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You may seek out additional resources if you wish, but please use these resources as a starting point in your research.  Please remember to choose 2 disabilities to research.

Orthopedic Disabilities:
Please read:
Physical Disabilities--Foundations of Special Education
Physical Disabilities
Please watch:
Nick Vujicic
Jefferson Parish assistive technology

Learning Disabilities:

Please read the introduction at Misunderstood Minds and then choose one of the links on the left, reading, writing, or math.  Try the three activities there. 

Then go to LDonline  and read the LD basics.  Click on the link to the specific LD you chose in the previous paragraph and read a bit about that specific disability.

You may also want to explore some of the multimedia there.

Other Health Impairments

ADHD is classified under other health impairments on IDEA.  Please explore this topic at Misunderstood Minds being sure to select the attention link to the left. 

Then go to LDonline and read the ADHD basics.

If you wish to research another health impairment, please talk to me first.

Intellectual Disabilities

Please explore the issue of Down Syndrome be sure to read the articles under the about down syndrome link to the left.

Also view

Dreams of people with Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome in the 21st Century

If you choose another type of intellectual disability please talk to me first.

You may also choose to research other disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, behavior disorders/emotional disturbance, developmental  disabilities, traumatic brain injury, speech and language disorders, or twice exceptionality.  If you so choose, please obtain approval from your teacher first.

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