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*** AlyzaCCC changes topic to "Hebrew 101: Last class of lesson 2 (8-9 PT)"
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AlyzaCCC:: Shalom Ruth!
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Ruth: Shalom
Ruth: Hi Greg Greg3: Aleichem Shalom
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AlyzaCCC: Shalom Dawn!
Greg3: Shalom Aleichem, Dawn
Ruth: welcome home Dawn
AlyzaCCC: now we only need to wait for Dave, and the IRC contingent of the class is complete
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DaveS: Shalom
Greg3: Shalom Aleichem, Dave
AlyzaCCC: Shalom Dave!
Ruth: Hi Dave
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DaveS: Alecihem shalom, Greg.
DaveS: Hi Ruth!
AlyzaCCC: before we go over the exercises, I would like for each one of you to share one of the sentances you made for the previous class (the sentances assigned last Tuesday)
Greg3: I haven't had a chance to look at the assignments yet since being back - sorry
AlyzaCCC: also, if you notice the topic, this is the last class of lesson 2, we will be starting lesson 3 next Sunday
AlyzaCCC: no problem, Greg. You can still make up 1 sentance from the vocab list I pasted :-)
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AlyzaCCC: Shalom CT
Greg3: ! הדימלת םולש
AlyzaCCC: thanks, Greg, nice sentance. What did you just say?
Greg3: Shalom (Peace) to you, Student (F)
AlyzaCCC: Right, good
AlyzaCCC: Dave, how about a sentance from you?
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Dawn: Shalom ya'll:)
DaveS: Alyza,. I'd be happy to oblige, but I'm not seeing Hebrew for some reason. Lemme play here...
AlyzaCCC: WB Dawn!
AlyzaCCC: okay, Dave
Greg3: !
AlyzaCCC: Yes, Greg?
Greg3: what does הרומ mean?
AlyzaCCC: teacher
Greg3: todah rabah
AlyzaCCC: moreh is masc, morah is fem
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AlyzaCCC: we learned it in one of the classes you were in Diseny land for :-)
Greg3: lol
Dawn: 8:-) Is this Mickey? hehehe
Greg3: Cute Dawn
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, how about 1 sentance from you?
Dawn: k...
Dawn: .הרומ תא You are a teacher.
AlyzaCCC: tov, toda (good, thanks)
Dawn: Aht morah.
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, how about one from you?
Ruth: הדימלתה איה hee hatalmeedah She is the student(F).
AlyzaCCC: tov maod :-)
AlyzaCCC: Dave, you seeing Hebrew yet?
DaveS: Ummm, still playing...
AlyzaCCC: okay, we will come back to you.
AlyzaCCC: we were assigned homework on Sunday
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, I apologize for not having corrected the homework you handed in yet.
AlyzaCCC: Exercises
Ruth: That's okay!
AlyzaCCC: Thanks :-)
AlyzaCCC: A. Select the correct word and translate.
AlyzaCCC: we did 1-3 in class
AlyzaCCC: [voweled holam-segol] הרומ) אמא (4
AlyzaCCC: .([voweled holam-kamatz] הרומ
AlyzaCCC: who would like to answer #4?
* Dawn is confused on #4
Greg3: Morah
Greg3: Teacher (f)
AlyzaCCC: okay, good, and the complete sentance means?
Greg3: complete sentence? What am I missing?
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, basically, the exercise asks you whether you need moreh (witha sEHgol) or morah (with a kAHmatz)
AlyzaCCC: the first word is אמא
Dawn: ohhh...i c!
Dawn: o/
Greg3: Eemah Morah - Are you a teacher (F)?
AlyzaCCC: yes, Dawn?
Dawn: oh...I thought it said Mom is a teacher?
AlyzaCCC: there is no question mark, Greg, so just "mom is a teacher"
AlyzaCCC: as Dawn just said
Greg3: I got it wrong - missed the word
Greg3: thanks
AlyzaCCC: no problem, that is why we do this together
Dawn: :)
AlyzaCCC: B. Make up sentances by combining a word from column A with a word from column B
AlyzaCCC: and translate your sentence.
