Hebrew 101 log from June 22, 1997

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AlyzaCCC: Welcome Ruth
* Ruth apologizes for being late.
AlyzaCCC: our current list of vocab is
AlyzaCCC: ימ
AlyzaCCC: ינא
AlyzaCCC: התא
AlyzaCCC: תא
AlyzaCCC: אמא
AlyzaCCC: המ
AlyzaCCC: םולש
AlyzaCCC: דימלת
AlyzaCCC: הדימלת
AlyzaCCC: ימ = who?
AlyzaCCC: ינא = I
AlyzaCCC: התא = you (m)
AlyzaCCC: תא = you (f)
AlyzaCCC: אמא = mom
AlyzaCCC: המ = what?
AlyzaCCC: םולש = shalom
AlyzaCCC: דימלת = student (m)
AlyzaCCC: הדימלת = student (f)
AlyzaCCC: well, I guess it is time to start. I hope some of the others arrive soon
Ruth: Greg is on vacation.
AlyzaCCC: ah
AlyzaCCC: Dave and Dawn?
Ruth: Don't know.
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: Let me paste the vocab list to you
AlyzaCCC: then we will review a bit
AlyzaCCC: okay, keep those for the class period
AlyzaCCC: ?תא ימ
Ruth: Thank you, but I don't want to make you feel obligated...
Ruth: Who am I?
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, I would stay anyhow, as some may come in late
Ruth: no
Ruth: Who are you (f)?
AlyzaCCC: in Hebrew
AlyzaCCC: right
Ruth: ok
Ruth: Ruth ינא
AlyzaCCC: tov!
AlyzaCCC: ?תא המ םולש
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, what did I ask
Ruth: Shalom What are you (f)?
AlyzaCCC: right, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: you can answer this in 2 ways
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: how about 1 of them
Ruth: הדימלת ינא
Ruth: *AlyzaCCC* התא
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
Ruth: oops
AlyzaCCC: lol
Ruth: I copied too much!
AlyzaCCC: it is true, I am AlyzaCCC
Ruth: lol
AlyzaCCC: but I am not a male
AlyzaCCC: okay, what else can you say you are?
Ruth: ok
Ruth: אמא ינא
AlyzaCCC: nachon!
AlyzaCCC: okay, ask me a question
Ruth: ok
Ruth: ?תא ימ
AlyzaCCC: tov! You know what you said?
Ruth: Who are you?
AlyzaCCC: correct, feminine
AlyzaCCC: how is it pronounced?
Ruth: mee aht?
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: okay, i am going to answer now
AlyzaCCC: Alyza ינא
AlyzaCCC: how about this one
AlyzaCCC: ?דימלת ימ
AlyzaCCC: what did I ask?
Ruth: Who student (male)? Should it be Who is the student?
AlyzaCCC: right (first part) it means "Who is a student (m)?"
AlyzaCCC: no "the"
AlyzaCCC: "the" we have not learned yet :-)
Ruth: Who is a student (M)?
AlyzaCCC: right
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: you may answer with the name of any of the male students in the class
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: followed by the word meaning student
Ruth: דימלת Dave
AlyzaCCC: Tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: ?הדימלת ימ
Ruth: Who is a student (f)?
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: now, how do you pronounce it?
Ruth: mee tahlmeedah
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: okay, Ruth, please answer this for you
AlyzaCCC: then for Dawn
Ruth: ok
Ruth: הדימלת Ruth
Ruth: הדימלת Dawn
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: okay, you, Ruth, can also be called "I" by yourself
AlyzaCCC: say the first answer again with the Hebrew I
Ruth: הדימלת ינא
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan!
Ruth: oops, I got in a hurry!
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, ready for a new word or 2?
Ruth: I'll try!
Ruth: םולש
AlyzaCCC: *. [note: the * is a place holder so that the vowel appears in the correct place in html]
AlyzaCCC: how would you pronounce that, Ruth?
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AlyzaCCC: WB Obeng
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC:שיא
AlyzaCCC: AlyzaCCC: *. [note: the * is a place holder so that the vowel appears in the correct place in html]
Ruth: eesh? I'm not sure.
AlyzaCCC: yes, very good Ruth!
AlyzaCCC: שיא means man, a male human being
AlyzaCCC: שיא can also be used for husband
AlyzaCCC: for example
AlyzaCCC: שיא Richard
AlyzaCCC: means Richard is a man
AlyzaCCC: but it can, in context, mean Richard is a husband
* Ruth wrote that down.
AlyzaCCC: usually, if it means husband, there will be other words to clue you in, words we will learn latter
AlyzaCCC: okay, next word
AlyzaCCC: T.
Obeng: I'm sorry - could you re-post the address for first-timers/ I coulnd't get there when I clicked.
AlyzaCCC: sure
Ruth: eeshaha? eeshah?
Ruth: no, eeshah?
AlyzaCCC: second one is right
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: eesh-ah
AlyzaCCC: accent on the second syllable
AlyzaCCC: ee-shah
AlyzaCCC: shah is second sylable
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: השא means woman, but can also mean wife
AlyzaCCC: okay?
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: ? תא המ
AlyzaCCC: say, I am a woman
Ruth: ok
Ruth: השא ינא
AlyzaCCC: tov maod (very good)
AlyzaCCC: now, tell me David is a man
Ruth: שיא David.
Ruth: Could you msg me the man and woman words please?
AlyzaCCC: yafeh maod (very nice)
AlyzaCCC: okay, no problem
Ruth: Thank you!
