Hebrew 101 log from June 24, 1997

Session Start: Tue Jun 24 23:00:44 1997
*** Now talking in #IsraeliCafe
Dawn: Hey Teach!
DaveS: Shalom, AlyzaCCC! Welcome to #IsraeliCafe
* Ruth appreciate her friend and they special way they show their love.
AlyzaCCC: Sorry I am late
Ruth: Shalom.
Ruth: Dave you tell Dawn, I gotta find my pencil.
Dawn: We already translated all the Psalms!
*** AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Hebrew 101: Lesson 2 continues"
Dawn: םולש
AlyzaCCC: did everyone do their homework?
AlyzaCCC: םולש
* Ruth flunked
AlyzaCCC: you mean you did not do your homework, Ruth?
Ruth: yes
* Ruth forgot..the dog ate it.
AlyzaCCC: okay, did anyone write the 4 sentances?
* Dawn goes to corner and puts on dunce cap but will be a good student in class! I repent of homework negligence!
Ruth: The room looks at Dave
* DaveS goes to corner and scribbed four sentences in his head
Dawn: NO
AlyzaCCC: I have pasted your vocabulary list to your 1-1's
Dawn: Thanks Alyza!
AlyzaCCC: most welcome
Ruth: I need a bigger screen
Dawn: Give us dose sentences, הרומ!:)
AlyzaCCC: okay, why don't you each write one sentance now, using the vocabulary. Each sentance must include one of the new words
Dawn: .הרומ ינא I am a teacher.
* AlyzaCCC waits for the students to all write one sentance
AlyzaCCC: good, Dawn, thanks :-)
Dawn: Anee morah.
AlyzaCCC: nachon
Dawn: de nada:) oops...that's Spanish!
AlyzaCCC: Dave, Ruth?
Ruth: ?
AlyzaCCC: your welcome is said "bevakasha", it really means please or pleased
Dawn: Dave is looking for word for weatherman...
AlyzaCCC: Yes Ruth?
Dawn: Thanks Alyza!
Ruth: אשה I don't remember this one? Sorry.....
AlyzaCCC: it is backwards
AlyzaCCC: sorry, let me fix it
* Dawn knows...
AlyzaCCC: that should be השא
AlyzaCCC: thanks for bringing that to my attention, Ruth
Ruth: השא ינא
Dawn: Alyza...could I say this to one of my students?... ילש דימלת התא
AlyzaCCC: o\ השא
Dawn: LOL...the DohMan!
AlyzaCCC: yes, Dawn, you could
Dawn: k
Ruth: I am a woman. ani eesha
* Dawn wonders if Ruth is going to roar...hehehehe
AlyzaCCC: okay, good, Ruth. Now in Hebrew characters please
Dawn: slap me
AlyzaCCC: Dave?
Ruth: השא ינא
AlyzaCCC: tov maod!
AlyzaCCC: While we are waiting for Dave, could both of you compose another sentance?
Dawn: yup...
DaveS: ינא ינא
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: Dave, I am I, is that what you wanted to say?
DaveS: Yep
DaveS: Who else would I be?
AlyzaCCC: Dave, that does not include any of the new vocabulary
AlyzaCCC: how about telling us you are a student instead?
DaveS: הרומ םולש
AlyzaCCC: Tov, Dave
AlyzaCCC: thanks
Ruth: הרומ תא
AlyzaCCC: what did you just say to me, Dave?
Dawn: ?הדימלת ימ Who is a student? (f) Me tahlmeedah?
DaveS: Hello, teacher.
Ruth: You are a teacher. aht morah
AlyzaCCC: good, Dave
* Ruth apologizes for not waiting her turn.
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, very nice
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, tov maod. what gender
AlyzaCCC: ?
Dawn: thanks:)
Ruth: female
AlyzaCCC: good
AlyzaCCC: okay, lets learn the last 4 words of this lesson
Dawn: k:)
AlyzaCCC: The (a prefix to a word, it cannot stand on its own) ...ה
AlyzaCCC: to say the student (m)
AlyzaCCC: you say דימלתה
AlyzaCCC: ha-talmeed
Dawn: ?
AlyzaCCC: yes Dawn?
Dawn: does it always mean the?
AlyzaCCC: when attached to an existing word, yes
Dawn: k...thanks
AlyzaCCC: to say the teacher, a specific teacher, you say הרומה
AlyzaCCC: ha-morah or ha-moreh
AlyzaCCC: okay?
Dawn: ?
AlyzaCCC: yes Dawn?
Dawn: I must be's not said shel?