AlyzaCCC: A
AlyzaCCC: אל התא (1 איה (2 (Matti, an name of a boy) יתמ (3 אל תא (4
AlyzaCCC: אמא (1 דימלת (2 הרומ (3 הדימלת (4 שיא (5
AlyzaCCC: the second list is column B
AlyzaCCC: I want everyone to use column a and b to make sentances
AlyzaCCC: please do not repeat sentances others have used
AlyzaCCC: Dave, can you start us off?
DaveS: Ahhh. Still reading the instructions...
Ruth: lol
AlyzaCCC: we will wait :-)
Greg3: !
AlyzaCCC: yes Greg? You have one?
Greg3: No - I am sorry to be slow tonite, but I don't understand - we are to choose one word from each column? or what?
DaveS: !יתמ הרומ אל תא
AlyzaCCC: yes, for example: from column a, choose אל תא and then choose something from B that makes a sentence
AlyzaCCC: well, leave off יתמ and you have a sentance
DaveS: הרומ אל תא
Ruth: הרומ אל התא ahtah lo morah you (f) are not the teacher.
Ruth: oops
Ruth: Sorry, I was waiting and pushed the enter key...sorry.
Greg3: אמא אל התא יתמ
AlyzaCCC: no problem, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: there is an error, however, in your translation
AlyzaCCC: it is masculine
AlyzaCCC: התא is you masculine
AlyzaCCC: Great sentace, Greg
Greg3: :-)
AlyzaCCC: let me state the directions and words again
AlyzaCCC: since they have gone off the screen
AlyzaCCC: B. Make up sentances by combining a word or phrase from column A with a word from
AlyzaCCC: column B and translate your sentence.
Greg3: oops - forgot to translate mine: Matti, you are not a Mom
AlyzaCCC: Column A: אל התא (1 איה (2 (Matti, an name of a boy) יתמ (3 אל תא (4
AlyzaCCC: Column B: אמא (1 דימלת (2 הרומ (3 הדימלת (4 שיא (5
AlyzaCCC: Dawn, how about you? Got one for us?
DaveS: Ahhh, ummm, okay. From column (a), may I have a veggie egg roll, please?
Dawn: .דימלת יתמ Matti is a student. (m)
AlyzaCCC: tov, Dawn!
AlyzaCCC: Dave, your turn
DaveS: Gulp. Didn't I go already?
AlyzaCCC: Yes, but you can do more than 1, Dave
Ruth: I remember that -- Lehitroat (see ya later?)
AlyzaCCC: after all, you did not do the sentences we did at the start of class :-)
AlyzaCCC: nachon, Ruth, correct
Dawn: םולש
* AlyzaCCC waits for Dave
DaveS: May I be excused to go to the restroom?
AlyzaCCC: after your 1 sentance, please
Dawn: In Hebrew, please, Dave:)
AlyzaCCC: lol, Dawn
Dawn: ?
AlyzaCCC: yes Dawn?
DaveS: הרומ יתמ לש אמאת
Dawn: Alyza...on part C of the homework, do you want us to write out the Hebrew or just write the sentence in Hebrew and English?
AlyzaCCC: אמאת should be אמאה
AlyzaCCC: but other than that, it is a good sentence
AlyzaCCC: C. Use each word in a sentence and translate the sentence into English.
Greg3: Would that be "The Mom of Matti is a teacher (f)" ?
AlyzaCCC: okay, this means that you use the Hebrew word in a Hebrew sentence, and then translate it into English
AlyzaCCC: okay?
Dawn: k...:)
Greg3: ok
DaveS: Okay
AlyzaCCC: nachon, Greg, good translation of Dave's sentence
AlyzaCCC: (Dena, a girl's name) הניד (1
AlyzaCCC: who wants to start us off?
Dawn: o/
AlyzaCCC: BTW, הניד is my sister's name
AlyzaCCC: okay, Dawn, GA
DaveS: Ani, aval, ani lo po. Ani [at] beit shemoosh... {Nice excuse, Dave}
Dawn: .אמא הניד Dena is a mom.
AlyzaCCC: Go to the bathroom, Dave (sherootim)
AlyzaCCC: then you cannot type
Dawn: Don't take the laptop, Dave:)
DaveS: Hummm. That sounds logical.
AlyzaCCC: Good, Dawn
AlyzaCCC: anything else הניד can be?
Dawn: for me, alyza?