AlyzaCCC: bevakasha (pleased)
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: okay, tell me that Dawn is a woman, Dawn is a student
Ruth: ok
Ruth: השא Dawn הדימלת Dawn
AlyzaCCC: okay, you said Dawn is a student, Dawn is a woman
Ruth: oops
AlyzaCCC: I want Dawn is a woman, Dawn is a student
Ruth: הדימלת Dawn השא Dawn
AlyzaCCC: tov maod (very good)
AlyzaCCC: tell me, "I am a mom, I am a student"
Ruth: ok
Ruth: הדימלת ינא אמא ינא
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan (excellent)!
AlyzaCCC: okay, 2 more new words
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: V
AlyzaCCC: Rememeber, the V stands for the 3 dot petach vowel
AlyzaCCC: I mean Segol
AlyzaCCC: oops
AlyzaCCC: how do you pronounce that, Ruth?
Ruth: moreh
AlyzaCCC: Tov!
AlyzaCCC: tough one, huh?
Ruth: I wasn't sure!
Ruth: yes!
AlyzaCCC: that is okay, sometimes it takes time
AlyzaCCC: that is why we move slowly
AlyzaCCC: okay, it normally appears w/o vowel marks as הרומ
AlyzaCCC: or if I use the 1 vowel inside the word הרiמ
AlyzaCCC: the word means teacher, and it is masculine
AlyzaCCC: the feminine version is
AlyzaCCC: T
AlyzaCCC: how do you pronounce that?
Ruth: morah?
AlyzaCCC: tov!
Ruth: whew
AlyzaCCC: w/o vowels, it looks like הרומ
AlyzaCCC: just like the word for male teacher
Ruth: yes!
AlyzaCCC: the only way you can tell which is being uses is by context
AlyzaCCC: unless I give you the T or V under the word
AlyzaCCC: then it is clear that the T is feminine, and the other is masculine
AlyzaCCC: okay?
Ruth: ok (she said hesitantly!)
AlyzaCCC: understood
AlyzaCCC: ? ינא ימ
AlyzaCCC: translate
Ruth: Who am I?
AlyzaCCC: okay, so, who am I?
Ruth: ok
Ruth: הרומ תא
AlyzaCCC: tov, how would you say that?
Ruth: aht morah
AlyzaCCC: good!
AlyzaCCC: translate please
Ruth: You are a teacher.
AlyzaCCC: good!
Ruth: or You are teacher?
AlyzaCCC: either, but it is better english to say the first way
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: sorry, had to say goodnight to my husband
AlyzaCCC: last word for today
AlyzaCCC: א`ל
AlyzaCCC: what does the ` represent, what sound?
Ruth: o
AlyzaCCC: so, how would you say this word?
Ruth: loh?
AlyzaCCC: nachon! (correct)
AlyzaCCC: w/o vowel marks it is אל
AlyzaCCC: to use the word lo in answering a question, you do as follows:
AlyzaCCC: Question: ?דימלת תא
AlyzaCCC: That means what?
AlyzaCCC: (include m or f for gender of word)
Ruth: Are you (f) a student (m)?
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: obviously that is not true
AlyzaCCC: you would want to say "No, I am not a student (m), I am a student (f)
AlyzaCCC: to do that, you say
AlyzaCCC: . הדימלת ינא .דימלת אל ינא ,אל
AlyzaCCC: 2 sentances
AlyzaCCC: do you understand?
Ruth: no
AlyzaCCC: (of course, I might, in some cases, just use the sentance, "No, I am not a student")
AlyzaCCC: okay אל means both no and not
Ruth: OH!
Ruth: always?
AlyzaCCC: any other difficulties?
AlyzaCCC: situationally, Ruth. Generally at the beginning it means no, inside, it means not
Ruth: OK!
AlyzaCCC: . הדימלת ינא .דימלת אל ינא ,אל
AlyzaCCC: what does this mean?
Ruth: No, I am not a student (m). I am a student (f.)
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: exactly
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: you understand now?
Ruth: yes, thanks!
AlyzaCCC: okay, your homework assignment is to use some of your words to right 4 sentances in Hebrew, list what each means in English, and how they are pronounced. You must use one of the new words in each sentance.
AlyzaCCC: any questions?
Ruth: no.
AlyzaCCC: on anything we learned or the instructions to the homework
*** Obeng has quit IRC (Obeng)
Ruth: I can't think of any.
Ruth: I really appreciate, though, you doing this. It is exciting to me!
AlyzaCCC: BTW, those of you reading the log at home, please e-mail me the homework if you you are not comming to class on Tuesday
AlyzaCCC: ימ
AlyzaCCC: ינא
AlyzaCCC: התא
AlyzaCCC: תא
AlyzaCCC: אמא
AlyzaCCC: המ
AlyzaCCC: םולש
AlyzaCCC: דימלת
AlyzaCCC: הדימלת
AlyzaCCC: שיא
AlyzaCCC: אשה
AlyzaCCC: הרומ
AlyzaCCC: לא
AlyzaCCC: Those are all the words we know so far, הרומ is both for moreh and morah
Ruth: Oh, I might not be here on Tues. [reason cut]
AlyzaCCC: 13 words now!
Ruth: wow
AlyzaCCC: okay, no problem. Send me the homework by e-mail when you are able
AlyzaCCC: I will try to have Tuesdays log up by Thursday, if possible
Ruth: Thank you.
AlyzaCCC: most welcome. No guarentees, my niece is staying on Thurs and Friday
AlyzaCCC: okay, class dismissed. See you at 10 for the quiz game :-)
Ruth: That will be fun!
Ruth: thanks again!
AlyzaCCC: yes, maybe we will go to the zoo
*** Ruth has left #IsraeliCafe
Session Close: Sun Jun 22 21:27:16 1997

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