AlyzaCCC: no, shel another word, לש
AlyzaCCC: that is shel
Dawn: oops
Dawn: k
AlyzaCCC: no prob
AlyzaCCC: I would like Dave to say "the man"
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, say "the woman"
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, say "the student," feminine
Dawn: ha-eeshah.....השאה The woman
AlyzaCCC: good, Dawn
Dawn: thanks:)
* AlyzaCCC waits for Dave and Ruth
Ruth: הדימלתה
Dawn: Alyza...I didn't know you had 11 students! That's a lot! You go הרומ :)
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: tov maod, Ruth
Ruth: hatahlmeedah?
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: Dave?
DaveS: דימלת ינא לוא הרומ ול ינא
* Dawn thinks Dave is taking a shower:)
AlyzaCCC: well, you have some spelling errors, but it is pretty good
DaveS: Of course I do. It's me we're talking about
AlyzaCCC: now, how about saying the student?
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: understood
* Ruth doesn't know what dave said.
AlyzaCCC: אל
AlyzaCCC: is lo
AlyzaCCC: it means no
Dawn: Did he say I am not a teacher?
DaveS: O
AlyzaCCC: he said, I am not a teacher
AlyzaCCC: some word I don't know (is it a word?)
Ruth: I forgot that no can mean not too.
AlyzaCCC: then I am a student
DaveS: aval
Dawn: It's probably "cogent" Alyza:)
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: but
AlyzaCCC: aval means but
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: Dave, please say, the man
AlyzaCCC: אל
DaveS: HaAdam
AlyzaCCC: note that I said it backward on the list. Sorry
AlyzaCCC: no, using the vocab I pasted to you Dave
DaveS: I dont see it on my list...
AlyzaCCC: it is eeesh
DaveS: השא\
AlyzaCCC: now, put a hey infront of it
DaveS: השאה
Dawn: Would that be Hey, man? slap me:)
AlyzaCCC: tov, Dave!
AlyzaCCC: good
AlyzaCCC: of לש
* AlyzaCCC slaps Dawn around a bit with a large soft pillow
Dawn: heheeh
AlyzaCCC: of לש
AlyzaCCC: V
AlyzaCCC: it is pronounced shel, it means of
AlyzaCCC: remember the V stands for the three dot eh sound
AlyzaCCC: She איה
AlyzaCCC:* . [note the * is not a vowel, but is used to make things line up properly here]
AlyzaCCC: how would you say that?
Dawn: .
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: what is the first letter of the word?
AlyzaCCC: Yes Dave?
DaveS: Pronounce he
DaveS: She is he
AlyzaCCC: correct!
DaveS: Coo coo kajoob
Dawn: heheeh
AlyzaCCC: right, the Hebrew word pronounced hee means she
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: it also can mean it
AlyzaCCC: when refering to nouns which are feminine but are not female creatures
AlyzaCCC: but we will be using hee as she only-- for tonight
Dawn: I should be able to keep that straight! LOL
AlyzaCCC: okay, to say Alyza is the teacher
AlyzaCCC: how would you do that?
AlyzaCCC: (note the use of the word THE)
Dawn: .הרומה Alyza
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: now, say SHE is the teacher
AlyzaCCC: Of me (used to say the English my or mine) ילש
AlyzaCCC: oops
Dawn: .הרומה איה with a dot under the hey
AlyzaCCC: right, Dawn
Ruth: .הרומה איה
AlyzaCCC: Dave, say she is A student
DaveS: דימלתאיה
AlyzaCCC: okay, Dave, there should be a space between the aleph and the tav
AlyzaCCC: דימלת איה
AlyzaCCC: like so
AlyzaCCC: but,
DaveS: I told my keyboard that; it woul;dn't listen
AlyzaCCC: also, there needs to be a hey at the end
Ruth: My keyboard disobeys all the time too.
AlyzaCCC: because you have just said she is the student (m)
Dawn: ?
AlyzaCCC: yes Dawn?
Dawn: So in this case does the hey mean "a"?
AlyzaCCC: no, the hey in איה is part of the word
DaveS: Dawn! Hee hee hee
Ruth: ?
Dawn: ohhh...ok:)
AlyzaCCC: and talmeedah has no hey at the beginning
AlyzaCCC: Yes Ruth
* AlyzaCCC is waiting for Dave to give a corrected version
DaveS: Oh, duh
Ruth: I'm sorry, I know you told me this the "is" and "a" implied?
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: is and a
Ruth: thanks
* Dawn gives Ruth $5 for asking that for her:)
AlyzaCCC: are implied. Of course, if you have a ה prefix, there is no a
* Ruth offers to ask more questions for Dawn.
DaveS: הדימלתה איה
AlyzaCCC: okay, Dave, you have now said she is THE student
AlyzaCCC: how about she is A student?
DaveS: הדימלת איה
AlyzaCCC: tov maod
AlyzaCCC: !
AlyzaCCC: okay, last word for this lesson
AlyzaCCC: Of me (used to say the English my or mine) ילש
AlyzaCCC .V
AlyzaCCC: how is this pronounced
AlyzaCCC: ?