AlyzaCCC: anyone can answer :-)
Ruth: הרומ הניד
Greg3: ? אמא תא !הניד םולש Shalom Dena! Are you a Mom?
AlyzaCCC: Tov, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: Good, Greg
Dawn: .שיא אל הניד Dena is not a man.
AlyzaCCC: Ruth, can you give a translation for your sentence please?
Ruth: ok
AlyzaCCC: btw bevakasha = please and your welcome in Hebrew
AlyzaCCC: nachon, Dawn
Ruth: Dena is a teacher(F). Dena morah
AlyzaCCC: very creative with only 17 words to use!
Dawn: Alyza...could you write bevakasha in Hebrew, please?
AlyzaCCC: good, Ruth, todah (thanks)
AlyzaCCC: sure, when we get all the letters :-)
AlyzaCCC: in other words, in a few classes or so
AlyzaCCC: (Moshe, a boy's name) השמ (2
Dawn: k:)
Dawn: .הרומ השמ Moshe is a teacher.
AlyzaCCC: and how do you pronounce .הרומ?
Dawn: moreh
AlyzaCCC: tove, todah
AlyzaCCC: anyone else?
Ruth: דימלתה השמ Moshe is the student (m) Moshe hatahlmeed
AlyzaCCC: tov. Small class for Moshe, huh?
AlyzaCCC: ;-)
Ruth: lol
Greg3: ? דימלת התא השמ Moshe Are you a student (M):
Dawn: :)
DaveS: הניד הרומה אל ינא השמ
AlyzaCCC: good, Greg. BTW, commas are allowed in Hebrew :-)
Greg3: thanks
AlyzaCCC: long sentence, Dave, and almost perfect
AlyzaCCC: one small correction
DaveS: Yes, mo?
AlyzaCCC: add the word לש between הרומה and הניד
AlyzaCCC: making it הניד לש הרומה אל ינא ,השמ
Dawn: .ילש דימלת השמ Moshe is a student of mine.
DaveS: הניד לש הרומה אל ינא השמ
AlyzaCCC: now, what does it mean, Dave?
AlyzaCCC: Good, Dawn :-)
DaveS: Moshe, I am not Di's teacher.
AlyzaCCC: lol, I have never called my sister Di. Of course, she does not go by her Hebrew name anyhow....
AlyzaCCC: the litteral translation is Moshe, I am not THE teacher of Dena
AlyzaCCC: literal even
AlyzaCCC: תא (3 * AlyzaCCC pictures 4 students working furiously
Dawn: .שיא תא You are not a man.
Dawn: oops
AlyzaCCC: close, you are missing the word not
AlyzaCCC: try again :-)
Dawn: .שיא אל תא
Greg3: ?השמ לש הדימלת תא, הניד - Deni, Are you the teacher of Moshe?
AlyzaCCC: good, Dawn
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: tov maod, Greg
AlyzaCCC: התא (4
Ruth: אמא תא םולש Shalom, are you (f) a mom? Shalom, aht eemah?
Dawn: .Dawn לש הרומ תא You are a teacher of Dawn.
AlyzaCCC: good, Ruth, just need to add a ? at the end of the sentence, otherwise it says, Shalom. You are a mom
Ruth: ok
Greg3: I goofed - Ruth caught it - It should be (mine above) Deni, are you the STUDENT of Moshe? I goofed in my translation
AlyzaCCC: good point, Greg, Ruth
AlyzaCCC: Thanks for catching that
Dawn: .Alyza לש דימלת התא, Dave Dave, you are a student of Alyza.
AlyzaCCC: good, Dawn, in both sentances. Metzuyan!
Dawn: thanks:)
AlyzaCCC: ינא (5
Dawn: ?
AlyzaCCC: yes, Dawn?
Dawn: Is there a special way to make student into students?
AlyzaCCC: yes, there is
AlyzaCCC: we will learn it
Dawn: k...I'll wait:)
Ruth: הדימלת
Ruth: *AlyzaCCC* שיא
DaveS: דוד ינא, Dawn
Ruth: oops
Ruth: cancel that
* Ruth hit the wrong keys again.
AlyzaCCC: no problem, Ruth
Ruth: הדימלת ינא (5
Ruth: Dawn: ?
