave: Talm....
AlyzaCCC: right
* Dave needs new eyes
Dave: Talmid
AlyzaCCC: notice how the shva : ends the syllable?
AlyzaCCC: . :_
AlyzaCCC: tal meed
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, is that okayu?
Ruth: yes.
AlyzaCCC: let me know if you need something explained in more depth
Ruth: thanks :)
AlyzaCCC: Student (m.) דימלת
AlyzaCCC: the feminine is
AlyzaCCC: T . :_
AlyzaCCC: how would you say that, Ruth?
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Ruth: tahlmeedah?
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
Dave: Go Ruth!
AlyzaCCC: okay, notice that even without the vowels, you can see the difference
between the two words
AlyzaCCC: הדימלת דימלת
AlyzaCCC: the feminine ends with a he
AlyzaCCC: hey
Ruth: yes
Dave: When I was in Hebrew school, that used to confuse the ... out of me. The female ends in a he
AlyzaCCC: the hey is an ending added to the word to make it feminine
Ruth: Dave went to Hebrew school?
Dave: Sure, Ruth. Didn't you?
AlyzaCCC: now, there are exceptions, as the word התא ends with a hey and is masculine
Ruth: LOL, nope.
AlyzaCCC: but that is a rare thing
AlyzaCCC: okay, that is it for vocab for today, I want to practice with them a bit
AlyzaCCC: Okay, you all have the vocab thus far in your 1-1
AlyzaCCC: so we can use them
AlyzaCCC: Dave: " ?התא המ ,םולש"
AlyzaCCC: the answer should contain the Hebrew word meaning student
AlyzaCCC: what did I ask you Dave?
Dave: You askdd: Hello, where are you from?
AlyzaCCC: what does המ mean?
Dave: Ma, what
AlyzaCCC: right, so we have Shalom, what _____?
Dave: Are you?
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: shalom, what are you?
AlyzaCCC: your reply is "I [am] [a] student (m)"
AlyzaCCC: please say that in Hebrew
AlyzaCCC: take your time, I know pasting is slow
Dave: Shalom, ani Alyza's talmid.
AlyzaCCC: okay, how about in Hebrew characters :-)
AlyzaCCC: (that is why I pasted the vocab so far to you)
Dave: דימלת (?) אלא ינא םולש
AlyzaCCC: okay, except for the (?) אלא word, it is not part of the vocab
Dave: I noticed.
AlyzaCCC: so, better is דימלת ינא םולש
AlyzaCCC: what were you trying to say with that word?
Dave: No, in my faith, we give credit to the teacher
Dave: Alyza
AlyzaCCC: okay, hold on
AlyzaCCC: הזילע
AlyzaCCC: THAT is my name
AlyzaCCC: but we don't have possessive word yet
Dave: הזילע אדות
AlyzaCCC: VBG:
AlyzaCCC: Very Big Grin
AlyzaCCC: Dave just said, thank you Alyza in Hebrew
AlyzaCCC: don't worry, Ruth, you don't have to learn that yet
Ruth: whew
Dave: (Dave, that showoff)
Ruth: what Dave said
AlyzaCCC: okay, let me ask you a question, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: ?תא המ ,םולש
AlyzaCCC: what did I ask you, Ruth?
Ruth: Shalom, what are you (f)?
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: I want you to answer "I [am] [a] student (f)"
AlyzaCCC: in Hebrew
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: take your time, I know copying and pasting takes time
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Ruth: הדימלת ינא
AlyzaCCC: Tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: WTG people, you are making progress!
AlyzaCCC: In the interest of not over loading you today, I will stop here and give you
* Ruth thinks we have a good teacher
AlyzaCCC: the rest of the new vocabulary on sunday
* Dave agrees wholeheartedly with Ruth
AlyzaCCC: well, half of the rest of the vocabulary, there is still a lot to learn
AlyzaCCC: and one can only learn up to 5 per class with retention (some say 7)
* AlyzaCCC blushes
* AlyzaCCC has good students
*** Arlene has left #IsraeliCafe
* Ruth thinks those that attended Hebrew school might have a slight advantage, though.
AlyzaCCC: like I said at the begining of class today, we have at least 4-6 classes to cover lesson 2
AlyzaCCC: I agree, Ruth, but you and Dawn are in the same boat
Ruth: yep
AlyzaCCC: so to speak
AlyzaCCC: so, our list has grown by 3 words, 3 vowels, and 4 new letters, not bad for an hour and 20 minutes :-)
Dave: Not at all
AlyzaCCC: so, shall we say םולש?
AlyzaCCC: or are there questions?
Ruth: םולש
AlyzaCCC: :-)
Ruth: Thanks, again!
Ruth: good night.
AlyzaCCC: most welcome!
AlyzaCCC: goodnight to you also
*** Ruth has left #IsraeliCafe
Session Close: Wed Jun 18 00:22:41 1997

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