Dawn: shel-li
AlyzaCCC: tov!
Ruth: sheelee?
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: okay, here is the fun part
AlyzaCCC: Dialogue
AlyzaCCC: ==========
Dawn: :)
AlyzaCCC: .םולש --
AlyzaCCC: how is it pronounced, and what does it mean?
Ruth: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Ruth
Ruth: Shalom, peace & wellness
* AlyzaCCC thinks Ruth read her mind cause I was just about to ask for the raising of hands for this
AlyzaCCC: yes, correct
AlyzaCCC: ?תא ימ --
Ruth: :)
Ruth: !
Dawn: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Dawn
Dawn: Who are you...male
AlyzaCCC: close
AlyzaCCC: but it is feminine
Dawn: Who are you, girl? :)
AlyzaCCC: remember that aht and atah are the exceptions to the rule that feminine words end in a hey
AlyzaCCC: .(Orah, a girl's name) הרוא ינא --
Dawn: !
AlyzaCCC: GA Dawn
Ruth: !
AlyzaCCC: pronounce it too
Dawn: I dorked...let Ruth go:(
AlyzaCCC: okay, Ruth, GA
AlyzaCCC: .(Orah, a girl's name) הרוא ינא --
Ruth: I am Orah. Ani Orah.
AlyzaCCC: tov maod
AlyzaCCC: .הדימלת ינא
Ruth: !
Dawn: !
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, ga
Dawn: I am a student (f).
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: good, how do you say it
Dawn: Me tahlmeedah.
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: ?התא ימ --
AlyzaCCC: Dave, this is for you to say
DaveS: Me ata
AlyzaCCC: which means?
DaveS: I am a male
* Dawn is sorry, but must go now:( Thanks guys have a great week! Love to you all:)
Ruth: bye Dawn
*** Dawn has left #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: Bye Dawn!
DaveS: Take care Dawnie!
AlyzaCCC: too slow
AlyzaCCC: not quite Dave
AlyzaCCC: what does me mean in Hebrew?
AlyzaCCC: ?התא ימ --
AlyzaCCC: notice it is a question
DaveS: Where are you from?
AlyzaCCC: mee = who
DaveS: Who are you?
AlyzaCCC: ata = you masculine
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: okay
AlyzaCCC: (Dahni, a boy's name) ינד ינא --
AlyzaCCC: Ruth
Ruth: I am Dahni. Ani Dahni.
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: (the last word is voweled vi) הרומ ינא
AlyzaCCC: Dave
AlyzaCCC: the vowels are read from right to left, btw
AlyzaCCC: and the v stands for the 3 dot eh
DaveS: I am Moe?
AlyzaCCC: close
DaveS: I am More
AlyzaCCC: V
AlyzaCCC: try it now
DaveS: I am Moreh
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: and what is a moreh?
* DaveS wants to say bitter, but knows that's wrong
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, can you help Dave out here?
Ruth: teacher
AlyzaCCC: m or f?
DaveS: f
Ruth: m?
AlyzaCCC: eh ending
AlyzaCCC: right Ruth, masculine
AlyzaCCC: so, Dave, what did that say?
AlyzaCCC: (the last word is voweled vi) הרומ ינא
DaveS: I am a bitter teacher
DaveS: I am a teacher.
AlyzaCCC: right, Dave
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: (Nili, a girl's name) ?ילינ תא
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, your turn
DaveS: !
DaveS: Ooops
AlyzaCCC: what, Dave?
Ruth: Are you Neelee? Nili?
DaveS: Naw, don't want to try Ruth's turn...
AlyzaCCC: masc or fem?
Ruth: aht. fem.
AlyzaCCC: right
AlyzaCCC: (Dena, a girls name) .הניד ינא .ילינ אל ינא ,אל --
AlyzaCCC: Dave, your turn
DaveS: No, I'm not Neelee. I am Dena.
AlyzaCCC: Tov maod!
Ruth: wow
DaveS: But I'm not really Dena either.
Ruth: that was quick.
AlyzaCCC: yes, that was our first real sentance of any length
AlyzaCCC: ?הרומ תא ?תא ימ --
AlyzaCCC: Ruth
Ruth: Who are you (F)? Are you a teacher?
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan!
AlyzaCCC: now, since the word aht is used, is it moreh or morah?
Ruth: morah.
DaveS: morah
AlyzaCCC: tov
AlyzaCCC: good
DaveS: (Dave hopes he won't flunk for copying Ruth)
Ruth: me too.
AlyzaCCC: (note, as the word 'at' is used, teacher is feminine, hence 'morah')
AlyzaCCC: see, context tells which one is meant
AlyzaCCC: אמאה ימא .הרומ אל ינא ,אל --
AlyzaCCC: Dave again
DaveS: No, I am not a teacher. I am a mother.