Ruth: i give up
AlyzaCCC: we will learn how to say students, in lesson 3
Greg3: שיא ינא - I am a man
AlyzaCCC: tov, Ruth
* Ruth flunks cut and paste
DaveS: Lol Ruth
AlyzaCCC: please translate
AlyzaCCC: Greg, nachon!
AlyzaCCC: אל ינא (6
Ruth: ani tahlmeedah I am the student (f)
AlyzaCCC: omit the word THE and you are correct
Ruth: ok I see that now.
Ruth: thanks
AlyzaCCC: to say the, you need HAtalmeedah
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: Dave, how about an ani sentence from you?
Greg3: הניד לש דימלת אל ינא - I am not a student of Deni
Dawn: . הרומה אל ינא I am not the teacher.
AlyzaCCC: Dena
DaveS: Will you accept a risky one? One I took a chance on doing?
AlyzaCCC: metzuyan, Greg and Dawn
AlyzaCCC: sure, Dave
DaveS: ות ינא ??החמלש אמ !!הנידו השמ םולש
AlyzaCCC: worst that can happen is I correct it, and you learn
AlyzaCCC: :-)
AlyzaCCC: ma ות ?
DaveS: Zeh, tov?
AlyzaCCC: BTW, shlomech is with a chaf, not a chet
AlyzaCCC: and since you have 2 people, it should be plural.
DaveS: Schohim?
AlyzaCCC: BTW, Dave used words we have not learned yet, so do not panic that you do not understand
* DaveS panics!
* Ruth panics
* Dawn doesn't know enough to panic:)
Ruth: Dave uses English words that I don't understand!
AlyzaCCC: I just said, don't panic. You are NOT, repeat NOT responsible for words I did not teach you yet
Dawn: LOL!!!!! Really!
DaveS: Duh, thanks Ruth.
AlyzaCCC: okay, anyone else have a sentence for אל ינא (6
AlyzaCCC: ?
Ruth: הרומ אל ינא
Ruth: I am not a teacher
AlyzaCCC: todah, Ruth :-)
Dawn: .cogent אל ינא
DaveS: Lol!
AlyzaCCC: lol
AlyzaCCC: he
AlyzaCCC: he
Ruth: Dawn uses English words I don't understand!
AlyzaCCC: he
Dawn: I learned that from Dave, Ruth! LOL
AlyzaCCC: well folks, how does everyone feel about their grasp of what we have learned so far? Am I going at an okay pace for you all?
Ruth: Yes ma'am, I like this pace.
AlyzaCCC: BTW, I am so proud of how far you have all come. Your progress is wonderful!
Dawn: Good pace:) I recognized letters on Torah scrolls in Holocaust Museum yesterday:)
AlyzaCCC: way cool, Dawn
Ruth: kewl Dawn
DaveS: Well, I agree with Ruth, the clip and paste is killed me. And the memorization, oy! Please!
AlyzaCCC: meaning?
Greg3: DOing OK
DaveS: Fine. Fine pace, really. Just hurts my head.
Ruth: lol
AlyzaCCC: Dave, you realize, if you use only the words I give you each class, the clip and paste is not as difficult as when you use words we have not learned yet?
AlyzaCCC: you will do fine, Dave. You are doing fine
DaveS: Ummm, yeah. But you said not to repeat other sentences people wrote, and I just aint that creative...
Greg3: Dave - you're an Author! You HAVE to be creative - it goes w/ the territory!
AlyzaCCC: lol, Dave
* DaveS sees ground rapidly disappearing below him.
Greg3: are we done for th night?
AlyzaCCC: yes, we are.
AlyzaCCC: I need to turn in a bit early, since I have to get up early tomorrow
Dawn: Thanks Alyza!!!!
Greg3: Todah Rabah for all of your help and good teaching, Alyza!
AlyzaCCC: so, I tried for a 1 hour session tonight
Ruth: Thank you Alyza.
AlyzaCCC: bevakasha
DaveS: Yes, thanks Alyza.
Dawn: Shalom and goodnight everyone:)
Ruth: Bye Dawn.
AlyzaCCC: thanks for coming and working with me!
DaveS: Take care Dawn!
*** Dawn has left #IsraeliCafe
AlyzaCCC: shalom all
Greg3: Leila Tov and Shavuah tov, y'all!
DaveS: Shalom
Ruth: bye
AlyzaCCC: :-)
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