AlyzaCCC: great!
Ruth: ?
AlyzaCCC: now, since there is a hey in front of ema, what does that mean?
AlyzaCCC: Yes Ruth?
DaveS: הניד מש אמאה ימא
Ruth: I understood I am not a teacher. But the second sentence I didn't understand.
AlyzaCCC: oops, typo
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: אמאה ינא .הרומ אל ינא ,אל
AlyzaCCC: there, that is how it should look
AlyzaCCC: yes Dave?
DaveS: Lo, I am not a teacdher. I am THE mother
AlyzaCCC: right
DaveS: Errr, no, I am not... etc
AlyzaCCC: is that okay, Ruth?
Ruth: I see now.
AlyzaCCC: sorry for the typo
AlyzaCCC: seems it is my day for typos :-)
AlyzaCCC: (sherah, a girl's name) הריש לש
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, this is the continuation of Dave's sentance
AlyzaCCC: (sherah, a girl's name) הריש לש אמאה ינא
AlyzaCCC: it should read as I just pasted
AlyzaCCC: what does it mean?
Ruth: ok
DaveS: !
Ruth: I am the mother of sherah?
AlyzaCCC: right!
AlyzaCCC: Dave?
DaveS: Ruth answered
Ruth: :)
AlyzaCCC: notice that again, from context, we know that the person is female, so the word for teacher in the first sentance was morah
AlyzaCCC: ?הריש ימ --
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: the second word is the same name as the last sentance
AlyzaCCC: ga Dave
DaveS: Who is Cheri
DaveS: ?
AlyzaCCC: close, but the name is shera
AlyzaCCC: (sherah, a girl's name) הריש
* AlyzaCCC got that from above
AlyzaCCC: .הדימלת הריש --
DaveS: !
AlyzaCCC: ga Dave
DaveS: Sherah, princess of power, is a student.
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: well, illiminate princess of power, and you are correct
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: well, that is it for today. Next class we will read a short story and I will give some exercises for practice
* Ruth panics
DaveS: Lol, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, don't panic
Ruth: :0
AlyzaCCC: we have been doing excercises all along
AlyzaCCC: and the short story is stupid
Ruth: lol
AlyzaCCC: the short story is only 4 lines long
AlyzaCCC: how good could it be?
Ruth: whew
AlyzaCCC: any questions
AlyzaCCC: ?
DaveS: None here
AlyzaCCC: you think maybe you can each come up with 1 sentance for next class?
DaveS: Yep
AlyzaCCC: good!
Ruth: yes ma am..I will even do what i was supposed to do for tonight!
AlyzaCCC: I think we may finish this lesson on next Tuesday
AlyzaCCC: cool, Ruth :-)
AlyzaCCC: class dismissed. You may of course, stay and chat
DaveS: הרומ אדת
AlyzaCCC: bevakasha (even if todah is misspelled :-)
AlyzaCCC: btw
AlyzaCCC: here is what we have learned so far
AlyzaCCC: ימ
AlyzaCCC: ינא
AlyzaCCC: התא
AlyzaCCC: תא
AlyzaCCC: אמא
AlyzaCCC: המ
AlyzaCCC: םולש
AlyzaCCC: דימלת
AlyzaCCC: הדימלת
AlyzaCCC: שיא
AlyzaCCC: השא
AlyzaCCC: הרומ
AlyzaCCC: אל
AlyzaCCC: ה
AlyzaCCC: לש
AlyzaCCC: איה
AlyzaCCC: ילש
AlyzaCCC: 17 words
AlyzaCCC: congradulations folks!
AlyzaCCC: the schedule of events in #IsraeliCafe is Sundays (8:30-9:30) and Tuesdays (11-12:30) Hebrew 101, informal Israel related chat on Wednesday from 4-5pm EST (note: Cafe closed July 2), Fridays at 11am EST, Monday at 9-10pm EST starting July 7th
AlyzaCCC: the schedule of Jewish events in #JewishStudies is Jewish Studies on Wed 10pm EST, Parsha on Thurs at 8pm EST, and the newest edition, Jewish Knowledge Quiz on 10pm EST Sundays.
* AlyzaCCC sits and stares
DaveS: wishes everyone a good evening, as he heads off the BED!
AlyzaCCC: shalom Dave
AlyzaCCC: sleep well
Ruth: good night Dave!
DaveS: Shalom yall
*** DaveS has left #IsraeliCafe
Ruth: I think I will go too. I got up a 5 this morning :(.
AlyzaCCC: ooo
AlyzaCCC: Night Ruth, Shalom
Ruth: Alyza, thanks for everying. And thanks for your patience.
AlyzaCCC: sleep well
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: thanks for yours
*** Ruth has quit IRC
AlyzaCCC: also
Session Close: Wed Jun 25 00:27:42 1997

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